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Greg Price

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Glamour101 workshop # 382
Sunday, October 6, 2013
Studio 212, Metuchen, NJ

We have our best model lineup ever for this Sunday's workshop! We just added 3 models to the lineup last night, bringing our model count up to 7. Also, this will be one our last few workshops at our studio - after 10 years at our studio in Metuchen we are being forced out of the building at the end of the year.

This workshop will be a who's who of our all-time favorite models. We have the long awaited return of Cali Logan. Cali has booked all 8 of her sessions at 3 of her 4 workshops. We also have Sativa Verte who has also booked all 8 of her sessions at 3 workshops this past year. And we have Arielita who has only done 2 workshops so far and has booked all 8 of her sessions at her last workshop.

This will be LeeAnn's 30th workshop. She has booked 6 of her sessions at 4 workshops this past year. And this will be Jackie Stevens' 61st workshop. She has done more one-on-one sessions than all the other models combined!

We also have Caitlin Michele here for her first workshop and Tempestt here for her third workshop.

Right now we have more models than photographers, so sign up now and book some private sessions while there are still plenty of choices. If you've already made plans for this weekend - cancel them!

For all the info about this workshop, including links to the model's photos, go to

Check out the one-on-one chart at

For signup info go to

Hope to see you all on Sunday,

Greg Price
Workshop Director

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