How to Use Verified Credits

What are Verified Credits?

A Verified Credit is a two-way connection where both members verify they worked together on a project (i.e. a “collaboration”). By verifying a professional collaboration, each member builds a stronger network of trust within the Model Mayhem community and the modeling industry in general. Members can add details such as the number of times they have worked together, the date they last worked together, and praise for the other member where they describe in their own words what it was like to work together.

Who can create a Verified Credit?

Currently, only members of Model Mayhem can add verified credits with other members. This allows the credit to be a two-way connection between members. Members who wish to list credits with professionals outside of Model Mayhem may do so in the Credit Notes section of their profile.

How are Verified Credits different from my existing credits?

The original “Credits” section of the profile has been renamed “Credit Notes”; these are different from Verified Credits because the collaborator has NOT approved the work of the member. Verified Credits display a trusted network of members who have confirmed they have worked together.

How do I add a Verified Credit?

From the new view of MyStuff, select “Credits” from the left side navigation menu. It will expand to show a menu option for “Add Credits.” In the appropriate text box simply type either the member’s username or MM number into the search box to find the correct member. Then add additional details and submit the request. This credit will be “unverified” until the other user verifies the credit in their “credit notifications,” similar to how a Facebook friend request needs to be accepted by the other person.

Click here to add Verified Credits to your profile!

Can I add Verified Credits for photos I have credited in my portfolio?

Yes, go to “Add Credits” within the new view of MyStuff and select “Request.” Click the link “Request Verified Credits,” which will prompt the system to scan your portfolio for active members with credits and generate a request invitation that is ready to be submitted to the matching member(s). You can also request to modify the details and request individual credits from members you have already worked with.

How do I know that a Verified Credit has been approved?

When you add or request a Verified Credit, a credit notification is sent to the other member (ie. the “collaborator”) that allows them to accept/verify or ignore the request. Once the collaborator verifies the credit request, the credit will appear in your My Credits and you will receive a notification. You will not be notified if your request is ignored.

Click here to accept your Pending Requests.

Can I manage which credits appear on my profile?

Yes, your profile will display 5 credits which can be managed via the My Credits section. By default, the first 5 credits that are verified will be added to your Top 5 Credits automatically. If you have more than 5 verified credits you can select in the My Credits view to add that credit to your top 5, which will then make it appear on your profile. Whether you have 5 or 500 credits you can control the order in which the credits on your profile are displayed by again selecting “manage top 5” in your My Credits view.

How do I manage my Credited Photos?

Credited photos will remain in your “Photos” under the Account section. You navigate there by selecting “Edit Credited Photos” at the top of your manage photos view.

How do I delete a Verified Credit?

  1. Go to Credits, then click My Credits.
  2. Find the credit you want to remove, and click the checkbox on the right.
  3. At the top of the page, a trashcan icon will have appeared. Clicking this will remove the credit for you!

Click here to add Verified Credits to your profile!

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