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Nov 16, 2016
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Aug 19, 2009

About Me

Want to shoot?
Hi! Haven't shot in a while but could be shooting. . . . Msg me and we'll take it from there. Thanks! Will

* I have shot photography since 1994. Models/actors since 2008.
* My portfolio (Flickr) has had 8.6 million views since 2010.
* I produced and shot the feature film Able.
* I have a successful career in corporate design.

Shooting Terms: TFCD
* I shoot TFCD:  We trade time, skill, and talent.
* You do not pay fees for my work.
* I do not pay fees for your work.

Things I Do Not Do
* I do not shoot nudes.
* I do not accept friend requests from anyone I haven't shot.
* I do charge fees and I do not pay fees.

* Sessions run between two and three hours.
* Strong two-way communication is required.
* Great collaboration is requested.
* Having fun while working is always a huge plus.
* Escorts are OK, provided they are not distracting.

Model's Responsibilities
* Transportation to-and-from shoot location.
* Wardrobe choices.
* MUA and stylist services, if desired.

Shoots Of Immediate Interest to Me
* Maxim magazine-style shooting (boudoir/glamour)
* Urban Noir magazine-style city shooting (fashion/noir/art)
* High-End Commerical portfolio city shooting (fashion/commercial)
* Underwater freeform shooting (experimentation)

Other Shoot Possibilities
I am open to shoots not on my "immediate interest" list. Feel free to pitch your idea to me. The worst that could happen is I tell you I am not interested.

Delivery of Photographs
* Photographs are delivered within fourteen (14) days of shooting.
* I develop, process, and editorially select 40 to 50 of the best shots.
* I lightly retouch and apply color treatments to the best shots.
* I put up a private Web gallery so you can see the best shots.
* I provide the best shots to you as high-resolution JPGs by download (or CD).
* You may use the best shots for non-commercial self-marketing purposes.
* I post the best shots, crediting you and linking to your ModelMayhem profile.

When working, I am available Saturdays and Sundays.

