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Ive used both extensively.  Get the D7000.  It's a great camera and wont leave you in the dust in low light, etc. situations even though its no cutting edge anymore.  It also has video, which gives you much more options when shooting.  Its well built and tough.  You can do a lot with it without still feeling like it is outdated hardware.

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GreatMomentsPhotography wrote:
Sorry but I was disappointed with the D7000 big time. I went back to using my D300s as a back up. I can't say enough how many misfocus and wb nightmares I had with the camera. Perhaps it was a dud but then again- I did some research online and I wasn't alone.

Don't know if I also have a dud, but I'm not seeing earth shattering better photos from my D7000 vs my old D80. 

The D7000 does have better low light performance but I must admit I'm not blown away by it like others profess to be.

Even with a prime lens, upping the sharpness in the settings and doing some micro focusing I still don't find it awing me.  Its good, just now wow.

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Photo by Darryl Cobb Jr wrote:

As I'm learning more about photography, I'm loving the 50mm  more as well. I like it so much I seriously am considering the 1.4G but I'm hearing the 1.8G is a better lens. Is this true? Have you shot with the either?

your answer to this will affect your original camera/lens question.  Shooting at 1.4 is the reason you'd get the 1.4 opposed to the 1.8.  If you like the effect of shallow dof I'd get another 1.8 prime or two(35, 85?) over the 7000.  7000 is worth at least a couple of stops of iso therefore much larger dof.  Probably the route to go.

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My entire MM portfolio and my website owes its existence in the gear sense to my d7000 and my two lenses, first and foremost, the 85mm 1.8f D, and, occasionally the 50mm 1.8.f  D.

The Nikon D7000 has great tonality. 

In Manual, in the hands of someone who shot on film, the D7000 is a winner.

I use video cards so it it just chomps through a shoot like its hungry for more. It is a beast.

You can run a lot of lights of it.  For skin tonality, on occasion just kick off in the View NX software. You'll find that the Raw file matches the JPEG.

The ocean can splash it and it just laughs. It is superb and so beautiful. Rugged. Part Magnesium, part divine. I love it.  My next leap will probably be medium format. I'll start by renting them for jobs.

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K I C K H A M wrote:

I hear, and believe the 1.8 is much better.

But I've only shot with the 1.4, personally. It does fine for me.


It is. I've owned both; I still own the 1.4D, and I'm awaiting the 1.8D to go on the D90 I gave my MUA to start on. I'm not too crazy about the look of the 1.4 - but it lets in light like a mofo. For Portraiture/anything that's fast-moving, any VR/VRII lens of Nikon's will give you the same light and IMO a more appealing look. I'm only using people-photography as reference however, and the 1.4 may give a great look for landscape/etc-photography yikes

IMHO alone;

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October 2012, Nikon D90 thru Nikkor 50mm AF f/1.4D, 1/160th @ f/2, ISO 250:

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LA StarShooter wrote:
I use video cards so it it just chomps through a shoot like its hungry for more. It is a beast.

Not sure what you mean by using video cards?

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Lachance Photography

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I have the d7000 and I primarily use the Nikkor 35mm f 1.8 on it, and it gives really sharp and crisp images that even when heavily cropped still look great.  Also have an old d200 which I believe had the same sensor as the d80, it can't touch the d7000 at high isos but at 100-400 it gives images just as sharp as the 7000.  It also seems to render skin tone and color a little better.

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Darryl Cobb Jr

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enriquePHOTOs wrote:
bro i bought i d7000 for mountain biking and use the d800 for work.... save up for a full frame instead of another crop sensor if you are passionate about photography....

It's in the plans but not feasible at the moment, budgetwise. Plus, I need a tool that will better my concert and sports work now, not later. Trust me, full frame is in the future.

thanks for the input.

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