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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US
Silversark Clothing and Accessories Etsy Shop

Mayhem #1299088
Clothing Designer

MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/silversark

About me
Milwaukee, WI
Madison, WI
Chicago, IL
Raleigh, NC
Cleveland, OH
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
MPLS-St. Paul, MN
Seattle, WA
Eugene, OR
Anywhere in the Netherlands

If you'd like to keep a closer eye on my progress and upcoming, you can find me at facebook.com/Silversark.Clothier

I NO LONGER will be attending group photoshoot events or workshop events for portfolio building. If you want me at an event or want to use my garments, my rates are listed below.

My Current Schedule/list of Appearances:

-April 24-27: Convergence, Chicago IL (Fashion Show, Vendor) altgothic.com/c20chi/

-May 30-June 1: Cog County Faire, Montello WI (Vendor) http://www.cogcountyfaire.com/

-July 26: Lockport Summer Art Series, Chicago IL (Vendor) http://summerartseries.com/gala/

-October 5: Fashion 360, West Bend WI (Fashion Display, Vendor) http://infinityproductions-wi.com/fashion360/

-November 5-6: Teslacon V (Fashion Show, Vendor) http://www.teslacon.com
Rental Rates
Rentals are for photoshoots ONLY. I do not rent out for parties, soirees, galas, shindigs, hootenannies or hoedowns.

Rates for models:
If you are a model who wants to rent a look from me, you can expect a complete look - a dress/jacket/skirt/blouse, etc., including a petticoat and accessories.
$50/look for a 3-day rental (pick-up the day before the shoot, drop-off the day after the shoot)

Rates for photographers:
If you want to use my work for a shoot, and do not have a model or an MUAH team, I can provide all of these.
$200/look includes everything in the aforementioned model package

Rates for events:
If you want my work to be shown at an event, I can provide models, wardrobe, and full hair and makeup.

No trades. No loans.

Unless you are a photographer on my Wish List, you will have to pay these rates. Wondering if you're on my Wish List? Just ask!

W h a t ' s I n A N a m e ?
I am inspired by folklore, by the tales that evoke superstition and woe. The name of my brand comes from the story of a Werewolf and a Princess, the Swedish folk band Garmarna's song "Varulven." The Princess gets lost in the woods and happens upon a wolf-man set to prey upon her. She pleads with the creature, "Oh dear wolf, please don't bite me, I will give you my Silver Gown (Silversark)" She offers her silver shoes and even her golden crown, but even that won't sate the beast. All it wants is her blood.

I find this song to be a perfect blend of what it is I try to create. I am fascinated by the macabre, but also by the pageantry and elegance of historical costume, namely Elizabethan through Victorian times. I strive to make beautiful as well as atypical clothing.

A s A D e s i g n e r
I'm a seamstress wanting to get a more professional portfolio together. I have been sewing for ten years, and started up Silversärk in 2005 to provide high-quality Lolita (and other style) garments at economical prices. I sell things at my Etsy store that I made on a whim (my website is currently down but I am working on it), and I also gladly work on commission. I feel everyone should wear clothing as unique as they are, and take pride in my one-of-a-kind pieces.

I have collaborated with many Model Mayhem models and photographers. If you want to model my items but are not near my location, I do offer a rental system and am willing to send items if you coordinate the photoshoot. I can send you 1-3 items depending on the concept, and request that all items be returned within three weeks unless otherwise noted. I also ask that before I send any items, I am informed as to the photographer doing the shoot (if you are a model), or the model(s) doing the shoot (if you are a photographer/mua/whatever).

A s A P h o t o g r a p h e r
I'm kind of a jack of all trades: I love doing photography, I can do makeup/styling, as well as modeling.

Most of my photoshoots will be limited to personal projects and editorial ideas. I prefer for any model wanting to shoot with me to have a friend or escort along. I am not picky with a model's size or ethnicity. I'd prefer to shoot models ages 15-30 from sizes 0-14 but I am willing to make exceptions.

I am NOT currently able to compensate any models or photographers financially nor with wardrobe; I'm more looking to create mutually beneficial relationships with models and photographers.

A s A M o d e l
Since my move to Milwaukee and with the growth of my business, my own modeling will be very limited, mostly for personal projects or my own fashion shows. I am open to hearing your ideas, though!

My Etsy store:

You can also check out my deviantart for more photos of my garments: http://spookydarling.deviantart.com/

I'm only going to be updating my "Runway" and "Publications" lists. The amount of models and photographers I've worked with is insane and grows faster than I care to update my MM page. By now you can probably guess that I'm good to work with and am doing something right if I've worked with this many people and have as much experience as I do.

