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Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk, Russia
Photogrpaphy: Stéfan Bourson
Retouching: Alena Zolotnikova

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Digital Artist


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Crystal Lake, Illinois, US

Very impressive! I like that you used a bit of randomness so as not the have duplicated patterns (at least I couldn't find any).

However, the hair definitely still has a painted look.  Perhaps it's because I'm viewing a smaller version of the image.  How does the original look?

I know some of the tips I've gotten when painting on hair is to both blur and add noise to match other areas of the image.

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Duo Retouching

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I guess you love to draw wink

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Jakov Markovic

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Belgrade, Central Serbia, Serbia

Color is good. Contrast is very good.

Local details on her face are completely lost, hair is way to blurry and lips need work.

Overall this isn't bad, but you should only fix what needs to be fixed. You're great at making image pop.

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Gasser Murda

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Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

how you did hair looks like that ? could you tell me plzz?

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hair looks very fake to me... I don't like it...

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The Invisible Touch

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Not sure what was what you were looking to achieve, I think is really impressive the hair you have drawn but to be honest there is nothing realistic about this image. It is closer to illustration than retouching. Maybe you should consider the first... :-)

If you look at magazines, there is nothing like this.. far too overdone for me.


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Mike Needham Retouching

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It is an impressive feat of drawing, but does contain a little hint of Mills & Boon cover. It's a tough call how far to go, but perhaps this time it's just a little over for a 'normal' retouch.

Oct 09 13 01:17 pm Link