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About Me
Annika by Saint Robert, on Flickr

NOTE:  It's a hobby I love and I don't do this for a living, unlike other photographers.

KT vintage look by Saint Robert, on Flickr

big_smile Welcome to Saint Robert Photography big_smile My name is Rob G big_smile
I've been out of America, most of my life and returned in 2013 big_smile
I'm looking to collaborate with new young artist in making artsy images.

Kate Subconscious by Saint Robert, on Flickr

Justice by Saint Robert, on Flickr

big_smile  ATTENTION!!!!:  PLEASE, PLEASE READ MY PROFILE, it should answer almost all your questions smile 

Kasie by Saint Robert, on Flickr

big_smile big_smile big_smile  PLEASE (LIKE) MESSAGE ME ON FB FOR A QUICKER RESPONSE
Facebook page - - big_smile

Allison by Saint Robert, on Flickr

smile I'm a international freelance photographer and a photo hobbyist.  I take photos for the LOVE OF THE ART  big_smile  I don't do boring images and I don't do Photoshop hmm  I want to create artsy female images with new models and I need your help smile

Kyotocat by Saint Robert, on Flickr

Nani on the rocks... by Saint Robert, on Flickr

hmm  I seriously don't carry all the fancy equipment a studio photographer has  smile  I learned to work with what I have big_smile 
It's just one camera and one lens  wink  Been doing it for years smile  I take photos for myself as a hobby  smile  Take a look at my photos and judge for yourself, if my style is for you.  smile 
Oh, please comment on my photos big_smile , if you like them.  I like to hear what you think. big_smile

Comrade Brie by Saint Robert, on Flickr

big_smile  Yes, that's me below  big_smile  You will know who you are meeting smile not an unknown stranger. 
I don't just talk over a phone hmm or hide myself, like most fake Guys With Cameras (GWC) do sad 

hmm  (Seriously, why don't photographer's post their face on their page?  Why hide?
hmm  You got to be legit and stand behind your work.  Fake photographers change their business name or use my business name hmm , but can't change their face.)  hmm

and you can also find me on --  smile

Robert Garcia, a.k.a. Saint by Saint Robert's Photo's, on Flickr

big_smile  I'm a easy-going, low maintenance, down to earth type of guy smile who's very casual with an open-mind about nudity, sexuality, etc., who's not sensitive on any topics that might offend others easily tongue  Straight honest talk works best for me.

As a traveler, I've seen a lot.  I speak a bit of German and a mixture of bad grammar English big_smile
I can be reached at 1.512.888.6066 smile

Sarah by Saint Robert, on Flickr

tongue  I'm not looking for a date or any hanky-panky tongue  Your free to contact any models I work with.  smile  I insist, because they will do a better job at getting you to come pose with me big_smile

Amanda by Saint Robert, on Flickr

Personality, I want outdoor artistic body poses against tree roots, river rocks, floating on water, against dark clouds or woods.  Images that I can put on canvas and hang on walls in art galleries.  big_smile 

Macy by Saint Robert, on Flickr

big_smile  I would love to find a new carefree young artist Muse with no distracting tats, in the local area, who I can collaborate for various artsy images when ideas come to mind.  smile

_DSC1614-X by Saint Robert, on Flickr

smile  I do like to work with new models big_smile and would like to meet prior to the shoot in a public place for both our safety smile 
It is the internet, after all  hmm  And you never know who you are meeting.

Pillow by Saint Robert, on Flickr

big_smile  We can talk over any questions over coffee that we might have, any creative ideas you want to try, pick a interesting location, get to know each other better, and when we shoot, we can be much more comfortable with each other and relaxed during our shoot smile
big_smile This is a collaboration between two artist big_smile .  Your input and ideas are important big_smile

Rollergirl by Saint Robert, on Flickr

smile The models are my friends smile and I've done numerous shoots with the same models. 
smile Your free to contact any model as a reference smile
Minna by Saint Robert, on Flickr

smile If when we meet, we find we can't work together, no harm done.  My only dislike is for Diva's tongue and I'm not looking for a date or any hanky-panky tongue
big_smile I find working with lesbians smile much more relaxed and easier to work with big_smile

Savannah by Saint Robert, on Flickr

big_smile  Photography is art big_smile .  I let my artsy images, speak for me. big_smile
I do like to experiment with different settings of BW tone, Contrast, Color tone, etc, on images to add a little flair... wink

Leeann by Saint Robert, on Flickr

big_smile  If you have no experience or if you never posed before smile .  Don't worry, I can give you ideas/suggestion to try hmm  I want to help you, built a portfolio with headshots and various poses of color and BW style of basic fashion, glamour, causal wardrobe, lingerie, implied and swimsuit (and other styles, you like) smile  We both get photos we can use for our portfolio. big_smile

Kay by Saint Robert, on Flickr

sad I don't pay for shoots sad

$200 for a photo session.  My rates are negotiable if your on a budget, let's talk over coffee  smile  When your paying me, I'll shoot you in any style you want - Fully clothed with a Burka if you want.