* denotes having worked with someone multiple times

Ashley McGowan - MM#1833400*
Phoua Vang - MM#77686
Selina Xiong - MM#1007722
Kj Lynn - MM#599565*
Katie Fortney - MM#1455860*
Sarina Benford ew- MM#1459605
Melissa Z. - MM#1106530
Claire Anne - MM#847387
Jill Mesch - MM#1102404
Necromantis - MM#135499
Xiong Thao - MM#743493
Ms. Eerie - MM#1038281
FROZE - MM#891187
Nori Zay - MM#716145*
Jenna T. - MM#641750
Faith Enfire - MM#860897*
Ophelia Darkly - MM#769805*
Mister Superstar - MM #1053946
Lucillian - MM# 1094448
Felicia Pope - MM# 1366085*
Deanna Deadly - MM# 377063
Christina CK (agency represented)
Ruthie B - MM# 355499
Seth Nayes - MM# 745693*
Dani Wintermute - MM# 1261761
Candace Shogun - MM#1934729
Raphael Spencer
Little Alice - MM#769749*
Twig Noir - MM#1874736*
Whitney Atkins
Ebiney Henning -MM#1744934*
Julie Knoble - MM#2248823
Julie Holmes - MM#165209
Jeanette Helferich
Laura HW - MM#2756931
Hopington PhD - MM#1697478
Tabitha Krug
Melissa Hauk
Tiffany Roum
Anne Kovales
GoodnightGreta - MM#2524258*
Clementine B - MM#2556136*
Mara Arvoitus - MM#2535901*
Kat McAleer*
Raina Thelen*
Jonathan Krocker
Rex McNeil*
Katya Carter*
Michelle Lynn*
Danielle Brooks - MM#2414665
Amanda Tea - MM#747709*
Noelle Victoria - MM#1891158
Bianca White - MM#1688868
Shannon Blue - MM#330309*
Madeline Hunter*
Lindsay Bryant
Emily Rackers
Katy Pape
Kaitlin Carlson*
Doll Vicious - MM#781815
Ellie Lane - MM#1746330
Penny Dreadful - MM#652893
Nina Newton** - MM#‎2619071
Kari Van Der Voort
Malou Wustefeld
Dana Joy Jacobsen (agency represented)*
Miss Lyz
Krysta Marie Moy*
Annette Wahnschaffe*
Natalie Deura - MM#2785566*
Lula Mae - MM#2785073
Alisha Reichert
Jane Love - MM#2430326*
Victoria Barrett - MM#2380993*
Ashley Gable - MM#2840283
Paige Harrington - MM##2780160
Cassi Solberg - MM#2707023
Dren Demisang - MM#1911930
Jenny May - MM#1682815
Olena Chechina
Samantha Verheyen
Rissa Alexandria
Taylor Klaustermeier*
TaQuayla Rucker - MM#2975255*
Vanessa Winfrey - MM#2689966*
Lydia Berg
Julie Krieman
Heather Stern*
Candle Pridemore
Courtney Trewyn - MM#2350868*
Estelle Fox - MM#1064565*
Fanny Muller*
Alisa Chojnacki - MM#2294967
Zari Janelle
Ebony Ezemba
Kayley Schabel
Ericca Simonne
Tara Rose - MM#2879189
Lauren K. - MM#2788620
Theresa - MM#2467793
Ariel Spencer - MM#1522454
Himani Kumar*
Shotglass Sally - MM#2374305
Stefanie Pucci - MM#2438995
Alicia Brunk
Lacey Lewis
Ada Ezemba - MM##2022170
Ifeoma Nzegwu - MM#2844092
Emily Schmidt
Ericameta - MM#1200595

Laura Dark Photography- MM#2333
Coma Pill Photography- MM#473876
Kathy Berger Photography- MM#1240372*
Lone Wolf Studios - MM#1110823*
Colin Ross- MM#1427209
Peter F. Castro- MM#843058
Black Aperture Effects- MM#1314674
Jenna Salazar
Troy David Photography- MM#1903639*
Aeon Phoenix- MM#844586
HarryL- MM#1064201
Graffiti Photography - MM#1374964*
Neu Al Images - MM#2119906
Brett Stoddart - MM#1048779*
David Lang - MM#1329195*
Dan Frievalt - MM#754536
Tim Pahs*
Michael Rosen - MM#1941
Milwaukee Alt/SuZy Photography - MM#1138870*
Judith Dineen
Mike Buikus - MM#1148349
James Bunker -MM#159582*
Michael Lee LaPointe -MM#1996*
Louie Himes -MM#2476418
Ernie Hall
Andy Lund*
Laura Lund*
John Keiser -MM#2235797*
RBM Photo - MM#2024389
JP's Digital Imaging - MM#874311
Blind7 Photography - MM#371430
Ryan L Photo - MM#64943
Red Generation - MM#1005665
RedRum Collaboration - MM#226008
Andrew Iverson Media - MM#1547966
Sas Terpstra - MM#2034701
Creative Image - MM#54682
Connie Westphal
Sammy Wong - MM#2777297
Scott Detweiler
Jason Kauth
Jason Mielke - MM#2092082
Chris Pruitt
Elizabeth Susan Carter
Darin Dubinsky - MM#2365213
Christina Bauer
Brian Huth - MM#2190652
When Light Falls Photos - MM#684007
Che Correa*

