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studio ming

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Santa Monica, California, US

Any suggestions for a safe body paint that will lay down thick and wide lines on dark skin?

Any help is much appreciated!  - Thanks

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E Thompson Photography

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Hyattsville, Maryland, US

I've used ordinary white toothpaste to good effect. You might give it a test.

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Body Painter

Sweet Loretta

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Sacramento, California, US

Wolfe Face Art and FX is used by professionals for the very fact it is nicely opaque on all skin types.   I sell it on eBay Extreme Makeup FX or contact me direct, I am in CA.  Most face paint shops ship quick and have a variety of brands that will work well, Fusion, Tag, Cameleon, even softer Kryolan or Paradise will be nicely opaque. Wolfe is my go to for a sure bet, as for sure not all face paints are the same.  Quality yes, but they do feel different to the artist.  Which of course is your best bet, working with an body painting or makeup artist.  Also local costume shops may have a good brand, call ahead or head in LA to one of the bigs stores like Frends.

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Santa Barbara, California, US

I bet white finger paint would work well

if finger paint is safe for 5 yr's probably safe for models

I don't think the old powder paint is made anymore.. so maybe leave the liquid one out to 'thicken up' a bit first??

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