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overall I believe We're fairly happy with the set although I still struggle with composition.

Shot through a 50mm f/1.8 (1st version) @f/2.8 and My 50D at 1/250 sec. ISO 160. A Speedlite is Camera left at 1/8 power. All settings in M.

Wardrobe styling by Yours truly. smile

The Model is fairly new with about a Years experience so She is still directed by Me.

Hair and MU by Her.

As always, thoughts, comments, tips, pointers and suggestions are greatly appreciated

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roger alan

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I think you did a nice job on exposure, matching fill flash to background.

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Black Z Eddie

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For me, somethings are off. 

-- I'm not a fan if it looks obvious a flash was used in daytime shoots.  Especially, if there are shadows created by the flash that doesn't coincide with the natural shadows.  In this case, it appears the natural shadows are going left to right.

-- I would have centered her on the pathway for a cleaner look and the iron bench would not be right behind her.

-- Her hand placement.  It probably would have looked better just have them by her side (or slightly behind her) instead of looking like it's tucked under her other arm.

-- Maybe a thinner DOF.  Instead of f2.8, use f1.8.

-- Create some flow/movement with the dress.

You model's outfit reminds me of this model on IG, Jamie Kidd.  She does a lot of those types of outfits and does pretty simple poses, but, dammit, she draws me in.

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Photoshop out the light pole on the left and the horizontal walkway on the right.

Classic example of being too busy staring at the pretty girl and forgetting background and composition.

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LA StarShooter

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You did well on this shot. While you could photoshop some things out in the background I don't think it's really necessary. The advice on checking the background is good but the shot works for you.

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Shadow Dancer

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The shot is fine. There is always room for improvement, make the next shot better!

With newer models try "dynamic posing". Mark a spot on the ground where peak action takes place. Set up your shot with the model on this spot. Create a motion pose, something the model can't hold because of momentum/gravity.

The model steps away from the peak action point and on the count of 4 steps through the post at the peak action point. Fire the shutter a microsecond before 4 so the mirror has time to clear.

You'll have to do a few takes, the technically good keeper rate is not as high as shooting static poses but the keepers can be pretty awesome.

I always scope the background area I will be shooting first without the model and look for any distractions. Photoshop is time consuming, especially if you get a few good shots in the same place.

Also, always bring a whisk broom on location.

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its a Good shot... the fact that the Model is Flash lit Makes it seem Like a catalog shot... the Background has shadows and Light...  if the Model had a balance of shadow and light it would seem More natural... I'm no authority its just what I see

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I like this image, much better than some photos found on Model Mayhem by a long shot. Keep up the great work.

I wish you well

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roger alan wrote:

Thank You.

Black Z Eddie wrote:

Thanks, My composition skills aren't the best and didn't want to give Her any Antlers, this was sortof My only decent angle in this area.

We have several images of the Model with 'dead hands' I think this pose changes things up a bit.

Shooting handheld @ f/1.8 is a little harrowing for Me, My missed shot ratio quadruples that wide so I tend to stay away, for now. I do like this lens @ f/2.8 - f/3.2

I'm certain She'll enjoy the instagram link


WisconsinArt wrote:

The Model is My primary focus but I understand what You are saying.

LA StarShooter wrote:

Thank You.

Shadow Dancer wrote:

Thanks, always seeking to improve and learn a lot from being placed under the microscope like this. I'll try some dynamic stuff with Her and Yes, the Park maintenance crew aren't the best  smile

Lee_Photography wrote:

Coming from You this means more to Me than You realize. I'm certain You see a lot of Your prior influence in the shot.

Thank You!

Thanks for the input all, on to the next set....

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