Shooting History - See Credits for links to MM profiles and galleries
August 2009: 1st shoot w/Ryan Godman. Thanks, Ryan!
September 2009: Fun shoot w/Albert Park. Thanks!
September 2009: Long, fun shoot w/Bazooka Joe. Thanks, Joe!
September 2009: Port shoot w/Alexander Gregor. Thanks, Alex.
October 2009: 2nd shoot w/Ryan Godman. Great fun. Thanks, Ryan!
November 2009: 1st shoot w/Kelly Baker. Fun walkabout. Thanks, Kelly!
December 2009: 1st shoot w/Atul Narula. City shoot. Thanks, Atul!
December 2009: 1st shoot w/Julie Gravatt. Nature/city shoot. Thanks, Julie!
December 2009: Shoot w/Meg Reese. Workshop. Thanks, Meg!
December 2009: Shoot w/Cassandra S. Workshop. Thanks, Cassandra!
December 2009: 1st shoot w/L.L. Burrell. Test/Headshots. Thanks, L.L.!
December 2009: 2nd shoot w/Kelly Baker. Cold walkabout. Thanks, Kelly!
January 2010: 1st shoot w/Lauren Lucidi. Cold walkabout. Thanks, Lauren!
January 2010: 2nd shoot w/L.L. Burrell. Cold walkabout. Thanks, L.L!
January 2010: 1st shoot w/Dasha Rene. Chilly walkabout. Thanks, Dasha!
January 2010: 1st shoot w/Josh Harnois. Studio/lighting. Thanks, Josh!
April 2010: 1st shoot w/BekahJoy. Mild walkabout. Thanks, Bekah!
May 2010: Quick shoot with Jessica (non MM). Thanks, Jessica!
June 2010: 1st shoot w/Annette Newlin. Urban walkabout. Thanks, Annette!
June 2010: 1st shoot w/Lynn Montone. Urban walkabout. Thanks, Lynn!
July 2010: 3rd shoot w/L.L. Burrell. Beach. Thanks, L.L.!
July 2010: 1st shoot with Aline, Elyse, Monica, & Sylmac. Workshop. Thanks!
July 2010: 1st shoot with Elle K. Urban walkabout. Thanks, Elle!
July 2010: 1st shoot with Arpita Patel. Urban walkabout. Thanks, Arpita!
July 2010: 1st shoot with Zahra Femi. Urban walkabout. Thanks, Zahra!
July 2010: 1st shoot with Amber, Rachael, and Carley. Workshop. Thanks!
August 2010: 1st shoot with Molli H. Urban walkabout. Thanks, Molli!
August 2010: 2nd shoot with Zahra Femi. Urban walkabout. Thanks, Zahra!
August 2010: 1st shoot with Wellz. Urban walkabout. Thanks, Wellz!
August 2010: 1st shoot with Kendra D. Rocky walkabout. Thanks, Kendra!
August 2010: 1st shoot with Nick LaBella. Urban walkabout. Thanks, Nick!
August 2010: 2nd shoot with Rachael M. Urban walkabout. Thanks, Rachael!
August 2010: 1st shoot with FabNFierceFaces. Beauty Test Shoot. Thanks!
August 2010: 1st shoot with Renee Laura. Urban walkabout. Thanks, Renee!
August 2010: 2nd shoot with Carley. Urban walkabout. Thanks, Carley!
August 2010: 1st shoot with Petrarcha. Retro walkabout. Thanks, Petrarcha!
August 2010: Workshop Makeup and Bodypainting shoot. Thanks, all!
August 2010: 1st shoot with Rob Stewart. Urban walkabout. Thanks, Rob!
October 2010: 1st shoot with Kate, Rob, Erin, & Kristina. Thanks, all!
November 2010: 2nd shoot with Nick LaBella and Amber C. Thanks, all!
November 2010: Taught photography workshop.
December 2010: 1st shoot with Carly Shoemaker. Thanks, Carly!
December 2010: Test shoot with Thato D. Studio. Thanks!
January 2011: Taught photography workshop.
February 2011: 1st shoot with Nikki Finn. Thanks, Nikki!
February 2011: 1st shoot with Kae Kateri. Thanks, Kae!
February 2011: 1st shoot with Colleen Megan. Thanks, Colleen!
February 2011: 1st shoot with Meredith Kimberley. Thanks, Meredith!
February 2011: 1st shoot with Amanda Whelan. Thanks, Amanda!
February 2011: 1st shoot with Angel. Thanks, Angel!
February 2011: 1st shoot with Minuette Kalia. Thanks, Minuette!
February 2011: 1st shoot with Dana1020. Thanks, Dana!
February 2011: 1st shoot with Ivory. Thanks, Ivory!
February 2011: 1st shoot with Claire Franklin. Thanks, Claire!
March 2011: Taught photography workshop.
April 2011: 2nd shoot with Kristina Paulk. Thanks, Kristina!
June 2011: Fashion Show Shoot. Thanks Shay and John!
June 2011: Aqua Night Shoot. Thanks, everyone!
July 2011: 1st shoot with Molly Noelle Graham. Thanks, Molly!
July 2011: 2nd shoot with Meredith Kimberley. Thanks, Meredith!
July 2011: 2nd shoot with Amanda Whelan. Thanks, Amanda!
July 2011: 1st shoot with Sandeep Nair. Thanks, Sandeep!
July 2011: 1st shoot with Nicole Patrick. Thanks, Nicole!
July 2011: 1st shoot with Dannie O. Thanks, Dannie!
July 2011: 1st shoot with Jennie Cupcakes. Thanks, Jennie!
July 2011: 1st shoot with Bella Jade. Thanks, Bella!
July 2011: 1st shoot with Ashley Jensen. Thanks, Ashley!
July 2011: 3rd shoot with Meredith Kimberley. Thanks, Meredith!
July 2011: 2nd shoot with Kendra Danelle. Thanks, Kendra!
August 2011: 3rd shoot with Kelly Baker. Thanks, Kelly!
August 2011: 1st shoot with Adele Anna Victoria. Thanks, Adele!
September 2011: 1st shoot with Talia Arochas. Thanks, Talia!
September 2011: 2nd shoot with Lynn Montone. Thanks, Lynn!
September 2011: 2nd shoot with M.N. Graham. Thanks, Molly!
October 2011: EA Effect Fashion Shoot. Thanks, everyone!
November 2011: 2nd shoot with Chandra Deal. Thanks, Chandra!
January 2012: 2nd shoot with Ivory. Thanks, Ivory!
February 2012: 2nd shoot with Angel. Thanks, Angel!
March 2012: 1st shoot with Dymin. Thanks, Dymin!
March 2012: Taught photography workshop.
April 2012: 1st shoot with Sonny Soleil. Thanks, Sonny!
May 2012: 3rd shoot with Ivory. Thanks, Ivory!
May 2012: 1st shoot with Jazz. Thanks, Jazz!
June 2012: 3rd shoot with Ryan Godman. Thanks, Ryan!
June 2012: 1st shoot with Eden. Thanks, Eden!
July 2012: 1st shoot with Syd. Thanks, Syd!
July/August 2012: Headshot Project. (x6) Thanks, all!
December 2012: PPR Loft (x3)
January 2013 to July 2014: Sabbatical

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Quick View
* See the most recent shoots
* See all shoots in alphabetical order by last name

Underwater Shoots - Shot underwater, one-on-one
Kendra Danelle (MM #1067960) - Day + Night + Lit - See Kendra's Gallery
Meredith Kimberley (MM #96286) - Night + Lit - See Meredith's Gallery
Lynn Montone (MM #1724354) - Day - See Lynn's Gallery
Adele Anna Victoria (MM #1169223) - Day + Night + Lit - See Adele's Gallery
Amanda Whelan (MM #1752316) - Night + Lit - See Amanda's Gallery

