PM Flagging: A how-to guide

We have a cool  feature for your inbox called PM Flagging!

Help us help you: We would like to rid your inbox of spam, scams, adult content like porn and other PMs that don’t abide by our site rules. Now with PM Flagging, you can help us identify senders of such messages and alert us to their presence. By flagging a PM, you’ll be  submitting a report about the  PM sent by that member. After too many reports, their future PMs to you will be automatically sent to your spam folder.

Here’s how PM Flagging works in the New View

  1. On top of each message, there is a series buttons that let you take action with your message.
  2. Clicking the Flag icon on top the message or the “Flag Message” link at the bottom of the message to start the reporting and blocking process.
  3. The next step is to select the reason why you are flagging the message. There are several options to choose from.
  4. Once you have selected your flag reasoning, the last step is to share the PM with the moderators so they can properly review the message. Please note that the moderators must have the message to take action if necessary. You can also block the user at this time.
  5. Once you’ve clicked “send” to flag a message, the message goes into your Spam folder. All flagged messages, regardless of reason for flagging, go to Spam. Once messages are in Spam, you can delete them with the “Trash Selected” button or move them out of Spam to your Inbox or other mail folders.


If for some reason you do not see a Flag icon above your message, simply go to the profile of the person whose message you want to flag, then click Message History. This will take you to all the messages you have with that person, where you should then be able to flag the messages you want from them.

That’s it! It’s a pretty simple feature. Using it will help us catch the bad guys and stop them from abusing Model Mayhem by messaging people.

If you have questions about PM Flagging, feel free to ask the mods in CAM. Thanks!

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