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Jul 23, 2009
Dec 05, 2006

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what?, you like my photos?, well... ok, here is the story.
its a bit long. and overdone, but honest smile

the in-depth insight i have learned from photography has only helped my understanding of 'US' –  The inner space of our minds, and whatever makes us 'human', has no-doubt intrigued me the Most about this world.  For as long as i can remember, i've been studying people and what makes this mess of electrical impulses come together. 

I have taken-on many challenges in my life, 'almost like i refused to hear that - ‘you cant do everything you want* - 'you have to eventually pick one thing; and do well at it', then mAYbe - 'after that, you can do something else' - like be an office-type or a trades person, or a doctor, but the point being~, i thought to myself, why not try to take many ideas - and make them work together- at the same time! ... 'and of coarse some things i chose 'were to do other classic things - like show my parents they can be proud of me.. -heh.

  Anyway, i was a fireman tech guy for 10 years, great job - builds character.  i learned sO, SO much about people, and ended up with an extremely introspective look into ourselves, and the workings of just about EveRything, from the top to the bottom, i'm working around homeless people one day (bless) - and the next day i'm meeting up with one of the wealthiest men in the world! – ‘to tell him why he needs a 5 million dollar retrofit to one of his buildings in Toronto -heh.  I could most definetly write a book about the universe of places and people that job took me.  (not to mention that it gave me full access to some of the most amazing buildings in the city! smile ... hint: 'Location shooting is ALWAyS better than silly sets!')

So, Aside from the classic day-job, I also chose to partake in many other activities, like graphic design and advertising - mostly dance-event/concert flyers and ads, hundreds of my designs and collaborations were printed and Used with great success - on the other side of it, i also promoted and hosted events, and Performed at them for almost 15 years now - Also with great success i've been told tongue .. i've juggled starting computer businesses and even the occasional voice work - like making commercials for local radio stations, i can barely remember everything just now, but i believe i'm quite happy, and if anything', i've Proven to myself -- i really CAN do anything. *8D

And yes, although i love photography, and it's been sO Much a part of my life, just like all of these things*, 'since i was 15 really~, i have collected images from thousands of places and environments, countless numbers of people - in just about every conceivable situation, hundreds of model shoots in crazy venues, thousands of events, artistic shooting - bla bla bla, ..heh.  I have learned so many intricate and amazing details about this world - i cant be more thankful to everyone who has been there' all along the way tongue

And so, after all that, the path i have chosen for my future now - is to take on the last 'passion' i have not mentioned yet --- i am going to compose and produce Music full time!, and play it everywhere, ....well hopefully wink - i have been dabling with making my own music for many years, and i've come up with a Grand plaN, i believe it mAy just be my best yet!, so i've put down my camera for now,... possibly in a number of years, i'll do it again - 'maybe i'll work for playboy or something big, but for now - sadly unless i'm contacted with some crazy hot offer - i wont be able to consider it - The next time you see this name anywhere, it may be on a flyer - for a festival in europe, or an album in a music store! tongue

Wish me luck! - i love you all, Peace! -

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