Member Safety

The safety of our members is very important to us. Our archives contain a number of helpful articles about model safety, checking references, Verified Credits, and how to deal with unprofessional behavior.

In addition to these articles, there are steps that everyone can follow to ensure their safety while using Model Mayhem. Please take a few minutes to read these tips.

Model Mayhem Employees, Moderators, and Gatekeepers

Model Mayhem is owned by MH Sub I, LLC dba Model Mayhem, Inc.

Model Mayhem employees will only contact you using an email address or from our validated social media accounts on Facebook, InstagramVIP Instagram, or . Do not respond to people or emails claiming to be from Model Mayhem that uses any other email address, for example, Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, or any social media accounts that are not our verified, legitimate accounts.

Model Mayhem email addresses include: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected].

We will never contact you to offer you a job and we will never request your MM password.

Moderators will only contact you via Mod Messages on Model Mayhem. Please flag any other messages claiming to be from Model Mayhem staff or Mods.

Gatekeepers only have the ability to approve profiles on Model Mayhem.

Check References

It’s your responsibility to do your own research and remain cautious. In addition to using Verified Credits, we strongly recommend that you also check references before working with someone, especially if they are new to Model Mayhem or it’s the first time you’re working together.

We don’t conduct criminal background checks on our members. Please contact us immediately if you recognize or suspect a member has a criminal record.

Verified Credits

Model Mayhem members have the option of using Verified Credits. This two-way connection shows which members have worked together, how often, and when they last worked together. It’s also possible to leave feedback on the working experience.

We recommend reviewing these connections and comments before working with another member. Using Verified Credits is a great way of building a trusted network on Model Mayhem but no system is foolproof and this should be one part of your research process. It’s still important to check references.

Tell Someone of Your Shoot or Meeting Plans

Tell them who you are meeting or shooting with, where you are going, and when you will return. Include the shoot address, expected time of shoot completion, and the names of all parties on set to a third party not present. Always bring your phone with you.

Reporting Incidents and Members

Please contact [email protected] to report incidents of unprofessional behavior, verbal or physical abuse, or sexual assault. Your report is confidential and handled by MH Sub I, LLC dba Model Mayhem employees and legal team. You may also use this email address to contact the moderation team manager to submit a complaint about a specific moderator.

Getting Help

Help is available to you via the National Sexual Assault Hotline. Call 800.656.HOPE (4673) to be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area. Visit to chat one-on-one with a trained RAINN support specialist, any time 24/7.

Reporting to law enforcement is a personal choice. RAINN’s website states that reporting “may have a positive impact on your recovery” and “can also have a positive impact on the lives of others.”

Keep Your Financial and Personal Information Private

Ignore any request to send money – even if the person claims it’s an emergency – and report it to us immediately. Never give your financial information to other members, such as your social security number, credit card number, or bank information.

Note: Model Mayhem will never email you asking for your username and password. Please contact us immediately if you receive any such communication.


We also have an article on how to keep your Model Mayhem profile secure and avoiding scams. Beware of members that:

  • Send you messages containing links to third-party websites
  • Ask you for money
  • Quickly ask to talk or chat outside of Model Mayhem (especially via Skype)
  • Ask for your Model Mayhem password

Be cautious of new or incomplete profiles. Closely review their bio and portfolio. Check for external links (social media, personal website, etc) that can help identify them.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission published advice on how to avoid online scams.

Flagging Messages

Please report anyone who sends you a private message that violates Model Mayhem site rules. Please report the user by flagging the offending message. Examples of violations may include:

  • Adult industry networking (e.g. asking you to shoot adult content)
  • Sending pornographic images or links to porn, webcam, or escort websites
  • Sexual harassment, bullying, or personal attacks
  • Spam or solicitation, such as attempts to sell products or services
  • Anyone that looks like they could be under the age of 16

Read our article on PM Flagging for more info on how it works and when to use it.

Additional Resources

For more information about personal safety online, check out these resources: