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Welcome to the profile for Gary Melton's landmark book :

Nine Women Revealed: Intimate Revelations of Nine Real Women in Images and Words

My book, Nine Women Revealed chronicles the culture of today's American females in words and images...but beyond its entertainment value, many people will find it educational:

> Photographers: Want to learn about how a project like this book is put together? Get will explain a lot for you!

> Models: Want to learn about what's it like to be in a project like this book? Get will explain a lot for you!

> Anyone who lives outside the US: Want to learn more about the culture of American women (a "behind the curtain" look)? Get this will explain a lot for you! (and it's available at all amazon sites, as well as a few dozen other websites around the world...visit to see a few of the sites, or just google "Nine Women Revealed" to see dozens more)!

To give you an idea what Nine Women Revealed is about, I've copied the Introduction section from the [original edition of the] book below:


For some time, I have been wanting to create a book to showcase my artistic work - my female figure study photographs. The problem is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of coffee table collections of nudes out there. While I felt that my photos were not necessarily like those of everyone else, I wanted to create something that was a bit different. I wanted to publish a book that stood apart from other similar ones on the bookshelf. My photos are mostly what I like to call “artistic snapshots” - photographs that look candid and unposed, but are actually carefully produced. I wanted to find the right “showcase” for my creations.

A few months ago, I had the beginnings of a “light bulb over the head” idea. I decided I wanted to create a book that 1) featured several women, 2) that showed them in typical “natural” settings around the home, and 3) that included some details about each of the subjects. That original idea grew over time to include the following concept goals:

> The photos will be tasteful, artistic, but “real and gritty” (i.e.: minimally

> They will be of a type that tells us something about what the subjects are like
“under their skin”.

> Attire for the photos will range from casual outfits to lingerie, topless, implied
nude and nude.

> The book will not be too graphic - it will be something like “PG-16” rated.

> Accompanying each group of photos will be text providing glimpses into the
essence of the subject - telling a bit of each woman’s “story”.

> A key concept for the book will be “intimacy” - not necessarily just sexual
intimacy (though there will be some of that) but a kind of “sharing
secrets/welcome to my inner sanctum” kind of intimacy. I want readers of the
book to feel like they’re visiting a part of each subject’s world that is normally
only seen by someone really close to them - like a lover or best friend.

> Many of the photos will be of women doing everyday, routine activities. Also
included will be photos of activities that they might indulge in when they’re home
alone - like amusing themselves by acting silly - dancing in front of a mirror in
their underwear, for example.

> The “feminine perspective” will be visited as much as possible in both the photos
and the text in an attempt to create a book about women that will appeal to
women themselves almost as much as it does to men. The book will be designed
to attract a wide audience - something that will be compelling to a range of
different people with a variety of interests.

My original idea included finding ordinary women who had never posed nude before (or at least, had never posed nude for anyone other than a significant other in private). It also included photographing each subject in their own home - their own environment. Unfortunately, these two concepts proved to be more difficult to achieve than I had originally thought.

I conducted my search for nude models on a popular networking web site for models and photographers that I have been a very active part of for more than three years. I was truly amazed at the large response I received for my casting call, and by the women who responded to it. Even with the time it took me to perform the necessary “due diligence” to find the sort of models that I was looking for (using a three-tiered screening/interviewing process) - I was able to find my nine amazing subjects in about three weeks. Oh, and in case you’re curious why I picked “nine” as the number of women - nine has always been my lucky number. It also seemed like a nice round number - not too many and not too few.

I’m one of those men who feel that most women have at least some beauty in them - that it just needs the right eyes and a little coaxing to bring it out - so I was not necessarily looking for nine beautiful women. As you can see by looking through this book, though, that’s exactly what I wound up with. The women range in age from 20 to 40. Seven of them live in north Texas, while the other two live in central Texas. One of them is a student, three are married, four are mothers, one is an ex-cop and one is a Playboy model (in fact, she is one of the Playboy Special Edition Top Ten Models for 2010 - the number one of these top ten to be announced in July 2010).

Having selected the women for the book, I began and completed the wonderful task of photographing and interviewing them all - which I did over a period of six weeks (if you do the math - that’s one every four and two thirds days).

This project has really been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. All ten of us - the nine models and I - had a wonderful time creating this book! We had a lot of fun in the process as well, and I hope that our spirit of fun comes across in the final product here.

All of the women were great to work with, and all contributed ideas and concepts to the project. For that, I want to thank them all, sincerely, from my heart. Thank you Brittney, Jessica, Jess, Marilyn, Roxy, Rashell, Joelle, Jasmine and Stephanie!

I especially want to acknowledge the contributions that Jessica made (especially for her help with “shaping” the book once I started putting it all together). She went well beyond the call of duty! Thank you Jessica!

Gary Melton

Hopefully, my introduction has given you some insight into how this book project came to be. To learn more about how it all went - both from my perspective, and from the perspective of each of the “Nine Women” - see the chapter “The Making of ‘Nine Women Revealed’”.


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