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Durham, North Carolina, US

On September 7 & 8, Brady Lambert, Bill McAllister, Wojtek Wojdynski and Dan Smith will host a unique photography workshop on the art nude.

Four instructors with very different backgrounds, four incredible models (Erica Jay, Bree Addams, ONOH and Savannah C) and 8 acres of farm, sawmill and forest, not to mention a fully-equipped studio.

For our late-summer workshop, our instruction will focus on the following:

- Brady Lambert will discuss technical and aesthetic choices in nude photography;
- Bill McAllister will share insight on alternative processes, infrared (we will provide infrared-modified cameras if you do not have one) and utilizing water;
- Dan Smith will introduce you to his approach to achieving unique photographic results through observation, and
- Wojtek Wojdynski will highlight the different ways that lighting technique – artificial and natural – differentiate the fine art and glamour nudes.

The workshop is limited to no more than 12 students and all instructed photography will be one-on-one with the models.

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Bree Addams

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Charlotte, North Carolina, US

Yay, can't wait!!!! I'll also be available for one on one bookings here, so if you've wanted to shoot me in an awesome location with awesome people, here is your chance!!!!

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Durham, North Carolina, US

While we're calling it a "workshop" it really isn't a typical "workshop." (We'd considered "photography experience" but that sounded flakey.)

We're limiting attendance to 12 photographers, total. The photographers will be split into teams, based on experience and aptitude… the teams rotate through different areas of the estate grounds and studio during the day… each location has a different model and "instructor/host" and each photographer gets an instructed, one-on-one shoot, with each model, each day… the other member(s) of the team act as assistants to the active shooter.

In addition, we'll have experienced photographer-models and model-photographers acting as dedicated assistants at each shooting location.

We're also paying the workshop models ourselves -- and decent rates, at that -- as we find the "starving animal" mentality of paying models a bare-minimum so as to "encourage" them to "work for tips" demeaning, especially given the level of talent and experience.

This isn't your typical "group shoot" workshop; we want the experience to be as close to that of a private photoshoot, as possible, with the benefit of being under the watchful eye of four very talented 'mentors.'

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