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I have considerable fashion photography experience, including a wide range of runway coverage, such as LA, Orange County and Las Vegas Fashion Weeks. I've shot countless fashion shows, as many as 10 or 12 on a busy day. I've also shot a wide variety of fashion installations, events, and facilities.

I've done quite a bit of studio work, but I prefer working on location.

More recently, I've been putting a lot of time and effort in on special projects and building up my stock image library.

The pictures here on the MM are a good representation of my work, but if you're interested in seeing a broader selection of what I do, take a look at the opening slide show after clicking on the "Ron Eggers Photography" link above. It provides a good overview of my the type of work I get involved in.




I'm interested in working on special projects for creative clients that are looking to expand their product line, increase their marketing program and gear up their sales efforts.

I don't do trade offs with commercial clients simply for credit, promotional value or the potential for future work, but I will get involved in collaborative projects with commercial concerns that provide significant logistical support, such as travel and transportation, locations, background art, lodging, food services, multiple agency signed models, unusual wardrobes and accessory items, or support team members, for projects that I might be doing.


Even though I've cut back, I still interested in getting my some of my work out through print publications and online outlets. I don't do editorial trade offs, but I'm generally able to work within the reasonable page rates of magazines and web sites. (I will do editorial trade offs as a courtesy to models that I've worked with who have the opportunity to get published.)


I have an extensive stock library of select subjects that's available for licensing, with rates based on usage requirements. I'm always interested in adding to my stock library and will provide special rates for commercial clients that might have projects available that can be added as stock images.



I've been doing this for a very long time. I got my first staff position on a daily newspaper while still in high school in the mid 1960's. (Yes, I'm that old.) I spent most of my career handling photography and writing assignments, mainly for editorial outlets, but also some commercial and corporate clients.

Over the years, besides fashion, other specialties have included travel and transportation, sports and recreation, large format architectural photography and news/feature coverage.

I've been featured in numerous regional, national and international consumer magazines, specialty publications and major metropolitan newspapers. My articles and photo-features have been carried by some of the top photo magazines in the country.

I've shot in more than 40 countries in North and Central America, Europe and Asia. Earlier in my career, I taught various photography and modeling classes and seminars, written several book about photography, and had a couple gallery exhibits of my work.


WORKING WITH MODELS: (A RELEASE with PHOTO ID is required for all shoots.)

If we're going to be working together, please read the information below. It answers many of the questions that come up all the time. If you agree to a shoot, I'll assume that you have read it and understand what's involved.

Please be sure that your height/weight stats here on MM are up-to-date, and that at least some of your profile pictures are recent.

Trade Shoots

I'm fortunate to be able to work with very beautiful, very talented, very bright models.

I'm not doing a lot of TFP shoots currently, but I am interested in testing with models who might be interested in participating in one of my ongoing projects.  That generally involves a little more planning and multiple shoots, if the initial test shoot goes well.

I want to work with models that are enthusiastic about collaborating. For project shoots, I'm looking for models with strong agency, editorial, commercial or artistic potential that have a desire to succeed and the work ethic to follow through. I've taught modeling and have done a considerable amount of model coaching, so a positive attitude and dependability are more important experience.

I'm generally pretty good at coming up with the models I need for my projects on a trade basis. There are times, however, when I hire models, such as when a client is picking up the tab, when I'm in a geographic area where no trade models are available, or when there isn't sufficient time to set up a trade shoot.

I'm not trying to discourage any models from shooting. I'm just trying to keep the number of cancelled shoots, which is all too common here on MM, to a minimum.

So Don't Set Up a Shoot If...

- working together isn't a real priority. If working together isn't a priority, it doesn't make a lot of sense to set up a shoot. Inevitably, something that is a priority will come up that will derail the shoot.

- you're main emphasis is on acting but you also model. Nothing against actresses, it's just that I've had too many shoots cancelled or cut short because of casting calls, call-backs and last minute rehearsals.

- you have another shoot booked the same day, either before or after. Models always arrive late, usually very late, if they've had a shoot before hand, and they tend to lose focus as they start thinking about the next shoot, if they have another one planned afterwards.

- you plan on partying the night before. I've had a number of shoots cancelled because the model was out late the evening before and "didn't feel good", (in other words, had a hangover).

- you've been a no-show or cancelled more than three shoots for any reasons in the last six months.

Meetings Before a Shoot

If we wind up working together, I think getting together before hand can be beneficial. Models have told me they can generally tell within five minutes of meeting how a shoot will go. I've found that to be the case. too. And meeting before hand significantly reduces no shows, last minute cancellations and requests to reschedule shoots.

So, whenever practical, meeting briefly before a shoot works well. If a meeting isn't practical because of geographic or time constraints, a phone conversation working out details will work.

I generally keep texting and e-mail messages to a minimum, preferring to keep any messaging here on Model Mayhem. That makes it easier for me to keep track of what I have going. The meeting or phone conversation before hand should significantly reduce the endless messaging that's frequently the norm before a shoot. But I'm not opposed to text messaging, and generally confirm with a text message the day of the shoot.

Bring a Friend (If You Want)

Go ahead and bring a friend, a female friend works best, maybe someone to help with wardrobe changes, or hair and make up if there's no MUA or stylist involved. (For models under the age of 18, it has to be a parent.)

If you're planning on bringing a husband, boyfriend or other male friend then it's a good idea to meet before hand. I've had too many shoots go south because of impatient and/or controlling boyfriends and husbands, or tag-along male friends who continually disrupt the process with their comments, opinions and suggestions, or try to score with other models on shoots where more than one model is involved.

Also, no entourages or group of friends that aren't involved in the shoot, ever. No matter how often they say they're going to be off doing their own thing, half way through the shoot, they'll be sitting around, making comments and distracting the model.


I never reschedule shoots with models that are no-shows, and generally not with last minute cancellations, unless its a real emergency. (For example, I don't consider a hangover an emergency.)



I'm interested in working with makeup artists, stylists and designers who want to participating on collaborative trade shoots for special projects and stock shoots. I'm always looking for creative input, particularly from individuals or organizations that have at least some of the resources available to carry their creative concepts out.



Living a mile or two from the shore, I do a lot of beach shoots. I shoot a lot of swimwear, but also casual fashion, lifestyles and recreational activities. I know of some very dramatic beach locations that make great backdrops. Beach shoots work real well as introductory shoots, so many of the first shoots I do with models are at the beach. They're fun to do, relatively easy to prep for, and, when everything comes together just right, the results can be great.

But I'm surprised how many models will show up to a beach test shoot with one mismatched bikini or ill-fitting swim suite. When doing a beach shoot, besides anything else we might be shooting, bring three or four stylish/colorful bathing suites/bikinis, including a neutral color one to wear underneath other outfits, as well as a large beach towel, a touch-up make-up kit and hair brush (if no MUA and stylist are involved) and sandals (to walk on sometime sharp rocks). All basic stuff, but so frequently forgotten.



For trade shoots, I usually provide a CD with 25 to 30 images on it, including at least six optimized images per hour of shooting, within two weeks. I never provide all images taken, and I don't provide images on paid shoots, unless arrangements have been made before hand.

Provided images may not be edited, cropped, manipulated, composited or modified in any way by the model or a third party. That would constitute a violation of the copyright. But I am open to input from models who might want a specific photo optimized or cropped differently.



If you want to work together or like my work, just send me a message, tag or picture comment before the Friends Request. I'll do the same.

I generally ignore FR without a tag or comment. They're generally just attempts to add numbers, and I have no interest in extending or accepting Friends Requests, simply to beef up the numbers of supposed Friends.




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