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Kingston upon Hull, England, United Kingdom

I've been asked to do work for OnlyFans by a model, she wanted me to take pictures of her in the bath. But my bathroom is hardly suitable and anyway I like to work out my own picture ideas.

OnlyFans is more about making money than about art. To save the cost of employing a photographer, many people post self-portraits. Quite often the quality of their photography is low. In the end I think we have to ask what kind of person would pay to view such material, and why they would do that when they could get more for less elsewhere. This is perhaps more of a commercial issue than an ethical one.

I noticed recently that OnlyFans were talking about banning adult images, which would surely be commercial suicide.

I usually have no objection to models using my images on websites if they want to. Most of my shoots have been done on a part paid, part TF basis.

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All Yours Photography

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I would be open to shooting TF with a model including giving her release to use images on her OF.  My work with models is primarily for the joy of shooting and creating.  The photography that I get paid for is more mainstream.

In a TF session, I usually do a mix of tried and true to be sure the model gets usable images and some experimentation that might come out great or might not.

Last year, I moved to an area with a very small modeling community (MM browse for female models within 50 miles yields 4 models), so just getting a model to come to my area is a big plus.

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I do not have an OF but frequently shoot content for models OF.
I'm located in Destin, FL

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I have had my photos appear on Onlyfan but does not credit me as the photographer. i'm just getting to know about this process. I would like to get into the OF market as a photographer. I am very much open to collaborating.

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