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Amanda Verdi

Posts: 287

Columbus, Ohio, US

Jul 22 07 01:27 pm Link


Amanda Verdi

Posts: 287

Columbus, Ohio, US

sorry if this is a double post
I'm 7 months prego expecting a girl yay! I work out of nyc
im due sept 28th

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Stephen Melvin

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Kansas City, Missouri, US

Any pregnant models in KC?

Jul 22 07 01:31 pm Link


NicoleLynne Photography

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Hagerstown, Maryland, US

I'm 26 weeks
Due on Oct 26
I'm in Maryland
I would love to model for a preggo shoot.

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Wesley Chapel, Florida, US

Photos by Niki wrote:
I'm 26 weeks
Due on Oct 26
I'm in Maryland
I would love to model for a preggo shoot.

Any pregnant or moms with newborn models in the or close to the Tampa, Florida area?  Drop me a note via e-mail here on MM.

Jul 22 07 03:19 pm Link


Nirav Bhakta

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Houston, Alaska, US

im preggers...sad i get cravings late at night. help.

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New York, New York, US

Im pregnant in NYC if anyone is looking.


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Syracuse, Indiana, US

2 1/2 months pregnant

Sep 10 07 05:23 pm Link


AJ Holley

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Houston, Texas, US

Im 4 months and starting to show! Anyone wanting to do maternity let me know!!!!

Sep 10 07 06:49 pm Link


Heather Raee

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Foristell, Missouri, US

Pregnant model; 18w2d. Located in St.Louis Missouri, willing to travel inside of Missouri. Out of state travel is hard for me because of finances, but I have friends in Chicago, IL and Iowa City, IA to stay with if anyone in those areas were interested in a shoot.

Sep 26 07 12:26 am Link


Katja R-J

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Beaverton, Alabama, US

Three month pregant; due May 2008.
Right now located in Oregon, but will be moving to California soon. Let me know if interested wink

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Laurel, Maryland, US

my name is krisitna and i am in Maryland and i am 6 months. wondering if there is anyone around the area

Oct 15 07 12:03 pm Link


Elle Renee

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Los Angeles, California, US

Working out of Northern NJ/NYC
8 months pregnant - due December 3, 2007
I will email belly pics upon request

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Syracuse, Indiana, US

IM PREGO!  15 wks and showing......who wants me??

Oct 26 07 09:25 pm Link


Jessica Affholter

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Wyandotte, Michigan, US

Just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant.

If any photographers are interested in taking pictures of me or working with me during the next eight months, feel free to contact me here on MM.

Also, if any photographers or you know of any, are looking for or need a Mother and a Baby for future upcoming projects, feel free to send them to my profile here on MM and to contact me.


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Seattle, Washington, US

I am pregnant 6 months now. photos of the babies are on my main page. Unfortunately docs won't allow me to shoot much sad

Nov 08 07 12:13 pm Link



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Knoxville, Tennessee, US

Are there no pregnant models in Arizona?

Here's my only try so far, but the critter already escaped!  It's like when you want to get a picture of the Christmas tree with all the presents under it, but no one wakes you up on Dec 25th, so when you get there everything's unwrapped! (including your stuff)  It sucks!
Well, here's this little gift unwrapped, but with my edits.

But I do want to shoot these little people in their 'native' environment; I mean before they hatch!

Nov 09 07 01:45 am Link



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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jael M wrote:

ahahah i love it!!

Nov 09 07 02:06 am Link


Anna Keith

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San Antonio, Texas, US

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and starting to show. I'd like to work with a good photographer in Virginia, if any of you are interested please let me know.

Nov 12 07 01:01 pm Link


Kelsey Malia

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Detroit, Michigan, US

I'm expecting...Due May 31st!

Nov 12 07 06:34 pm Link


AJ Holley

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Houston, Texas, US

Showing much much more now smile

Nov 27 07 11:29 am Link


Caramel Tai

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Decatur, Georgia, US

36 weeks Pregnant here! Just had a pro shoot on yesterday! So take a look!

Nov 27 07 11:31 am Link


Marissa Toree

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Hanford, California, US

Josh Separzadeh wrote:
As some of us know, there is no way to filter a search specifically for expecting models. Connect with models and photographers by posting on here...

