You can successfully use color gels by understanding a few key points

Jason Stokes is a photographer and cinematographer based in Oakland, CA, and his style is influenced by his favorite cinematographers

Add these three looks to your modeling portfolio to get more work

Jan Persson is a Swedish photographer that shoots stunning black and white portraiture and fine art nudes.

Niel Galen was heavily influenced by the arts while growing up and started in photography at a young age, but it wasn’t until more recently that he began working with models

Jonathan Friedman is a self-taught photographer from Highland Park, IL, with 30+ years of experience behind the camera

Pierpaolo Morra is a Bay Area portrait photographer that loves the analog process, from shooting to development and printing

Mike Willingham is an art photographer that more recently turned his attention to wet-plate photography

Bravo Mike is a self-taught photographer based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Chercheur de Lumière’s photography is influenced by classical portraiture (the Dutch Masters), and more experimental thinking present in the Los Angeles art scene of the 1970s