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Hi there, there are two 'sparkle'/'magic/star lines' effects I'd love to learn how were made. These look easy and I'm sure they are, and I wonder if anyone here has already made something like this in Photoshop?

There are two images:

The one on the left is the sparkle effect.

The one on the right is the magic/star lines effects.

Can anyone share the process for creating these in your image?


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To create the single sparkle, go to step 20 of this instruction … ects/gold/

I've used this for sparkle trail (star lines), it works quite well … s/sparkle/

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For the one on the left, use lens flare brushes. … p-brushes/

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Just get a brush and paint.

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Greg K Retouching

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Peano wrote:
For the one on the left, use lens flare brushes. … p-brushes/

You're the greatest, Peano. Thanks for finding those brushes.

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Scatter brush stroked along a pen path with 'pen pressure' enabled on the path stroke and scattering keyed to pen pressure.

The same thing with a lens blur bokeh layer of itself above the original and blend mode-d in.

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