James Patrick’s work in STRONG Fitness Magazine, Babe Watch Magazine cover for Glam Brand Photography, Erika Baldwin’s Vitality Magazine cover, and Elyse Ferrari’s GEZNO Magazine cover

KMphoto’s work in STYLÉCRUZE Magazine, Samantha Mathias’ MODELZ VIEW Magazine cover, Danny Steyn shoots CRUSH Magazine cover, Kylie Kohl lands SOFT Magazine cover, and Model of the Month: JoyLamore

Atlana Groys lands GMARO Magazine cover, Danny Steyn’s Vanquish Magazine cover, Mike Prado shoots MODELSMANIA Magazine cover, and Super Dimension Foto’s work in NUVU Magazine.

Bri Clark Larson’s Vanquish Magazine cover, Bella Burke’s Huzzah Magazine cover, KMphoto’s work in Smith and Gale Magazine, Glam Brand shoots for 86BLVD Magazine, Model Q&A: AlyssaVibes, and Model of the Month: Mimi Desuka

Mike Prado’s Kandy Magazine cover, Liz Ashley’s SOFT Magazine cover, Kate M’s FHM Sweden cover, PinkpashionHD in Vertiqle Magazine, and Model Q&A: AbiBlue

Bri Clark Larson’s Crush Magazine cover, Bella Burke’s Goddess Magazine cover, KMphoto lands cover of The Fox Magazine, PinkpashionHD’s Vanity Wall Cover

Bri Clark Larson’s Vanquish Magazine cover, PinkpashionHD in Malvie Magazine, Samantha Mathias’ Crush Magazine cover, KMphoto’s work in Skye Magazine, and Model Q&A: bellatrixortreat

Modelz View Magazine cover for Stephanie Manescu, Claire Moretti in Kandy Magazine, Valvicphoto shoot FUSE Magazine cover, KMphoto’s work in Ellements Magazine, and Model Q&A: Cat Ross

KMphoto’s work in BEYONDall magazine, Shaylene Pase in FUSE Magazine, Blessing Carnes lands BabeWatch Magazine cover, Kate M’s new cover, Model Q&A: Stephanie Lauren, and Model of the Month: Alyssa Jade

Model Mayhem’s November 2020 model of the month is Alyssa Jade