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Magda Kulpinska wrote:
Classical singing

First let me commend Magda. Classical Singing, wow.

So, if I may chime in here and applaud all of you who have posted. I am proud of you whatever your choice in studies.

I want to share with all of you that I am retired (age 71), I live in somewhat of a low income area east of Los Angeles but very nice. I moved here 12 years ago. There are quite a few young people, who when I moved here were in grammar school. I have watched them grow up. One of those is a young lady who at age 14 was taking courses at one of the top theology schools. Geez, I think that she has graduated by now. Three brothers of which two recieved full scholarships to top University's of which they had their choice, the youngest is thinking of Harvard. I have lost count of how many more are getting scholarships to Universities, more than 25 for sure and more getting ready in year to four years graduating from high school. They too most likely will be off to University. I am a bit of a socialite you might say. As I walk my dogs (sadly just lost one of my babies) I talk to all my neighbors. I get to know them and their kids. One of those boys is about to graduate from the University that he choose and when he is home for visits he talks to me. He remembers how I encouraged him and his brothers. What I am saying here is that it doesn't matter who you are, what background you came from as my neighbors are from all over the world. Everyone has a chance. Everyone makes their own choice. Be what you want to be.

But, I want to share something else with all of you because I don't see models posting who should.

You don't "need to" go to a University or college to make your career. There are trade schools like for cosmetology, dental, a huge list and they are ALL worthy jobs.

But, but, there is more. Some people just are not into college. That does NOT make your choice wrong. Just make something of yourself. There are lots of good paying jobs out there if you don't just settle for working at 7-11 or Taco Bell. Leave those jobs to high school kids. My son is a high school graduate, has a very good trade and owns his own business. He has people working for him. He sends me money. He pays for my visits and a lot more. I have a young lady friend his age who also owns her own business and is doing extremely well. I myself just graduated from high school, worked as a tech in process plants, retired 13 years ago making $50 hr.

Whatever you choose give it your best, make something of yourself.

So, whatever your choice in career be proud of yourself. Post and share. And for some of you it is never too late to make something of yourself.

To those of you who have posted you have my praise and honor. Great job!

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Don't be a lawyer!

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Clothing Designer


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rowdan2020 wrote:
Don't be a lawyer!

I agree. One of my best friends became and lawyer and it turned her evil.

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Aiken, South Carolina, US  Entertaining, but true!

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Dan OMell

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the model in our state:

A graduate of UNC Charlotte with a B.S. Degree, obtaining her Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate, and also a North Carolina State Certified Self Defense Instructor.
She is a Team Member / sponsored competitive shooter and model for Taran Tactical Innovations. One of the most successful competitive teams in the Nation.
She is a model / spokeswoman / representative for Bullets and Bombshells.  In addition, she models / represents a number of other highly successful companies such as Decisive Action, Tactical Shit, Walkers GSM, G-Code tactical, and 5.11 gear.

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AE Photography

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Magic Forests wrote:
I think I may study business. smile

one of my fave models, Brennan Hill, when I asked her her primary recommendation to models, "take business classes!"

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Phoenix Fires Burn

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I am studying social service work but transferring to double major in philosophy and Psychology...I want a Master's right now...but eventually going to work towards a PHD...

but I also know brilliant people who are high school drop-outs...

Education helps but it doesn't necessarily make us better.

I am lucky because I write kick-ass papers but maybe someone is intelligent in a different way...for example, mechanics are intelligent and I know NOTHING about cars and how they work...

I feel like what a mechanic does is also more useful than me writing papers about David Hume or Sartre! LOL

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AE Photography wrote:

one of my fave models, Brennan Hill, when I asked her her primary recommendation to models, "take business classes!"


Also applies to photographers wanting to start a business.

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Grouchy Retired Nova

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I'm almost done with a degree in biomedical science with several minors.. I'll be applying to a PhD program either in genetics or cancer biology.

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Jerry Nemeth

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Grouchy Retired Nova wrote:
I'm almost done with a degree in biomedical science with several minors.. I'll be applying to a PhD program either in genetics or cancer biology.

Good luck with your studies!

My bartender is finishing her studies for a Biology degree.    smile

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I have been regularly impressed with the intelligence and achievements of models I have shot with. The latest model is finishing her MBA with a 4.0 GPA and plans to go to law school. I often enjoy getting to know models as people, an hopefully as friends, as much as creating images with them. There are a lot of interesting women in modeling.

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Tiny Nicole

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Art History

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Justin wrote:
One of my favorite models ever was a microbio girl. I don't think she followed it up as a career, though.

Mine too. She became my muse for over a month of residency here a few years ago. She had graduated "cum laude" in microbiology, minored in dance, and was also licensed as both a yoga teacher and as a hairstylist. She was also a great painter, a poet, a thrice-published author, trained in martial-arts, and gave great massages! The idea of working with a "dumb model" sounds totally boring.

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