Walkabout Shoots - Shot on location w/available light, one-on-one
Sydney Alexandra (MM #1597436) - Day/Urban - See Syd's Gallery
Talia Arochas (MM #1031508) - Day/Urban - See Talia's Gallery
Kelly Baker (MM #1147055) x2  - Night/Suburban - See Kelly's Gallery
L.L. Burrell (MM #798731) x3 - Night/Urban + Beach - See L.L's Gallery
Kendra Danelle (MM #1067960) - Day/Landscape - See Kendra's Gallery
Chandra Deal (MM #2006570) - Day/Urban - See Chandra's Gallery
Zahra Femi (MM #1768237) - Day/Urban - See Zahra's Gallery
Jazz Garcelle (MM #2453962) - Day/Urban - See Jazz's Gallery
Molly Noelle Graham (MM #2218021) - Day/Urban - See Molly's Gallery
Julie G. (MM #1432378) - Day+Night/Urban - See Julie's Gallery
Molli H. (MM #1665760) - Day/Urban - See Molli's Gallery
BekahJoy (MM #1537319) - Day/Rural - See Bekah's Gallery
Elle K. (MM #1652901) - Day/Urban - See Elle's Gallery
Nick LaBella (MM #1675237) - Day/Urban - See Nick's Gallery
Renee Laura (MM #1073754) - Day/Urban - See Renee's Gallery
Lauren Lucidi (MM #1350905) - Night/Urban - See Lauren's Gallery
Rachael Maria (#873008) - Day/Urban - See Rachael's Gallery
Lynn Montone (MM #1724354) - Day/Urban - See Lynn's Gallery
Sandeep Nair (MM #2236285) - Day/Urban - See Sandeep's Gallery
Atul Narula (MM #1198041) - Day/Urban - See Atul's Gallery
Annette Newlin (MM #1716347) - Day/Urban - See Annette's Gallery
Arpita Patel (MM #1193815) - Day/Urban - See Arpita's Gallery
Kristina Paulk (MM #1786240) - Day/Urban - See Kristina's Gallery
Petrarcha (MM #1218983) - Day+Night/Urban - See Petrarcha's Gallery
Dasha Rene (MM #1524212) - Day+Night/Urban - See Dasha's Gallery
Carly Shoemaker (MM #1931251) - Night/Urban - See Carly's Gallery
Rob "Hulksmash" Stewart (MM #1586451) - Day/Urban - See Rob's Gallery
Sonny Soleil (MM #2611064) - Day/Urban - See Sonny's Gallery
Wellz (MM #832105) - Day/Urban - See Wellz's Gallery

Studio Shoots - Lit/shot in studio conditions (lighting design by me)
Angel x2 (MM #2014214) - On White/Black + Studio - See Angel's Gallery
Thato D (MM #1199307) - Various - See Shoot Results
Dana1020 (MM #1510813) - On White + Studio - See Dana's Gallery
Dymin (MM #2533431) - On Black + Studio - See Dymin's Gallery
Eden (MM #2647247) - On Location - See Eden's Gallery
FabNFierceFaces MUA (MM #1713518) - On White - See Shoot Results
Claire Franklin (MM #1403466) - On White + Studio - See Claire's Gallery
Rob Galland (no MM) - Noir - See Noir Gallery
Ryan Godman (MM #1021851) x2 - On Black - See Ryan's Gallery
Alexander Gregor (IMDB nm2294675) - On Black - See Alexander's Gallery
Josh Harnois (MM #1500956) - Various - See Josh's Gallery
Ivory x3 (MM #1929042) - Studio + On Location - See Ivory's Gallery
Jessica (not MM) - Event/Fashion - See Jessica's Gallery
Bazooka Joe (MM #1070784) - On White - See Bazooka Joe's Gallery
Minuette Kalia (MM #1958191) - On White + Studio - See Minuette's Gallery
Kate Kleinow (no MM) - Noir - See Noir Gallery
Albert Park (MM #1487850) - Various - See Albert's Gallery
Kristina Paulk (MM #1786240) - Noir - See Noir Gallery
Erin Peterson (MM #1458115) - Noir - See Noir Gallery
Amanda Whelan (MM #1752316) - On White + Silver - See Amanda's Gallery

Workshop Shoots - Shot at workshops
Amber C. (MM #1638660) - See Amber's Gallery
Jennie Cupcakes (MM #2266581) - See Workshop Shots
Kirk Dupuis, Bodypainter (MM #1658634) - See Gallery
Monica Duarte (not MM) - See Workshop Shots
Carley F. (MM #1710384) - See Carley's Gallery
Nikki Finn (MM #1914943) - See Workshop Shots
Heather H., MUA (MM #1281783) - See Gallery
Bella Jade (MM #2104292) - See Workshop Shots
Ashley Jensen (MM #1521232) - See Workshop Shots
Kae Kateri  (MM #1620144) - See Workshop Shots
Meredith Kimberley (MM #96286) - See Workshop Shots
Rachael Maria (#873008) - See Rachael's Gallery
Colleen Megan (MM #1129375) - See Workshop Shots
Elyse Nicole (MM #1527984) - See Workshop Shots
Dannie O. (MM #877400) - See Workshop Shots
Nicole Patrick (MM #1952102) - See Workshop Shots
Meg Reese (MM #459229) - See Meg's Gallery
Aline da Silva (MM #1362121) - See Workshop Shots
Cassandra S. (MM #1173441) - See Cassandra's Gallery
Sylmac (MM #1500231) - See Workshop Shots

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