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Great Neck, New York, US

This intense in-studio workshop will focus on teaching advanced lighting techniques for shooting “Commercial Glamour”

This course is tailored towards an advanced shooter, and will cover a variety of lighting setups, explanation of methods and shooting techniques as well as effective posing. Ample shooting time is provided for attendees to practice the newly learned skills, while being guided by Stephen.

This workshop is broken up into two parts - an intense in-studio day on Sunday, October 27th and an online image selection/retouching session on the following Sunday, November 3'rd. During the retouching session, Stephen will demonstrate high end retouching techniques on the images attendees took the previous week. This portion is included in the price of bootcamp's attendance, but can also be booked separately for those not able to attend. Please see link for Pricing/Booking for more info.

Stephen Eastwood

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