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KIKI - Model

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

I've been wanting to do aerial silks for a long time and I discovered that my school has 4 rigs!! I thought they have been sitting unusued for years but I also just found someone who has been using them smile FAALALALA I get to aerial silkkkk!


Aug 29 13 02:10 pm Link



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Quebec, Quebec, Canada

Are you becoming a fairy or something ?

Aug 29 13 02:32 pm Link


Magic Forests

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New York, New York, US

That's amazing! Is that same person going to be teaching you?

Aug 29 13 02:57 pm Link


MesmerEyes Photography

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Hell yeah! That's awesome.

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Portland, Oregon, US

That's just great!

We have a few groups here, very exhausting stuff!

Aug 29 13 03:45 pm Link


KIKI - Model

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

Merp. So unfortunately our school is rewriting some policy about the silks for safety reasons (eye roll tongue) so I don't get to start for a few months probably.. but I will not give up hope!!

Sep 09 13 07:39 am Link