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Hi there,
I stayed here as an "Experienced" photographer for almost 1 yr. I don't feel comfortable:)Should I go up to "Very Experienced", or down grade to "Some Experience"?

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Peter Dunn

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Some experience. Many of the photographers here have 10, 20 or more years of experience.

Here is the benchmark I was given: until you have shot over 100 models/clients, you are a beginner.

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I'd just go for 'experienced'. Some people have been shooting for 20 years and take mediocre pictures, others have been shooting for 1 year and take amazing pictures. Experience doesn't tell a whole lot I think.

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Like the post above me, experience doesn't have to be the dictator of great photographs.  It helps.

I think experience gives you the ability to run a photoshoot.  How well do you direct the model, are you fumbling with your gear half the time etc.

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MrClick Productions

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I go with "Some experience"... because it has been my finding that many of the GWC on here choose "Very Experience" and feel that such a claim is more of an ego... "Experienced" feels to generic and ultimately, it is best left to the viewer to decide based on the photographer's portfolio...

Go with whatever you feel like... it's your portfolio that really says the answer.

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Other than for search purposes, it doesn't matter much what you say. The people you work with (or aspire to work with) will draw their own conclusions.

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