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Lady Lala 93

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Belleville, Illinois, US

I'm a newbie, just getting started.  Please critique my port.  Also tell me what you think of my rates.  Be nice, but


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Orca Bay Images

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Poulsbo, Washington, US

First off, your profile needs an overhaul. Your stylistic misspellings (such as "playen"), random capitalization and random punctuation are turnoffs, IMO. If you're doing it for effect, it's annoying. If you're not doing it for effect, it bodes poorly for the negotiation phase.

Then comes the portfolio. It's a start. Not a good start, but everyone starts somewhere. The first image (not sure why it's marked "M") is your most interesting and most flattering. Love that expression. The second image is also flattering. You have a lovely face. The rest of the images are uninspiring and you show little modeling skill in them.

As for the rates, they're *very* reasonable. Excellent, in fact, considering your looks and your comfort with nudity. But your lack of modeling experience mitigates the bargain. The bargain rate is offset by the prospect of the photographer having to coach you on modeling.

I'd hire you based on that first image in your portfolio alone, but I'd expect the shoot to run long for the coaching.

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Plainview, New York, US

I'm sorry, I don't see a portfolio worthy of having rates. If I'm hiring a model for a job it's because they are experienced and have a portfolio to back it up. I need to know that you can walk into the studio and perform.

You definitely need an entire revamp, find truly experienced photographers who are willing to do TF or even pay someone to build up your portfolio.

There are tons of 5'2" models out there, if you want to get hired you need to set yourself apart.

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Marin Photography NYC

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All of the above...

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Christopher Barber

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Albuquerque, New Mexico, US

I agree with the foregoing. Please consider finding a photographer whose work inspires you, and pay if necessary to get quality portfolio photographs. You, personally, are lovely; but your portfolio makes it hard to see the potential that you undoubtedly have.

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Chicago, Illinois, US

So far it looks pretty unanimous - you need to do some serious work with a pro. You also need to think about the market that you live in. Bellevue is not the hotspot of fashion activity and maybe you should think about LA or NYC. These are difficult decisions, but you need to make them before you get disillusioned.

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RTE Photography

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You bio with it's poor spelling and grammar is a total turn off. The first two pictures in your portfolio show that you might show some promise, the rest show that you are willing to take your top off.
The quality of the pictures is very poor and would not convince anyone that you are experienced enough to pay as a model. First you need to do some TF shoot with some good photographers and if necessary, pay a couple of good photographers to shoot some good shots of you. Pick only the two or three best from each shoot for your portfolio.
When you have that much experience under your belt, and have a decent looking portfolio that shows that you know what you are doing, then you can start charging.

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Orca Bay Images

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Poulsbo, Washington, US

I agree with the photographers who say that your portfolio wouldn't justify a paid gig, especially if it's a commercial gig. BUT...

For noncommercial gigs, when it comes to less-than-impressive starter portfolios I tend to look for one gem that shows promise... something I can work with. One fascinating shot is enough. That first image is just such an image for me. Nice body, beautiful face, hot attitude and a good flash of personality. While most of the other images don't inspire me at all, that first image would be enough to get me totally excited about shooting TF with her.

When it comes to starter portfolios, I believe the model is as strong as the strongest image, not as weak as the weakest.

Lala, I think you're lovely and you've got lots of potential. Just dial back on the paid expectations a bit. Be more open to TF until you've got a vastly better portfolio.

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Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

I agree with comments higher about your rates.

See it another way: would you buy any lingerie product online based on bad pictures? Or any other product?

Your portfolio is your marketing tool, the one you are using to attract paid shoots. And your product is your image and skill set. Shooting TF with good photographers will get you much better pictures, and they will be able to help with your posing skills.

This will make you more interesting for other photographers, who will be interested to pay to shoot with you.

But I can't see a good photographer offering to pay to work with an inexperienced model. In fact, if you want to make money with your modeling, find out a photographer in your area whose work you admire, and offer to pay him / her for a photoshoot and upgrade your port.

