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Ken Marcus Studios

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

As of the 1st of this new year, I launched the new redesign of my Ken Marcus Gallery website.

This is the website that I've used over the last several years for selling prints in various sizes. Sales have been constant, but it was time for a new design to facilitate not only computers, but also tablets and smartphones of all configurations.

Check it out, and if you have any suggestions, I'd love to know . . . it's still new, and a work in progress.  There are many more images that still need to be uploaded.

Regards . . . Ken Marcus

Jan 05 22 12:15 pm Link



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Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US

The website looks fantastic. The design is clean, concise, and navigation is straight forward. Of course the images are spectacular built on years of creativity and obvious devotion to your art. Best wishes for a fantastic new year and success in all your endeavors.

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Jan 06 22 04:17 am Link


Michael DBA Expressions

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Lynchburg, Virginia, US

Most excellent, Ken. Clean design, simple intuitive interface. Kudos to the designer. Prints ought to sell like hotcakes!

Jan 10 22 09:26 am Link


Dea and the Beast

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Tallahassee, Florida, US

Site looks great, Ken, but you.. you just don't age, do ya...

(Interested!  😜  )

Jan 19 22 04:40 am Link


Motordrive Photography

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Lodi, California, US

Well done Ken, everything looks very efficient.
I'm wondering about the nuts and bolts, is it from a template?

Jan 20 22 12:30 pm Link