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Orchid Studios AZ

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Scottsdale, Arizona, US

Broncolor picked this photo for the brochure

Oct 24 22 12:35 am Link


David Miller

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San Diego, California, US

Orchid Studios AZ wrote:
Broncolor picked this photo for the brochure

Well done indeed, and congratulations.

Oct 24 22 08:28 pm Link


Motordrive Photography

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Lodi, California, US


Oct 26 22 11:13 pm Link



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Seattle, Washington, US

Oct 27 22 12:44 pm Link


david durkee

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Long Beach, California, US

One word: WOW. I had a friend that was a Sinar-Bron rep and the gear is the Rolls-Royce of the industry. Spectacularly amazing gear. To be included in their materials is to be associated with the quality of that market.

As I sit here with my Alien Bees and 11 year old Nikon... :-(

Nov 03 22 08:10 pm Link


Jorge Kreimer

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Los Angeles, California, US

Those are expensive.
Reminds me of the joke:
How do you make a small fortune in photography?
You start with a large fortune.

Nov 12 22 07:07 am Link


Retoucher Daniel

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New York, New York, US

Very nice!

Nov 21 22 07:20 pm Link