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Aug 29, 2007
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BEFORE you message me, please know that at this time, i am currently NOT offering TF* shoots [unless we've talked already, then you know who you are]. My rates are extremely low and affordable, so if you are serious about working with me please inquire about my prices based on the type of shoot you'd like to do [artistic/implied nudes are extra].

-HOWEVER- if you have a really, really fantastic, off-the-wall,  amazingly mind blowing idea that you could really see me in, please do not hesitate to contact me about it! I would hate to miss out on a fun opportunity that would also benefit both of our portfolio's. I will sometimes make the exception to do TF* for compilations that I also want to do, and for themes that are also of interest to me, so please approach me with your DETAILED idea.

i am MissFortune!

add me as a friend & comment my photos.

i don't bite wink

I am also recently back on Facebook (also linked at top of page),

i am open to and love to shoot any genre and will always be collaborative on ideas. but, do not message me and ask me to do a shoot and tell me that i must cover up my tattoos/remove my piercings. i am first & foremost an alternative model. because of my lifestyle & ink, that's just who i am.
you can find any other barbie doll looking model on here but i bring an attitude and a personality to the table that they never will.
i can take out my lip ring for beauty shots, and cover my 1" gauges with my hair, but i will never go out of my way to purposely use clothing or makeup to make myself look like i do not have tattoos or piercings. so please, do NOT ask.

while we are on the subject, here are a list of my modifications;

tattoos: about 55 hours (upper back- shoulder to shoulder, neck to mid-back, right arm sleeved wrist to shoulder japanese traditional, left arm several large traditional pieces, left leg skull & crossbones on front of ankle, right leg almost sleeved from knee to ankle, left ring finger diamond, inner lower lip)

piercings: face- vertical labret, left double nostril hoops, smiley (inner upper gums), vertical surface tragus' both ears, lobes gauged 1" both ears, tragus' both ears, left ear snug, left ear rook, right ear industrial bar, other- lower navel, both nipples

so if you're not open-minded, or do not prefer to shoot tattoos and big personalities, i don't think we would work well together.

-5'10"  130lbs  measurements- 34"-26.5"-33.5"  inseam, 29.5" arms, 10", thighs, 17" 
hair- extreme asymmetrical cut, change colors often
(i also have a collection of wigs that i can use to change my look completely, as well as long platinum clip-in extensions; medium-brown long wavy, short platinum blunt cut with bangs, long platinum wavy, light pink/lavender mix, jade green heat-style, straight 100cm long orange w/face-framing layers)

-dress/jean size 4, shoe size 9.5-10

-hobby photographer over 10 years, have a great concept of lighting and "finding the light", negative space, posing, and take direction well. it is my job as a model to bring your vision to life! i am also a H&MUA and come to set camera-ready

-i have an EXTENSIVE and very eclectic wardrobe with all genres of clothing, from vintage, to genuine pin-up lingerie to punk to dresses and everything in between. i always bring a multitude of clothing to sets, and then some extra, so that you have a say on what every part of the final look will entail.

-be professional and cordial with me, i will be the same, and we will have nothing but fun and an end result of amazing photos!

i'm interested in anything I can get excited about & make my own, like vintage/'20s-'50s pinup, fetish/latex/bondage, shooting with or without other models, fetish/parts modeling, studio, outdoors, themed shoots, shoots involving 1 or more other models, creatively dark or gory or "horror" shoots.. I am basically down for anything fun, creative, tasteful and artistic. so if you can look at me and come up with an interesting idea, it is most likey I will do it.

PLEASE, do NOT send me a message saying, 'would you be interested in a shoot?'. of course i am interested, why else would i be here? please be SPECIFIC! including what kind of shoot/theme, what type of set (outdoors, studio, pin-up, etc.), the location you have in mind, when you'd like to shoot, what travel and/or compensation is involved, and any other pertinent details. that way, i can get back to you promptly after making an informed decision, with a defenite anwser and not just a 'i need more details, then i'll let you know'. it will save us BOTH time- TRUST me! ;]

OH- BTW, it is the rudest thing EVER to message me, ask if i want to shoot, and then quote me YOUR rates! are you KIDDING me? i mean really... really? how much more of an unprofessional and desperate jerk can you make yourself look? i would never reach out to a photographer and then ask to be paid. it just makes it apparent that you are a LOSER, and very rude!