Julia V by Saint Robert, on Flickr

big_smile  I'm open to TF* (free shoot) if your idea is artsy enough to catch my attention big_smile

smile  If I contacted you, the shoot is TF* big_smile 
We collaborate as two artist to get tasteful artsy images we both can use for our portfolio.  big_smile 

River bed by Saint Robert, on Flickr

smile  If you have questions, just ask smile .  There are no stupid questions - plus, I work mostly with new models and I've heard lots of off-the-wall questions, already tongue 
Rachel by Saint Robert, on Flickr

smile  I'm always open to suggestions for trying different poses or creative images you want to try smile  So, don't be afraid to speak-up and tell me what you want to try on a photo shoot smile  Tell me the type of model you want to be and we will shoot the style you want to get across to the agencies or for your artsy self smile

DSC07041_AV1 closeup frame SIG by Saint Robert, on Flickr

Sienna by Saint Robert, on Flickr

hmm  If you're under 18 yrs. and/or want an ESCORT(S); you can bring your Mom and Dad smile , but PLEASE, NO BOYFRIENDS sad or weird clingy old man (*Sugar Daddy), or Pimps  hmm  done that already sad  I'm going to have to add NO DOG(s) of any size, to that experience sad   

*It's still annoying, but I'll make exceptions if Sugar Daddy/Boyfriend are paying.

Kasie by Saint Robert, on Flickr

hmm If you must bring someone, bring someone who can help you dress, help you with your wardrobe, hair and makeup.  smile A best girlfriend or lesbian smile friend who puts a positive attitude on you and makes you feel better about yourself big_smile That you can reflect that look onto your photos big_smile

Savannah by Saint Robert, on Flickr

hmm  All Models must provide their own wardrobe, hair and makeup (optional) or their own MUA.  A good headshot without makeup, au natural would be needed for agency style head-shots. smile  Remind me to shoot a standard model card image, if you want one  smile

Amy Dragon by Saint Robert, on Flickr

hmm  There seems to be a lot scammers and creepy fakes non-professional Guys With Cameras (GWC) sad  If any of the following things take place it is probably a scam:

hmm - You are paid by check up front but there is a clerical error and you were paid too much (check scam).
hmm - A publication or end client is promised but no client is on set (outright lie)
hmm - Photographer refuses to provide personal contact info or Photo ID (creeper alert!)
hmm - Photographer shows up with a webcam (porn alert).
hmm - All their girls photos have no MM# to give credit to models and look like nudes downloaded from the internet (fake photographer).
hmm - Photographer offers to help you find work, also wants to build you a page he can manage and takes a fee from you.  Only to pimp you out for nude shoots to other GWCs (Photographer pimp).
hmm - Wanting to come to your HOUSE to do sexually provocative shoots, insisting they are respectful, beautiful photos.  (Creep Alert or future stalker).
hmm - Here's a new one; Never undress for a Skype casting either.  This is also a common form of new age scam for their pleasure, and often recorded to blackmail or pressure in other ways later.  A bikini should always show more than enough for any genuine professional assessment.

Note:  If photographer has been on Model Mayhem for years, but has only worked with five people and only has four photos  sad  (with no website/other portfolio links), then chances are they are not serious hmm and you will not get what you want from the shoot or you might really find out, why they're not serious enough...and hang out only on MM hmm

ANNeX by Saint Robert, on Flickr

If your contacted on Craigslist by me or someplace else, it's not me... hmm
I only (first) contact by MM and Facebook page. smile
And I like to meet in person wink  Not by internet/phone before a shoot. hmm

hmm  Always LOOK at the photographer's photos, are they good - blurry bad? hmm  Can you call it art, with good background settings? sad  Is it all crotch and booty shots?? Ugly/cheap backgrounds that don't add to your look?? Would your look fit with the background?   
sad  Judge them on their artsy images.  It doesn't matter if he has, a studio full of fancy equipment.  hmm  It doesn't make art.

Beautiful figure by Saint Robert, on Flickr

hmm  Expensive equipment doesn't make him a good artist, if all his photos look like porn or cheap naked images  sad    Always trust your instinct hmm   
hmm  Do you believe, he even shot those images he's got on his page?  Where's the MM # contact of other models??  hmm    If not, don't work with him sad    Sure, it's great to get paid for a shoot.  But, SERIOUSLY...  hmm  Do YOU want crappy looking naked photos of you on the internet forever??? hmm

Sensual Goddess by Saint Robert, on Flickr

big_smile  GET ARTSY and ADVENTUROUS IMAGES with your looks and poses big_smile 
Don't settle for boring portrait style images or Hustler style images sad 

Jackie by Saint Robert, on Flickr

smile  Most photographers want money for their time hmm  But, some will trick you into paying for extra photos they taken and/or won't give you all the photos sad 

sad  Don't sign contracts with photographers who want to be your pimps hmm
Some will pretend to help you hmm .  But, will start to take a percentage of your money from paid shoots sad  Just like cheap agency that promise work but you have to pay them before getting the jobs...  hmm

Jungle Woman by Saint Robert, on Flickr 

Other's will ruin your photos sad by posting their larger than life name across your face/body just to advertise their poor work sad  And they will charge you extra to remove their name from across your face sad  That's not me big_smile I don't do that. 

