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Graflex Crown Graphic 4 x 5 Press Camera with Kodak Supermatic X lens 4.5f 152mm

asking $599.99+real shipping costs

very rare lens

This is from the estate of my Mother's best friend. It folds up and comes out ok. No noticeable flaws.

About the lens- The Kodak Ektar f: 4,5 - 152 mm lens, the Kodak Supermatic (X) is a very nice piece of craftsmanship, mainly because of its simplicity. The (x) stands for electronic flash. Unlike its predecessor, the Kodak Flash Supermatic, the Kodak Supermatic misses the mechanical delay for M and F bulb contact

he Kodak Supermatic Shutter, is rim-set, with 9 speeds from 1 to 1/400 second plus Bulb and Time settings. It also incorporates a built-in delayed-action mechanism or self-timer. The built-in Press Focus Button is used to hold the shuitter open for ground-glass focusing, while the shutter is set to any speed. This avoids the usual shutter-speed change to Time in order to keep the diaphragm open while focusing on the ground glass.

The N. 2 (Flash) Supermatic Shutter has built-in syncronization contacts for high-speed flashtubes as well as for standard flashlamps including the gas-filled SM and SF types. The setting to the type of lamp used is fully selectable.

The Supermatic (X) shutter has built-in contacts for syncronization of high-speed flashtubes only. For syncronization of standard foil or wire-folled flashlamps, a solenoid is attached to the shutter.

About the camera- What made Graflex cameras the press camera of all time is - they only had to open the camera, line up the infinity scale, move the lens standard to the stops and it was ready. They used the flash day or night, so they didn’t need to change the f stop or speed of the shutter, making anything 10’ away or more in focus.

The Crown Graphic was manufactured 1947-1973. It is almost identical to the Pacemaker Speed Graphic, but made without the focal plane shutter, which reduced weight, and increased access to wide-angle lenses shorter than about 65mm.
Just like the Speed Graphic, the Crown Graphic was sold with an optional side-mounted Kalart rangefinder until 1955 (as shown above), and with a top-mounted Graflex Rangefinder after 1955. The 1955 and later Top Rangefinder version of the Pacemaker takes interchangable cams.

This camera has a graflok back and a top mounted kalart rangefinder

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