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My portfolio has come a long way since I started 3-4 weeks ago. However, always welcome to a bashing.

Would appreciate some constructive criticism.

Thanks smile

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I would get rid of The heavy vignette makes it look cheesy. This looks like a general snapshot of your friends having fun, not a model shot. The look and pose doesn't flatter her. This is probably not a model shot anyway. It does't work. It's doesn't look artsy or anything. It's just a pic of her cleavage. I like the lighting but it has a weird crop and an unflattering pose. It makes her look wide to me.  Perhaps if the pose was reversed so the body is turned the other way, where she's looking over her right shoulder, it would look better. It has selective coloring. Selective coloring is what hacks do to try to make their boring pictures interesting. It is super cheesy. I would've left it black and white. But even still, it's not a good picture because it looks too casual and looks like a snapshot of your friend. And it probably is.

Also, with the first 2 photos Brittany on the top row, I would keep one or the other. They are they same mood, model, clothes, and expression. You just need one. I like the standing one.

Also, your retouching is almost turning into to the porcelain doll look. I would try to ease off and retain the original skin textures.

I like your lighting in general.

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