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I'm in the process of preparing my previous work for a future portfolio website.  Currently it's being used as a blog.  I'd like some help from other retouchers so I can have a proper site ready by early/mid next year.  So far I've completed about ten to twelve sets.  There are still about twenty or so to go through.

The sets I've finished so far are at

Has anyone here opened and/or edited .X3F RAW files shot with a Sigma camera?  Does your photo editing software support this format?  I know they can be opened with Adobe (both in Photoshop and Lightroom).  If you have that software, then you should be in good shape with opening these images.

Let me know if you'd like to help out.  Provide me with your retoucher fees either here or directly via PM.  Would appreciate an example edit if at all possible.  Thanks.

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Long time I do not edit a Sigma RAW, at the time was best to use the Sigma Photo Pro
and export to TIFF to edit in Photoshop, I suspect that it still the case...
BTW, I can not sent you e-mail, but my is [email protected]

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