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We are a team in the Raleigh area looking to work on our portfolio. Interested in shooting both men and women. Also interested in exploring some personal work that is (hopefully) different than what most are shooting.

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If I friend you from out of town, it means I am coming to your town or I really want to work with you when I come to your town.

ALERT: We have cut way back on TFP. As in almost never anymore. It is too expensive for us. Feel free to ask, but we are now cutting it out of our rotation except on a case-by case basis. We do have a personal project that we will TFP with the right person. Message us for details.

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News: I have stopped retouching pictures except for blemish and other minor retouches. Generally, I (and 99% of all photographers I have seen to date) just make the picture look worse after we change it past a point. Yes, my pictures look like this straight out of camera. I never have added filters or special effects to my photos. It's not my style. I will fix a pimple or a bulge here or there.

PLEASE DO NOT EDIT MY PICTURES FOR ME, without my permission. I don't like what you do to them. That's why I don't edit them. If you are thinking, "maybe I could put this cool effect on Sam's picture" please don't.

***If I friend you or message you, I actually like your look or want to work with you. That means I will eventually ask you to work with me or you should ask me to work with you. Don't bother friending me if you don't want to work with me. I have looked at your port. I don't spam people and I don't bother giving empty compliments.

1) My job is to make you look as pretty or handsome as I can. Your job is to look as pretty as you can. The outfit won't necessarily make you look good. Though nicer clothes generally make my job easier, I don't often have the clothes for you. I have the skill to make you look good. (I hope).

2) My goal is to make you successful. I want us to make great pictures, and I want you to move along in your career as a model. If you become successful, I can say that I shot you and I can say that I helped you develop your look. I am looking for models to have a professional relationship with, who I can work with often and call upon when needed. When I get paid for a job, you will get paid.

3) Feel free to bring an escort. In fact, I prefer it. I carry around a lot of crap and one extra person can help carry crap.

4) We are going to have fun. That is the way I roll.

5) We have to talk on the phone before we shoot. I need to know that you are a real person and there are too many technicalities for a decent shoot for me to text message back and forth with you.

6) Did I mention that I will only do a shoot that's fun? If it is work, then I will get paid to do it. We will have fun. If you can't have fun, I am not interested. If you are a mean model, I am not interested. If you like to dress up like a power ranger on meth, or a shy dominatrix, or a funky roller girl, or smear (organic) peanut butter on your face, or anything like that, I AM interested - that's fun. Generally I will just try my best to set up a neat lighting setup for you and we will work on poses and with props. You know, modeling.

7) I want to do a test shoot with you first. I know that we all want concepts before we meet, but there are two reasons that does not work.
a) I don't know you. I can't possibly take a concept portrait of someone that I don't know. It won't work. I want to think up a shoot for you.
b) I will waste my concept on someone and I won't want to do it again. That's fair I think.

8) For TFP: I try to get back to you with proofs within a week and with final images within 2 weeks. That said, I don't do much retouching, so your proofs are substantially the same as your finals. If I get busy with paid work it takes precedence and I will let you know the status. If you don't pick your choices or you pick too many, or you disappear off of the face of the earth, then it delays the time I get the finals to you.

8) If I ask you to be my friend, I want to work with you. I generally check my friend list to find people to work with when I want to shoot. If you don't want to work with me, and don't want me messaging you to work together on something, don't respond to my friend request. I don't take it personally.

8) If we have a date set and you need to cancel, cancel. Don't ignore me. That's worse. Try not to cancel on the same day. Once you are on my calendar, I reserve that time for you and I won't cancel unless it is an emergency. That means that someone else could have been shot on that day instead of two weeks out, like I generally am booked. That said, if you need to cancel a TFP shot because you are getting paid to work at your job, or paid at another modeling job, then by all means let's reschedule.

Anyway, contact the people below for references. They are all fun and great to work with.

Credit Notes

Tina Marie #1489987
*Violet Arcane # 1332098
**Sonia123 #1650064
Necro Wolfie #857777
Claire #1711397
Mistic Eyes #1846209
Magen Medlin #1822098
**Kathryn #1834087
*Emanuela #1894691
*Maren #1879313
Mandy #2106288
*****Svetlana #1890372
Tina #1653834
**Scarlett #2168188
Meghan Ferdinand #
Ashley Sheldon #
Annabelle #2212713
Della 1989246
Mia 1798034
Helena 1618556
Wilhelmina 2112264
Ashlei 2220270
NativeLady 2254894
Yamaris 1836818
Kimberly 732124
Caress 568056
Wendi 1574496
Blue Skyy 506325

***APayne #2135325
Monique #1871648
Pride make up 2008360
Nou 2165097
*******************Kerri #2099497

* Multiple shoots