It is an important requisite of mine to meet with all photographers before any kind of shoot is scheduled to get a feel for each other's personalities and to make sure i am comfortable working with you, because if I'm not, I won't. I find this allows for a much more relaxed and fun shoot overall, and better photos as a result. I also always bring a companion to first-time meetings, so if this arrangement is a problem for you then unfortunately it is not an option because it is not negotiable.

I am very serious about keeping appointments and being punctual. obviously, sometimes things happen that are out of our control, and this is understandable.. to an extent. as you have already read, I do have some problems that may require exceptions, but I will never, ever not call or not let it be known if for some reason I am (physically) unable to make a prior appointment. in turn, I expect the same professionalism from the people I spend my time possibly collaborating with. this includes phone & pre-shoot meetings. if you don't bother to keep something as simple as a phone appointment, how can I be expected to not question your credability & word? I'll also add you to my "infamous shit list" blog on MySpace, which speaks for itself, and to other models & photogs. and if I can save someone else from wasting time, then maybe me getting burned was somewhat worth it.

PS- the single most important thing you must, must, MUST always remember!:


RATES: -this includes showing up camera-ready, with hair & make-up, and several clothing options to correspond with the genre or look we will have discussed beforehand. test shots, make-up touch up's & clothing changes, and breaks do NOT take away from your shooting time, you will get ALL of the time you pay for!-

(note: shoots that are >15 miles travel include a $15 travel fee to cover gas expenses in addition to rates)

-standard, 2 looks/one hour: $75

-deluxe, 3 looks/up to two hours: $130

-best value!! 6 looks & 2 genres, make-up change/up to 3 hours: $225!!

*these rates do NOT apply to implied/artistic nudity. rates for shoots involving artistc/implied nudity vary according to the specific project, so please message with ALL details, so i may promptly respond with my rates for your project, which we will make very unique   smile

a DISCLAIMER to ALL photographers, please READ;

now you may say, hey i've seen your kind around.. what makes you so special? well, besides my extremely unique tattoos, piercings, personality and style... i am a different model and person, because i am "disabled". yes, in February of 2007 i was attacked from behind by a 300lb 'man' and severely injured. i can't go into major details but i sustained many injuries from the assault, however the most serious and current is that i have a broken vertabrae (bone) in my lower back, as well as 4 ruptured discs. now this sounds like a big disadvantage. and admittedly, i cannot control my situation nearly as much as i would like to be able to. of course, there are days where i regrettably cannot walk or get around and may be hindered.. but for the most part i really try very hard not to let this hold me back from doing what i love to do. now that this is known, if you, as a photographer or casting agent, have an issue as to this being a problem, then please.. do not even bother to contact me at all. i'd rather be skipped over than jerked around. as this is something i obviously cannot control, i would just as soon not have some random person making me feel lesser because of it. obviously, the quality of my photos is not decreased and never will be affected, so long as we work on a day that i am not having physical limitations. and if i am having issues on set, i will do what i need to do and take a break. like i said, it has never gotten in the way yet and i don't expect it to so long as i am not showing up on set in immense pain, which i obviously wouldn't do. i am always a professional and just because my day to day life is different doesn't make the way i model different, and certainly doesn't affect the outcome of my photos or my performance, while shooting or working on a set or doing other model work, in any way.

if you have any specific questions, please PM me.

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Do Not "Recommend" Working With:
(for specific details that MM will not allow me to divulge, please reference my very detailed blog on MySpace, [], or contact me directly. i am more than happy to save another model from wasting their time and getting used/screwed over like i did with the below mentioned people)

x Omare Haynes #2030839

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