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Open Eyes

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Be kind but be honest.  I am an obsessed hobbyist looking to take the next step towards pro.  I don't pretend to have the experience of many here but my professional mentors have been telling me it's time for the next step so I'm putting my portfolio out there for your review for the first time.  Do you think my work is promising?  Am I ready to move beyond the hobbyist stage?  What's working well?  What isn't working?  What's my next step from your point of view?

I truly want to learn and improve and appreciate constructive feedback I can act on.  Don't tell me something is good or bad.  Tell me how to make it better.  The more specific the feedback the better.

Bring it on.

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Guss W

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Moving from hobbyist to pro kind of implies that you will be making money from it.  So I guess the next step is to ask yourself if the things you have been doing have been bringing in money, or do you need to switch styles or subject matter.

Studio work is good for learning, since you get to feel out lighting patterns and posing in a comfortable way.  But if you are going to continue using only the studio, your next step would be to set up some more involved environments to keep it from getting boring.

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