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Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Hi Stars!
I'm Abraham, a beginner photographer from Sweden. I started out doing art nudes, but I want move into non-nude styles so I can get more people to model for me.
My problem is that I don't feel quite ready to learn to edit seriously yet. Naturally, I ask myself if there are retouchers who would benefit from finishing the photos I take in a free (TFP-style) collaboration so we can both hopefully fill our portfolios with more special pictures (I already have the pictures from a couple of shoots waiting to get finished).
I realize that retouching is time-consuming, but if it's any help, I prefer a lighter style of retouching. The best style for me is one where the viewer is not sure if the picture has even been retouched and my least favorite style is one where the viewer is not sure if the image is real or made in a computer. So I guess I'm looking mostly for color grading, level balancing and eliminating the most obvious flaws. Of course, anyone I collaborate with is free to take the edits as far as they like and post them in their own portfolio.
I believe that I will grow quite quickly in skill and experience if I can get this quicker workflow, which will hopefully mean that I can send better and better pictures to any retoucher who gives me a chance.
Let me know if you are interested or have any questions!

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Volgograd, Volgograd, Russia

Hi, it is interesting for me to work with you, write me an [email protected] or Istagram @arina.retoucher  smile

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Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Hej Abraham

Maybe we can help each other out. Since Covid I've mostly stopped taking pictures and focused more on retouching. I am definitely not at a level as some of the other people here yet, but I also prefer a more natura subtle look.

You can send me some test pictures and tell me a bit about your vision and I'll see what I can do. My email is: [email protected]


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