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Kendra JT

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Saint Louis, Missouri, US

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The Signature Image

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Gorham, Maine, US

Your bio is excellent. You are quite attractive -- but that's where it ends for me. Your port is very close to a series of snapshots thrown together. Your posing is stilted, but you can work on that.

Suggestion: There are plenty of good photographers in your area. Find one ( good one) who will work with you on a "series" of shoots. Each shoot designed with a specific purpose (studio, location, etc.) in mind. Shooting a "series" will allow you to reflect after each shoot and choose a direction for the next shoot.

Hope this helps.

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Jakov Markovic

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Belgrade, Central Serbia, Serbia

You're great.

Work with much better photographers. MUCH BETTER, you deserve them.

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Chicago, Illinois, US

The above comments are right on - you should absolutely work with better photographers. Your PORTFOLIO is much better than the MM work. You also seem to wear a lot of "high waisted" pants and skirts, yet you have a nice balanced torso. Make it work for you.

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sweet gamine

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

You have a nice look; I quite like the image of you laying down in the rain.

I am noticing a number of hands-on-your-head posing. That can be fine but only up to a point and never when it results in this:
Your elbow is pointed towards the camera (a big no-no), and ruins what might otherwise be a nice shot.

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Rusheen Thompson

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Hi May I Have Your Honest Feed Back

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Steve Korn

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Seattle, Washington, US

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