Then find more good photographers, and offer them to shoot TF to get some experience and more pictures for your port.

Once you have a great port and experience, you will be able to charge more and attract more paid work.

This is Marketing 101 really...


Edit: with your looks, and good pictures in your port, you should not find it that hard to market yourself as a paid model, depending of your area.

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The Signature Image

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Gorham, Maine, US

LaLa, I'm curious? What would you like me to pay you for?

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Surreal Focus

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Lady Lala 93 wrote:
I'm a newbie, just getting started.  Please critique my port.  Also tell me what you think of my rates.  Be nice, but


You're cute and seem to be able to give some interesting expressions.  There is only one image in your port that I think is ok, and that is the one of you on the log.  The rest don't seem professional and some have been edited to the point where they just make me want to look away.  If you goal is to be a nude model?, then I guess you are on your way.  With your current port I would never considering paying you for a shoot, nude or otherwise.  With time, persistence and better photographers maybe you will get better photos and prove me wrong.

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Orca Bay Images

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Poulsbo, Washington, US

I wonder if she's coming back or if she even saw any of this feedback.

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Saint Louis, Missouri, US

I have no trouble with a starting model charging low rates. Apparently, others do. I've paid some models more in gas money. Stating your rates is fine, but treat that as a negotiating point. If an excellent photographer contacts you, jump at the chance to work with that photographer. Trade shoots are common for aspiring models. Be thrilled to work with someone of high talent. Keep in mind, they may be paying for a hair stylist and makeup artist, plus their valuable time preparing for the shoot, the shoot itself, and the time editing the images. You will learn plenty from those experienced photographers.

What your portfolio needs is diversity. You have one photographer for all your images. Okay, that's a start. You need to get in front of other photographers' cameras. Then post the images, and keep updating your portfolio with better images.

Look at the list of genres you've selected. Try to get some images that show you as the model for each of those genres. Convince the paying photographers you can do that sort of work for them.

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Josie Lee

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

You are cute and have potential. If I may make a suggestion please, from
my perspective, find a very successful model on Model Mayhem
in your city who shoots in genres you want to work in. Look at her
port and see who she works with. Hire a few of those local photographers
as well as pro makeup artists and hairstylists (even wardrobe stylists).
You would learn sooooo much from just two shoots alone and then
your port would be so much stronger in a short amount of time.
Then you'd be in a better position to ask for paid shoots because as your port
stands now, you have to be stronger than most of your competition
in book, professionalism, marketing, etc. Lastly, a professional
bio with good grammar, punctuation and spelling, will show that you are someone
to take seriously and will add polish to your "brand". Develop a good reputation in being punctual, courteous, dependable and it will benefit you long term. :-)

Good luck. You are pretty! I hope you do well! :-)

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Shaun Guckian

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Los Angeles, California, US

You need to start over. Get better photographers. Do TFP or pay them if they're good - nobody will be paying you for anything with that portfolio.

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Nature Coast Lightworks

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

i wasn't going to even jump in this conversation when i saw it weeks ago, but now i will smile

from a model point of view... Are you kidding me?!!

seriously, if you want to be paid or have rates, the only people who is going to consider paying you right now is guys or females who want to have you in positions/poses you are not going to be proud of doing, plus you will get either crap photos or none at all.  Those people you have to watch out for and they will sweet talk you into doing it without you knowing!..

If you want to be eventually paid, like everyone has said before, work with photographers who work you really like the look of, you have to make the contact with them first to get anywhere, don't wait for someone to offer you shoots.

If you really like the work of photographers in your area you could pay them as well or do tfp. Not only will you get some great images you also learn from them, the best ways to pose and how you look in certain angles and many other great valuable tips also.

You should also consider finding a mentor in your area who you can seek advice about and to help you with your portfolio (photographer or models)

Just my opinion only smile

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