It's art big_smile .  The Mona Lisa does not have Leonardo da Vinci name scrawled across her face hmm

Mystic by Saint Robert, on Flickr

Most photographers forgot it's art, and are no longer creative sad    Most don't have an "Camera Eye" and can only do portrait style images.  Don't settle for the  boring routine normal sad  Keep being creative and artsy.  - You are an Artist  big_smile

Justice MM# 2729542 by Saint Robert, on Flickr

big_smile  I will give you a copy of all un-edited photos after the shoot smile Just bring a thumb drive, 16 GB (USB) or a camera card.  A few days later, I will edit (crop, color, contrast, BW) some of those I liked and will email you those to you  smile  If you see a photo you like, let me know the No.#  and I will edit that photo for you.  You will initially get a dozen or more edited photos big_smile

Does it matter? by Saint Robert, on Flickr

I want to build you a portfolio smile , because it builds me a portfolio of my artsy work. 
smile Should my photos of you catch the attention of possible clients, I will alway pass the information for you to make contact.  I will not give out your personal info to any stranger (period). 

DSC08372 by Saint Robert, on Flickr
big_smile  I understand a lot of models that I've taken photos of, have been contacted by lots of other photographers as soon as I post their photos on here smile
Some of the beginner models I've shot with are doing great things now big_smile
big_smile It's a good sign the models are being noticed and sought after big_smile 
Pick wisely.  smile

GRRRrrrrrrr!  - Model ANNeX by Saint Robert, on Flickr

hmm  I understand the Creep factor hmm the constant msg and texts of GWC calling and bugging you to let them shoot you, wanting you to send them nude photos.  Those GWC are not photographers.  Real Photographers don't have time to waste, when they are editing photos.  Only the creepy GWC sad will bug you by phone & email and you should not give in tongue 

Comrade Brie by Saint Robert, on Flickr

wink  I will always forward any job/model request to you, FOR YOU to make contact big_smile (I will not give out your personal information to strangers). big_smile  But, PLEASE feel free to pass out my name to your friends who want artsy photos and want to work with me big_smile

DSC00311BW2 by Saint Robert, on Flickr

smile  What I want, is to create artsy outdoor images with the female form, using beautiful nature backgrounds of water, rocks, trees, etc, the blue skies or cloudy. No airbrushing, just natural images.  And to be recognize for my art smile 

Justice by Saint Robert, on Flickr

Macy by Saint Robert, on Flickr

sad sad - Sorry to say, I'll only accept friend requests on here, if you message me and have an interest in doing artsy images with me.  I'm not interested in having a high friend count.  big_smile  I'm in this for the ART.  big_smile

Danger.  Halloween is coming. by Saint Robert, on Flickr

big_smile  I give my time freely when time permits to taking photos.  Its a fun and artsy hobby I love doing. smile In the time of film/print and darkrooms, I would have had charged a lot big_smile  Now, in the digital age of non-film and software darkrooms, I can shoot freely without the worry of additional cost hmm

Cami by Saint Robert, on Flickr

big_smile  Again, no experience is needed big_smile and DO NOT be afraid to ask questions
big_smile  There is never a stupid question big_smile  I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed working with me, during our shoot wink

ANNeX by Saint Robert, on Flickr

Kyotocat by Saint Robert, on Flickr

Cammie by Saint Robert, on Flickr

Credit Notes

My photos were recognize two times at RAW Artist event in Austin, TX.  big_smile

Take a look at my photos to see all the MM # models I worked with so far.

sad  I don't pay for shoots, I have no studio or job as a full time photographer sad  and I don't do Divas hmm  because it's a hobby, but money does talk...

Other photographers charge a few hundreds to thousand of dollars for their time.

Rate:  $200 a session.  My rates are negotiable if your on a budget, let's talk over coffee  smile  When your paying me, I'll shoot you in any style you want - Fully clothed with a Burka if you want.  I'll also accept payment from a Sugar Daddies/boyfriends if they want to attend.

I'm open to TF* (Free shoot) if your idea is artsy enough to catch my attention. 
If I contact you, the shoot is "Free" (TF).
But a TF is a collaboration between two artist, so we both get images we can use.  smile 

Fin de Cinema by Saint Robert, on Flickr

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