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The Butterfly Collection symbolizes the liberated female spirit and reveals the purity in genuine beauty.  The body of this sensual photography is devoted to projecting a positive view of feminine architecture, implementing subtle qualities from the Renaissance, Baroque, Neo-classical, and Romantic art periods, and observing them through the modern lens.  Experience the living heart and soul within the woman from various perspectives. Witness as the dynamic feminine form twists and turns in both interior and exterior spaces.  Be enchanted by the play of light on the delicate human surface in captured moments crafted to inspire.  Imperfect and eccentric, symbolic and vivid, emotional and enlightening.  The Butterfly Collection is a humble photographer's legacy dedicated to the honor and respect of women and to assist in their desires to express individuality, communicate openly, pursue positive endeavors, and seek all that life can offer.

"'The Butterfly Collection' is my gracious effort to show my admiration and respect for women.  For without women to inspire, intervene, nuture, and harness the power to give life, the great arts of this world might not have created, values might not be instilled, love might not be expressed, life would be less desireable, or very simply, we might not exist at all. I am fortunate to have a loving mother and to have the great reward of women friends whom I admire, respect, appreciate, and show my gratitude for.  I promise to maintain the integrity of this publishing venture.  Should 'Butterfly' rise to the potential I feel it can, it is my dream that it will be recognized as the sort of institution that can provide scholarships and grants to women seeking a higher education because knowledge will lead us to world peace. Wish me luck to see this vision through." -CP

Christopher-Paul is a Los Angeles-based photographer specializing in landscape and portrait photography.  Before becoming a photographer, he led an extensive career in graphic design.  His artistic visions, in conjunction with his technical abilities in photograph preparation, make Christopher-Paul an exceptional photographer.  Working entirely in a digital format, Christopher-Paul's masterful photographic and art pieces are leaving their mark on modern photography and art.

Christopher-Paul believes in the power and ability of images to encapsulate and communicate.  As a result, he endeavors to understand the scope of the individuals and backdrops he photographs.  His photography is a realization of his endeavors as it captures and communicates the myriad sentiments, experiences, and settings of the human theatre at particular moments in time.  He invites you to join him in observing and interpreting the world through images.

MODELING DETAILS BELOW                             

((((THE RULES))))
These rules apply to all models and any photography situation.  Please read them so you can be clear on how to proceed with modeling for The Butterfly Collection.

You may have no experience or years of experience. What is important is being proud and confident of the art you are participating in creating. Please, absolutely no agency models or models with management or contracts.

We negotiate and confirm TFCD or terms of pay at the interview based on experience and genre of photography you are modeling for.

We appeal to a market for the natural, healthy look.  We prefer natural models or enhancements that do not look obvious.  Please, no models with heavy tattoo work or facial piercings that cannot be removed.  No large bruises on body or multiple leg bruises.  No acute body or face acne.  No deep scars or extreme amounts of stretch marks.  The more healthy and natural you are in plain appearance the better the chances you will be hired and get repeat work from us and our affiliates.

All models MUST make an appointment for a preliminary interview prior to any photographic work to establish age and proper identification, fill out all necessary forms, and together establish the nature of the work so all parties are in agreement.  Absolutely no photography is done during the preliminary interview.  All photography work will be scheduled on another date after the preliminary interview.

In some cases, I may have a second photographer or assistant on sessions that are not in my studio to help keep things quick and organized.  We work very quickly and in a timely fashion.

All images produced are the property of PCL-Private Collection Limited and/or affiliated publishers.

Any photography session work with The Butterfly Collection and PCL affiliates requires a signed modeling release, a signed Title 18 U.S.C. Section 2257 compliancy form, and state issued picture ID with your name on it.

Please plan ahead for any appointment with us and be on time.  Arrange to make yourself available for at least half the day and be relaxed.  Make sure you are feeling well, free of stress or tiredness, and do not be encumbered with other plans for the day.  Be alert and focused on the subject matter we arrange for you concerning the shoot.

A male escort can bring you to the interview or shoot but they cannot be in attendance.  They must wait elsewhere. For the shoot you are welcome to bring a female assistant for preparation purposes.  We take our presence in the photography and art industry very seriously.  You should be quite comfortable and convinced of our good business ethics after the preliminary interview.

If you can not make your appointment be considerate and make contact at least a few hours in advance by phone to reschedule.  Not keeping your appointments with us could prevent you from working with us in the future.  Please do not let that happen because if we made all the arrangements to photograph you it means we really want to work with you!

(213) 283-2379


Attention Viewers:
All photography and art images displayed on this profile and at the links provided are that of Christopher-Paul and all works are under the ownership and copyright of The Butterfly Collection Nude Photography and Art.  With the exception of Model Mayhem and the broadcast of their web community, any companies or individuals that have stolen, displayed and/or reproduced any images belonging to Christopher-Paul and The Butterfly Collection without permission and written consent will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.


Examples of Amazing Environment Use   13 pics
Examples of Extreme Creativity   16 pics
Examples of Fine Monochrome Photography   21 pics
Examples of Great Angle Shots   11 pics
Examples of High-Quality Fashion and Marketing Photography   8 pics
Examples of Inspiring Works of Art   19 pics
Examples of Premium Indoor Soft and Ambient Light Use   5 pics
Examples of Striking Vivid Color Use   6 pics
Examples of Stunning Outdoor Use of Natural and Soft Light   11 pics
Examples of Superior Digital Art Photography and Graphic Design   13 pics
If You Are Ever In Los Angeles I Will Photograph You   48 pics
Local Talent I Would Like To Photograph   62 pics



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