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Bendy Taylor talks about her career as a contortionist, model, and circus artist

This week’s highlights: Amy Taylor’s FHM Australia Cover, Modelz View Magazine cover for Josh Triggs, New cover for Red Sky Photography, Brittney Lorraine in Hunnie Magazine, and Model Q&A: Melancholic

Here are three creative techniques for Polaroid pictures and cameras

Melancholic talks about the power of art nude modeling, why she loves using her body as a tool for creative expression, and the symbolic significance of nudity

This week’s highlights: Gary Miller’s Crush Magazine cover, Christian Saint shoots Tattoo Energy Magazine cover, Elena Hill in Modelz View Magazine, JC Mounduix’ on Big Brother, Model Q&A: Olinka Lickova, and Model of the Month: Jessica Lake

Jessica Lake is a 25-year-old model based in Portland, OR. She’s a Model Mayhem VIP member with 13 Verified Credits

Olinka Lickova explains how her all-or-nothing mentality keeps her dedicated to modeling and how that fuels her success

This week’s highlights: New Goddess Magazine cover for BPS Imagery, Olivia Preston’s Boudoir Inspiration Magazine cover, Elena Hill in Prototype Magazine, Constance Nunes stars in Car Masters: Rust to Riches, and Model Q&A: ThatIvyGirl

ThatIvyGirl talks about how she became a model, what she looks for in a photographer, and shares advice for new models

This week’s highlights: James Patrick’s Modern Fitness Magazine cover, Kristy Ann in Playboy Africa, Gary Bond’s Vanquish Magazine cover, Elena Hill in B.A.D.D. Magazine, and Wet-Plate Collodion Process with AJ Barnes