I need a pregnant model somewhere in Cali.

I'm a 6 month pregnant model in Fresno Cali....

Nov 28 07 08:33 pm Link



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Lafayette, Louisiana, US

I just seen this this morning!!! Love this pic of her!!! … 1f25f9.jpg

Nicole Renee9

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Mineola, New York, US

To all you 'moms2be' out there, you all look dynamite!
I've even seen some dazzling MM photos of prego models.
Really impressive work.

The best to all of you and your little miracles.

Nov 30 07 08:19 am Link


Isabella David

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New York, New York, US

I'm a pregnant agency model living in NYC, 18 weeks pregnant (about 4.5 months), willing to travel. There's an up-to-date shot of me on my blog-- and I took some digitals today. Looking for paid assignments.

Thanks smile

Aug 31 12 07:24 pm Link



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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Pregnant model: About 6 1/2 - 7 months. Some photos in my portfolio. Available for negotiable paid rates per hour. smile Alt-goth style. Located in Philadelphia but willing to travel.

Sep 01 12 02:47 pm Link



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Rockville, Maryland, US

Pregnant model 6 months due In late January early febuary 2013

have pregnant pictures in my Port looking to coloborate with other pregnant models in Maryland

Oct 04 12 12:33 pm Link


Amber Dawn - Indiana

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Salem, Indiana, US

I am currently 14 Weeks Pregnant, I live in Colorado :-) This is my first Child.

Oct 05 12 05:22 pm Link


Natalie Jean Rose

Posts: 2

San Diego, California, US

I'm preggers and would love to shoot!!!!

location (area): San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange County, CALIFORNIA

Willing to travel? No further than San Diego to LA 

The type of work you are looking for: Print (commercial, fashion, editorial,lifestyle)

Compensation: Negotiable

Due date: June 10, 2013

Add info: Mayhem #699738 send me a message!!

Dec 27 12 08:05 pm Link


Peter Trimboli Photography

Posts: 12

Jacksonville, Florida, US

Looking for maternity shoots in north Florida and south GA.  Have experience! TFP.

Dec 27 12 08:12 pm Link


Ron Musser Photography

Posts: 107

Sacramento, California, US

maternity sessions Sacramento, Ca

Dec 27 12 08:26 pm Link


Robbie Wolf Photography

Posts: 569

Phoenix, Arizona, US

Ok, fine. I'll bite on the five year old thread. lol.

I've got something no other photographer has. My wife is a midwife and I love taking photos of her clients. However, if you are a model in the Phoenix, Arizona area and are pregnant or think you might be pregnant, we have the best team here to take care of you. smile

Dec 27 12 08:32 pm Link


Crystal Rose Modeling

Posts: 441

Sacramento, California, US

What a great idea! I've often wondered if I would or wouldn't be able to model if I decide to have a baby later on, but why not? We need pregnant models too!

Dec 28 12 02:01 pm Link


Aaron Lewis Photography

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Catskill, New York, US

There's already an "official" thread for this.

Dec 28 12 03:16 pm Link

Clothing Designer


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Atlanta, Georgia, US

Calling all pregnant mommas 6 - 8 months along to be our lingerie MODEL at the Curve NY Lingerie Expo on Feb 24-26.

- All applicants must be between the ages of 21 - 36 and must live or be in the New York Tri-State area at the time of the event
- Gorgeous model needed for 3 days (9am - 6pm)
- Paid gig to the lucky momma-to-be along PLUS gifts of our amazing products.
- Must be available on Feb 24, 25 & 26th of 2013

What we need from YOU:
- Send us a private message or an email to [email protected] with heading "MODEL" along with info below
- Your name, age, state and city where you live
- A recent full body photograph of your pregnant self (making sure your belly is exposed)
- A recent close up photograph of your face.
- Please include your bra and panty size
- How far along you are with your due date

Jan 26 13 11:00 am Link


Crystal Rose Modeling

Posts: 441

Sacramento, California, US

I am in Nor Cal, but no babies yet so sorry cannot help you. :-( Would love to do pregnant modeling someday.

Jan 27 13 03:56 pm Link