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Pabianice, Łódzkie, Poland

if u looking for retoucher..
i invite you to cooperation smile
i cooporate with many photographers from Poland.

I have experience in retouching for swimmers and undergarments catalogs (eldar, alles) etc.
You can send one photo for the test to see the effects but if you are interested in working with more pictures
more info on priv.
smile) Greetings

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Selena Jain

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I appreciate your post but I guess this is not the right category for self advertising!

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Mike Needham Retouching

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I second the sentiment. But simnce you are asking....

Less dramatic effects or wide ranging changes and focus on the details (without fixating).

Learn general colour correction and the norm and then move on to d&b and then advance that.

lI am not saying you don't know about it at all, just that as we all do, perhaps more focus on some areas are needed.

I am sure then  you will be able to command your price smile

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