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Mister Sifuentes wrote:

I think Drew Garder did a DVD series on this exact setup. He has a unique style in his lighting.

I was not copying anything or anybody, just building it as needed, from a basic concept. Adding lights to get the result and control I wanted.
Even when you are not copying somebody, you will be copying somebody, since there is nothing new in photography.
Love the kids on Creative Live who constantly act like they just discovered something that photographers were doing 50 (or more) years ago.

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Dallas J. Logan wrote:
Here is a lighting set up I use a lot.  I hope you guys like it.

Interesting, going to try this thanks

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All I can say is I'll be D A M N E D!!
This guys works is SUPER excellent. Surprised to see the post but glad to see it.

Solas wrote:

Interesting, going to try this thanks

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Herman Surkis

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86"PLM at dancers right aimed forward to rim light and slightly wrap. Back at the backdrop. Flagged at camera.
60" Gridded Octo to dancers left, to rim that side. Also against the backdrop and facing forward. Did not flag that side.
2'x4' Softbox just off camera right acting as fill and main.
The above are Einstein 640's set for highspeed.
Speedlight above on boom, acting as hairlight in other photos but acting as face rim light here.

Did a couple of light tests to see what was happening when she bent backwards, and made adjustments.

Figured on 10 shots to get the timing.

Asked the dancer to fall (crash pads removed in post)

She committed to it.

I went click.

And we were done.

Sometimes you get lucky.
If my timing would have been too fast she would not been falling and fully extended. If too slow it would have looked awkward. Figured that I was not likely to do any better so lets stop now. And then the dancer says "that was fun". When you do these there is always a risk of injury, so the less takes the better, in my opinion. But admittedly everytime a ballerina is in a lift or leap there is danger of injury, but I prefer not on my watch. I'm silly that way.

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check out
Instagram‚Äč : _biancareyes <3

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This thread needs a bump so it does not get lost.

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