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[b][note: this section is currently being revised][/b]

Hi and many thanks for stopping by my MM profile and reviewing my portfolio. As one gains experience and education as a photographer, they cross-over from 'building' a portfolio to 'having' a portfolio that defines a style, a look, a feel and a content of the photographer. You guessed it, I feel I've have just crossed-over that line or am in the process of crossing. Which leads to the next stage in my development as a photographer - high quality image products that have reached the point of being considered for publication.

So, what does this actually mean? Well for starters, this means the days of paying models for shoots is coming to an end - the selection criteria for payment. I do understand that for many, modeling is a primary source of income, but income runs both ways. I am open to TFP/TFCD with limited travels funds, especially if it is in the best interest of both parties. Contact me with your idea/concept and let's see if we can work out something.

Model releases will be signed for all my shoots, this simply lets everyone involved know how the images can and cannot be used. A model release form must be signed prior to the start of the shoot, please bring proof of age documentation with you, i.e., a valid state drivers license or some other valid Government issued photo I.D (passport or military identification). You may bring an assistant with you to the session, but no boyfriends/girlfriends, relatives, directors, photographers, etc. I maintain the copyright of all images.

For those of you who ask "Do I get a copy of all the images from the shoot?" The short answer is yes, but will strict limitations. A CD/DVD or web delivery will be made available to you of all images from the shoot. These images will have been adjusted to 400x600 pixels/72dpi and will be water-marked. These photos are to serve as proofs for you to select other images you may wish to purchase at additional cost to you. Please note, These "proofs" are for your eyes only, no rights or permissions are given and full ownership, usage rights and copyrights remains with me.

These "proof" images are NOT to be made public via posting to your website, online contests, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or any other social or public networking media. Failure to comply with these conditions and you will be talking with my attorney. The "proofs" are un-edited/un-retouched and will serve no good purpose to yourself or me if they are released for public viewing. They are simply a media transfer so you can make an informed decision about additional images you may wish to purchase from me. If you are going to put a product out for the world to view you owe it to yourself for that product to be the very best it can be and posting raw images for the public to view will not help your modeling career.

I am a weekend or holiday photographer residing in San Diego. I got serious about photography (science/technical/craft/art) 15 year’s ago.

Over the past 25 years, I have traveled and lived at various locations across the world. My travels included North America, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa (sorry South America!). I have always been interested in photography and photographs, and started like most everyone, the observational / candid photographer, in other words photography was just simply put a 'point-n-click' guy with a heavy and expensive gear bag.

It turned out that a few years ago I decided to get serious about photography - mostly self-challenge as well as peer pressure. As a trained scientist, my getting serious consisted of the technicality of camera, lighting and composition. Of course I ignored (and still do sometimes) the art of photography - figured I could photoshop the 'art' into my work. Wow, was I wrong, need to learn the technical (really learn the settings), but once the shooting starts, have to be the artist....I have a ways to go.

I are primarily interested in glamour/fashion photographer utilizing several different environments, settings, concepts, etc... seems I can be quite creative in developing unique concepts and enjoy the challenge of matching the concept to the model. I dig shooting in a wide-range of locations/set-ups "have camera and lighting, will travel"

I have participated many professional workshops and am a technical expert at multi-lighting photography through optimizing speedlight set-ups for both in-studio and on location, as well the use of the [b]Profoto B1[/b] and the[b] Elinchrom Quadra Ranger System[/b] - wow, what a difference! Should have switch long ago. I would highly recommend this system to anyone wanting a nice even blast of light.

If you are interested in setting up a photography collaboration, please send me a MM message. We can discuss TFCD/TFP or 'fee-for-services' during the prelude period.

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