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Cascading Falls Photogr

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Rockbridge, Ohio, US

It is time again for the spring group shoot. I am sorry this is late going up but I have been dealing with some health problems.

This started as a one day event but has grown into a full weekend. I have 6 cabins and all are rented but one, We have a spaghetti dinner on Fri. night and we cook pork steaks on a hickory fire on sat. evening. Food and drinks are available all day on Sat. We have plenty of room for camping and campers. There is no charge for that.

This is an 18+ event. You don't have to shoot anything 18+ but you must be over 18 to attend. The event is located on 45 acres of private forest in the middle of the Hocking Hills and is near many parks and waterfalls. We have been doing this for about 10 years now and usually have a good turnout. We also have a Facebook page and it has been up for 4 weeks.

Cost is $25 per person for drinks and food. Ask anyone, the food is great. We have some great photographers attend from Pa., Michigan, Ohio, Ky. . We have had one from Chicago. We have had models from as far away as California and Florida.

It is located at :

Jim Chandler
25791 Starr Rt, Rd.
Rockbridge, Oh. 43149      All fees should be sent to me at this address.

Start a conversation and commit to coming. No one will be added to list until their fee is paid.

Steve C
Tom Vance
Aaron Rhodes
All Yours Photography
Acrossbomes Photography
Positive Image Studio
Al Fess
Stingray Photography
Columbus Digital


Julia Clark
Freckles Callahan
Teshell Watley
Amber Lynn
Yazira Rodriquez
Brittany Guarianni
Sarah Tracy
Tiffany Amber

Rebecca Weed

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Positive Image studios

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Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, US

I will be attending as a photographer.

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Al Fess

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Berea, Ohio, US

I will be attending as a photographer.Check out my work here on MM.
My web site is:
I will also be bringing two models.
Money is in the mail

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All Yours Photography

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I will be attending as a photographer.  Planning on arriving Friday afternoon and staying until about 9:00 AM on Sunday. Got to get home for Mother's Day.

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All Yours Photography

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Al Fess wrote:
I will be attending as a photographer.Check out my work here on MM.
My web site is:
I will also be bringing two models.
Money is in the mail

Are the models anyone that we know?

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Just remembered I have my first High School Alumni Dinner the evening of the 11th. * Grad in '72, you'd think I would have been notified of these sooner. But then, I've been out of state until '09. LOL *
So I have to cut the day short. I'll be there Friday evening and Saturday until 1, (last scheduled shoot at 12.)
Setting up a make-shift pool Friday evening for any "bath tub" type shoots. ( Pool will be available to others to use as well when I'm not using it.). 
I'll also have a few feathered masks that I've never used in YEARS. wink ** /Freckles Callahan, Tiffany Ammber, ????
wide open, I'll probably show up around 2pm.

10: Rachelle Johnson
12: Tiffany Ammber

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I am looking forward to another weekend of creativity and nature. I will be available from thursday evening thru sunday sometime.

I have perused the pictures captured from previous events and I think it would be awesome if some of these models could be invited by the photogs who worked with them. A kind of reunion thing. Let's get a bunch of models for this one! The majority of invites come from 2-3 people. Let's get busy and bring back some awesome talent. Get busy!!

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Miss Tiffany Ammber C

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Hi everyone I will be attending as a model of course and will only be there Saturday as of right now, love to work everyone but there are only so many time slots in the day so lock yours in with me if your interested in shooting you wont be disappointed!!!

11-12 lunch?
12-1 Steve Cottrill
1-2 Lawrence Woodward
2-3 Lawrence Woodward
3-4 Micheal Lynch
6-7 Julie Farrel Clark

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Columbus Digital

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Columbus, Ohio, US

Jum. Please add me to the list. I will be there all day on Saturday.

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Michael Lynch

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I'll be there.  Can't wait

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