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About Me

I shoot TF only, so I’m not a good candidate for paid work but I’m very generous with pictures and shooting things the model needs for his/her portfolio.  I’m always looking for new models, happy to work with beginners and to work within the model’s boundaries.  As an actor and playwright myself, I especially like to shoot series that portray emotion or have a little story connected with them,  (see for examples), so if you're an actor, I'm especially interested in working with you.  Please “Friend” me so you can let me know via MM’s private mail system if you’re interested in shooting with me.

    I’m 81 years old as of this writing–hope that’s not a problem for you.  Mostly, I shoot Pinups, Headshots and portraits, Art nudes and Implieds which often have a 'Boudoir'  theme.  I almost never shoot fashion because, frankly, it doesn’t interest me so I’m not very good at it.  I sometimes shoot mildly erotic or fetish work, so long as it is within the model’s personal boundaries.  I do not shoot anything I consider demeaning or dangerous to either the model or me.  I don’t shoot pornography.
    What I shoot with you depends entirely on what we agree on.  It’s your body, it’s your face, so it’s ultimately your decision.  From time to time I’ve had a model agree to shoot with some degree of nudity and, because of family reaction or change of profession,  subsequently asked that the pictures not be published.  I’m quite willing to cooperate as far as I can, but please be aware that once a picture has been posted on the web, it’s almost impossible to completely recall it.  Sometimes a model will want a few more adventuresome pictures simply for her own memories or to send to a distant significant other, but doesn't want them posted or published..  If I know in advance, it’s not a problem to simply agree between ourselves to restrict the individual picture(s) from publication by either of us. 
    There’s no reason to shoot nudes if you don’t want to and no reason not to shoot nudes if you do want to. Just talk to me and set your boundaries.  I’ll listen and stay within them.  If they are too restrictive for what I have in mind we’ll simply agree to disagree and go our separate ways.  On the other hand, if you’ve never shot nudes and you want to give it a try for your own reasons, whatever they are, let me know that and we’ll work out an agreement that respects both your right to privacy and your interest in the broader range of modeling opportunities.  (You’d be amazed how many models I’ve shot nudes for and the pictures will never see the light of day, including a number whose clothed shots are in my portfolio.)

Because I shoot a lot of nudes (and am very concerned about my reputation) in an abundance of caution I never shoot anyone under 18, nor do I allow anyone under 18 on set for any reason.  I don’t allow escorts unless they are necessary caregivers and I don’t shoot with anyone who wants an escort because she fears for her safety.  If I scare you, tell a cop, not your boyfriend.  Better yet, just shoot with someone else, someone with whom yor are comfortable.

This is my hobby, not my profession.  No one is paying me, so I have nothing with which to pay you.  I know models have to eat (I’ve been known both to model and to eat on occasion) so I always have plenty of healthful, filling snacks on hand and I’m very generous with pictures the model needs to get work with the photographers who do pay.

I’m no longer in New Orleans, back in NYC full time and permanently.  Almost everything in my portfolio was shot in my small basement studio in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx, about 20 minutes from Grand Central.  (Except for the “Other Stuff” folder, the exteriors are green-screened.)

Let’s make some beautiful pictures together.  Drop me a line?