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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Hello, Dear Professionals smile)))
I'm foreign model who moved to America just less than a year ago and I'm curious to know if I need to change my style to be  more successful and look more beautiful in other people eyes.
I have very big problem with experimenting with my hair ( I had to many bad stories) but I know some people are so amazingly good in it, they can say wright away what is wrong.
I really appreciate you time and help!

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Abiqua Production Comp

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Are you talking more than your hairstyle?  Maybe you can change up you hair a little since it seems more neutral, but as far as your port goes I think you need better quality pics.  You seem very pretty and have a nice figure, but your pics are not full body length and it is hard to tell for sure what your body looks like.

Being tall you will obviously get some work.  Your bio is sweet as well.  Do you have any dance experience?  Get some action type shots too

Good luck and welcome to America

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Vintage Trish

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I agree, better quality pictures will help. You might want to pull your hair back into a ponytail and take some front and side shots. The eyebrows look flat--have you tried them any other way?

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u should get a hair cut it will show your face more your cute u could pull it off

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