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I've spent most of my career handling a wide variety of editorial assignments, some involving models, some not. I got my first job on a daily newspaper more than 50 years ago, while still in high school. Since then I've working with various newspapers, major magazines and corporate publications.

I've also worked with a variety of commercial and corporate clients, including manufacturers, distributors and retail outlets.

On the fashion side, I've got extensive experience shooting runway, covering events like LA, Orange County and Las Vegas Fashion Weeks. I've also done a considerable amount of studio work, but I prefer shooting on location.

From the mid 1980's through the mid 2000's, I was handling between 100 and 120 writing and photography assignments a year, working with national consumer, trade and specialty publications, major photo magazines and daily newspapers.

I've shot in more than 40 countries in North and Central America, Europe and Asia. While doing news and feature coverage, I've had the opportunity to document such interesting events and locations as the Fall of the Berlin Wall and German Unification; Hurricane Katrina; the Elephant Training Camps of Northern Thailand; the North Korean Border and the DMZ, and Havana, Cuba.

I have a strong interest in art, architecture and archeology. I've shot at such archeological sites as Cambodia's Ankor Wat, Mexico's Tulum and Pyramids of the Sun; and Italy's  Roman ruins and Pompeii; among many others.

Earlier in my career, I've taught photography and modeling, written several book about photography and had a couple gallery exhibits of my work.

I still handle some editorial assignments and do some commercial work. I'm always interested in finding new revenue generating shooting opportunities, but I'm in the fortunate position to be able to work on what I want to, when I want to. So, at this point, I'm concentrating quite a bit on personal projects and building up my stock image library.



I'm fortunate to be able to work with very beautiful, very talented and very bright models.

I'm always looking for models with strong agency, commercial, editorial or artistic potential that have a strong desire to succeed and the work ethic to follow through. Over the years I've worked with lots of agency models and quite a few aspiring models who have gone on to become very successful.

I work with models from preteens to young adults. With younger models I go for cute and colorful lifestyle, casual fashion and activity shoots. With older models I go for anything from commercial, to soft and sensual, to edgy and dramatic.

I've done a lot of model coaching, so dependability and dedication are more important than experience.



I'm generally pretty good at coming up with the models I need on a trade basis for the projects that I'm I working on. I do hire models when a client is picking up the tab. (I'll never ask a model, MUA or stylist to do a trade shoot on an assignment that I'm getting paid for.)

However, unless a specific paid shoot is offered in the initial message, any considerations to shoot would be on a trade basis. Along the same lines, unless a model specifically mentions that she's only interested in paid shoots in the first message, I'll assume there's an interest in a trade shoot.

(I've had quite a few models contact me, saying how much they like my work and want to work with me, only to tell me in the third or fourth message that they only do paid shoots... but because they do like my work, they'll drop their high hourly rates in half... gee thanks.)

I'm doing very few basic test shoots, and generally only with models who might be interested in getting involved in one of my personal projects or stock shoots.

But I am open to collaborative input from models, MUA and stylists, so, if you have a unique concept, location, style or approach that you might want to try, I'd like to hear it.



There are various projects that I'm working on, including a Beach/California Lifestyles series; an Underwater Series (I'm always looking for access to private heated pools); an Iconic LA series; a On the Road/Highways and Byways series; and a Junior Recreational Activities series.



I really enjoy shooting motivated, dedicated models, who are interested in working on collaborative projects that have strong commercial or artistic value.

But, if working together isn't a real priority, it's not worth even setting up a shoot. The potential for the shoot falling through is just too high.

Also, I'm not interested in scheduling shoots with models that have another shoot booked the same day, either before or after.



I never reschedule shoots with models that are no-shows, and last minute cancellations totally waste my time. If you've cancelled more than three shoots for any reasons in the last six months, it's probably not a good idea to set up something.


WORKING TOGETHER                  (RELEASES with PHOTO IDs are required for all shoots.)

If we wind up working together, go ahead and bring a friend, a female friend works best, maybe someone to help with wardrobe changes, or hair and make up if there's no MUA or stylist involved. Assistants are fine, but no so-called "escorts" or "drivers", and boyfriends or husbands only if arrangements have been made ahead of time.

(I've had no real problems with male escorts, but I have had some jealous boyfriends and husbands try to control shoots, and impatient partners try to cut them short, so I prefer not to mess with them.)

Groups of friends are NEVER welcome, to the point that I probably won't shoot if you bring a group of friends along. No matter how often then say they're going to be off doing their own thing, half way through the shoot they're sitting somewhere on the side making comments and trying to rush the model to finish up, because they want to get going to wherever they are heading afterwards.



On shoots where you're responsible for bringing wardrobe, don't just grab a bunch of stuff out of your closet, put it into a suite case, and tell me to pick out what I want to shoot. (I have no idea how any of it looks on you.)

Preselect and arrange five or six coordinated outfits prior to the shoot that match the theme of the shoot and best reflect the style you're going after. Be sure to include things like shoes (or boots), accessories, jewelry and interesting props.

If we're shooting casual fashion, make sure to bring bright, colorful outfits, possibly including ripped jeans, tights and leggings; graphic t's and tank tops; and bulky sweaters and hoodies. (Black or red under garments do not work, unless it's a lingerie shoot. They bleed through light material.)



Many of the first shoots I do with models just getting into the field are beach and pool shoots. They're relatively easy, they're fun to do, and they almost always result in portfolio quality images.

But I'm surprised how many show up with one mismatched or ill-fitting bikini. If we're going to do a beach shoot, bring things like cute cut-offs or short shorts, maybe a long flowing dress or something sheer to wrap around you. But only bring things that you don't mind getting wet, and only bring inexpensive costume jewelry (the potential for something getting lost at the beach is very high).

Also, bring at least three to five stylish bathing suites/bikinis, including a small, unobtrusive, white or beige bikini (or light lacey lingerie) that can be worn underneath other outfits, if you don't want just your bare body to show through material that becomes translucent when it gets wet.

Always bring a touch-up makeup kit, a brush, a large bath towel and sandals. (All very basic stuff, but forgotten surprisingly frequently.)



For trade shoots, I usually provide a CD with 25 to 30 images on it, including at least six optimized images per hour of shooting, within two weeks. I usually try to provide more optimized images than promised, but I never provide all images taken, and I don't provide images on paid shoots, unless arrangements have been made before hand.

Provides images may not be edited, cropped, manipulated, composited or modified in any way by the model or a third party. That would constitute a violation of the copyright.



If you want to work together or like my work, just send me a message, tag or picture comment before the Friends Request. I'll do the same. (I have no interest in extending and accepting Friends Requests, simply to beef up the numbers.




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