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Recently I've had a couple of models ask to talk via Instagram instead of MM private messaging. I haven't yet joined Instagram and have never given much thought to it. Have any MM photographers had any luck finding models for photo shoots on Instagram? What are the reasons to join it? Thanks.

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Iona Lynn 2

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As a photographer, I don not use Instagram to "find" models, I DO use it to show models my portfolio when I do in person networking.
I meet a model in person, they ask about my work, I send them my Instagram, then we book a shoot after they have seen my portfolio.
More models have Instagram than MM.

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RSH-Photography wrote:
Have any MM photographers had any luck finding models for photo shoots on Instagram? What are the reasons to join it? Thanks.

Yes, I am using Instagram. However, I think it's not worth it. I spent lots of hours with Instagram and that way I found just two models for photoshoots.

On Instagram it's not so easy to search for models in a specific area. There is no search function for that. Once you are linked to some models in your area you can find via their profiles other models. However that takes a lot of time.
Instagram is not made for photographers. Instagram only cares about making as much money as possible. I have summarized the problems in a blog post. I recommend reading that before joining Instagram:

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For me Instagram is a way to advertise and connect. Keeps me relevant and in the eye of people and businesses that I want to be my clients. Plus the whole influencer deal is a new form of advertising that has huge potential for everyone but photographers. That statement is only about 80% true. Like anything if you hustle you can make it work for you.

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Abbitt Photography

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Put a few dozen hours into Instagram, but never found a model to shoot with on it.   It’s okay for sharing some photos, but I feel there are better photo gallery options that are less restrictive.   I also ran into problems when I finally started a personal Facebook page and it kept wanting to share my Instagram which I didn’t want.

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Wandering Eyebubble

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Manfred wrote:

I like the cut of your jib, it's great to see people taking control and making their own websites. I've had models wanting to shoot only to have them disappear from MM leaving me a "contact me on IG" PM on their way out (why not just give me an email address?). This isn't enough to overcome my  dislike of IG/FB (which I don't have accounts on), although it's clear it can be a somewhat useful networking tool. If you put in the time, however, whether it's MM or IG or whatever else I believe it's feasible to make things work in terms of bookings.

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Manfred wrote:
Instagram is not made for photographers. Instagram only cares about making as much money as possible.

Correct.Instagram is less photographer friendly than it used to be. I use it to promote my portfolio.

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Bob Helm Photography

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Instagram is a tool to use as you want, as is MM and while they can be similar they are different.

MM gives you ability to search models by many criteria  but limited number of photos and has recurring costs at some level

IG is free and gives you unlimited photos but with narrower restrictions on nudity than MM and is less searchable. If a model is # their location you can search by #newjerseymodels. Smart models and photographers include their general location in their bio.

One thing I find useful is to cross check IG models for MM portfolio to get information IG doesn't provide like location, stats and general information. Often you find models that have not been active in MM are extremely active on IG. One method I use when I find a model on IG that I want to work with I save one image and you can save in groups so I have one for local models, one for FL models( I go every year) and other for ideas

With the variety of means of contact available today contact models the way they prefer and if we agree to shoot I recommend using traditional email account or a Back up as IG accounts , especially one of people on the edge of the nudity rules get canceled with little or no warning. In addition for that reason many have BU IG accounts and in one case I booked a local model that travels extensively on her BU account and she was a no show. Later we reconnected and she wondered why I didn't confirm and provide the address and found out she rarely checked her BU account.

Social media is a tool we need to learn how to use best for our need.

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Thank you to all for the advice. There seems to be little reason for a photographer to join except to pursue images of models in the hopes of finding one in your area.

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