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Feel free to follow my instagram @arts_infinite_journey

I just moved back to Palm Springs California!! So happy to be back!! And I'm very excited to start working with models again in this cool scenery! (Well, it's "hot", but it looks cool! smile

Looking for a regular muse! Will pay for regular work! Will also pay transportation for models I'm particularly interested in!

i am an architectural and urban designer. one of my lifetime goals is to develop a worldwide network of spectacular solar powered artist/photography studios with guest rooms. they will have a dramatic lobby/living/creative space with a spa and guest rooms/dormitories.

im starting a revolution based on a new social-economic system ive created which in turn is based on achieving our essential desires/needs for ALL humans at the highest level possible...creating solar powered, ecological resort-like living for everyone! all 7 billion people can help eachother create unlimited varieties of "paradise cities" in just 5 years! "paradise 2020!" and send at least 10 ships to explore and colonize mars by 2023! no more war or militaries! no more capitalism or poverty! no more religion but you can believe whatever you want! all based on deep inter-respect and consensus management! it works! and it only means INCREASED creativity and potential production of amazing things! our greatest potential! while respecting eachother, the earth, and all things! part of the process to begin this revolution will be to do a world music/arts festival and have the participants help construct the amphitheaters which will be solar powered. the amphitheaters then become the reunion hall for the new cities! you will be welcome to help! smile

im in the process of finishing a partially autobiographical, partially fictional story-screenplay that will show my life's adventure that brought me to the creation of this new revolution, then move into a fictional romantic adventure that will show how the revolution will help all humans evolve into a spectacular future! ive been stuck for a long time in the transition period because its based on actual experience but i finally met someone who has changed my life in a mere few days! i can now move on!

i also enjoy photography...because it captures moments in life...that's amazing! one of the 3 truths of the universe is movement and thus change. so to capture a moment, somewhat, is quite an achievement. it also helps us remember. ive owned my own business doing overland adventures in the spectacular Lake Powell region of Arizona and Utah, taking photographers to amazing locations. then i began photographing humans in beautiful scenery. i love the healthy human form!

I DONT DO PHOTOSHOP!!! with photographs...i enjoy "painting" or designing with photoshop...not editing photographs. i dont consider editing in photoshop to be "photography"! that's editing and an entirely different artform. i DO edit photos for exposure and contrast...and i usually add some saturation because when we "view" a scene, we also see the "energy" and often the camera cannot reproduce that. i will also remove significant blemishes if desired.

I dont like "big productions" i saw soo much of it in LA and it sickens me! way overpriced! and overdone. soo much staging. and yet, i know "models" love it because it makes them feel like they are really a star or famous. not going to do that smile i really dislike the intrusion of all the production on the actual scene. and i dont really think its necessary. i like capturing a more natural scene. even when i do my movie, it will be very low production...except for the futuristic scenery that might have to be illustrated.

i enjoy designing wardrobe...especially for females. my favorite consists of a cropped top or short jacket, loose, skimpy tank, small bikini or shorts...or tiny g-string, and knee or thigh-high boots or stockings. i like to add sparkling accessories. i also love love low rise jeans and tights with the above items. i want to work with a seamstress to create beaded or embroidered g-strings and lingerie! basically, i like clothing that still reveals the human form.

i get very rebellious about nudity and clothing...current social rules about them are mostly quite ridiculous! nudity is what we are! and the only rules about it should only concern health and hygiene. unfortunately so many people are DEEPLY PROGRAMMED to think we have to hide the body...quite sick. but i also enjoy using clothing as an accent. overall, i envision a future in which most humans are living in spectacular resorts in very nice climates and enjoying a wide variety of clothing but also freely enjoying nudity or slight coverings.


my primary enjoyment in photographing humans, especially females, is to photograph people in beautiful scenery and architecture, in my favorite wardrobe styles. i also enjoy photographing in very simple, personal spaces or hotel rooms...sometimes i just "catalog" certain wardrobe ive created...

I WILL GLADLY PAY YOU...REWARD YOU! to model my wardrobe creations. usually in the range of $75-200/hr. i usually only work for 1-2 hrs. that's really good pay! easy money! and my goal is for you to enjoy our wont get any uncomfortable innuendo from me.

then...i also really enjoy any creativity you might want to explore! i like hearing your interests and producing them. our first shoot can be just focused on your ideas...but if its plain street clothing i might not pay as much. smile

below, i have included some of my scenic images. i love the beauty of the earth. and at this time our survival is completely dependent on the earth! we must begin preserving most of the rest of it! and we must celebrate it!

onion flower bud, rare blooms in mid april every year, whitewater canyon, near palm springs, CA...only in this area on the ridge! one of my favorite plants! sensual form and amazing color blend! opens up to a multiple display of blooms!

morning sun, seagull gliding, anacapa island, channel islands national park, CA, i was the only camper on the island that night and morning! the whole island to myself except 3 rangers at the other end...amazing!

algadones dunes, se CA...morning sun on the crest of a dune...

the salton sea

lake powell

"mars station"...papago hills, arizona

one of my best memories...sea doo'd on the "glass" to this point and camped at the base of those pinnacles, watched the stars appear...amazing!

and im a single dad of 3 young men...for the last 13 years.

thank you for visiting my port...

look forward to working with you smile

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