Mantis Arts- MM#1488153
Sammie H. (New Year's Day Fashion Show 2010, Madison WI) - MM#1528659
Lexi MUA- MM#748361*
Amber IB - MM# 1224764*
Kat Beringer - MM# 1179357
Fabrizio Capelli Salon - (2011 Meet & Greet Fashion Show)
Colour Law - MM#1995796*
The Vanity - MM#1339877
Chantel Turk
Amanda Mish*
Wonderland Tart - MM#2014259*
Marta Roque - MM#2313645
Nola Kahn - MM#2378872
Veronica Smash - MM#1011588
Alex Jankowski - MM#893718
Mychelle Evelyn - MM#2429545
Nikki Tao
Brandon Campbell - MM#2510560
Fly High EDGY
Estelle Fox
Facescape Artistry - MM#859588
Lisa Stawicki
Gigi Leach
Nicole Garratt - MM#2321222*
Christina Gifford
Maegan Rebecca
Aimee Baker
Slade Guillory
Adam White
Amanda Susan Artistry
Alison Bickler
Amra B. - MM#2886380
Joanna B. - MM#2482333
Alicia O'Donnell

+Shades of Blue Tattoo Convention, VPX Clothing - runway model from 2008-2010 -La Crosse, WI
+New Year's Day Fashion Show 2010 - Madison, WI
+Khaotic Kouture Fashion Show 2009 and 2010 - Rosemont, IL
+Downtown Mainstreet Initiative September 2010 Fashion Show - photographer - La Crosse, WI
+Model Mayhem Meet & Greet Fashion Show, Feb 18 2011 - Milwaukee, WI
+Anime Milwaukee 2011 EGL Fashion Show - clothing designer/model -Milwaukee, WI
+RUDE.nation Summer Fashion Show, July 17, 2011 - Madison, WI
+Fall Into Wonderland A.N.G.E.L., Inc Charity Fashion Show, September 3 2011 - clothing designer/event coordinator - Milwaukee, WI
+ARTMilwaukee's NEWaukee NYE Fashion Event, Jan 01 2012- clothing designer
+Warehouse Fundraising Fashion Show, March 31 2012 - clothing designer/event coordinator/model - La Crosse, WI
+A Fashion Fairy Tale A.N.G.E.L., Inct Charity Fashion Show, September 9, 2012 - clothing designer/event coordinator/model - Milwaukee, WI
+Teslacon III Fashion Show, December 1 2012 - Madison, WI
+Sirens In Space: Victoriana Futuristico @ MOCT, December 15, 2012 - fashion designer/event coordinator/model - Milwaukee, WI
+Anime Milwaukee 2013 Lolita Fashion Show - Milwaukee, WI
+STRUT: Madison Fashion Series, Catwalk Cocktails and Couture 2013 - Madison, WI
+Copper Couture, Steampunk Fashion Show 2013 - Chicago, IL
+B Beautiful Salon Trunk Show 2013 - Chicago IL
+Turner Hall Creatures & Creators Show, October 25, 2013 - Milwaukee, WI
+Teslacon IV Fashion Show, November 1, 2013 - Madison, WI
+Darke Carnival VI Fashion Show, November 16, 2013 - Madison, WI
+"Sanctuary," my independent S/S '14 collection, March 21 2014 - Milwaukee, WI
+Convergence XX, April 26 - Chicago, IL

+Dark Beauty - Volume 11, Summer 2012 - 8 page spread [Laura Dark] http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/393330
+Gorgeous Freaks - Issue 8, Summer 2012 - 1 image [Milwaukee Alt] http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/407196
+Dark Parlour - Issue 5, Fall 2012 - 1 image (Kathy Berger Photography) http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/439658
+Cloud Orchid - Issue 1, Winter 2013 - Cover & photo spread http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/493095
+Cloud Orchid Extended Issue, Volume 1 Winter 2013 - Supplementary Featurette http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/493121
+Cloud Orchid - Issue 2, Special Steampunk Issue - Fasion Show Coverage http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/508728
+Cloud Orchid - Extended Content, Special Steampunk Issue - "Steampunk Vision" editorial, Ryan Liu spread http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/508737
+Cloud Orchid - Issue 3, Spring 2013 - 3-Page Photo Spread, B Beautiful Spread http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/533869?__r=314133&s=w
+Cloud Orchid Mini-Mag - Sirens in Space Fashion Show Coverage http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/516415
+Cloud Orchid Mini-Mag - B Beautiful Salon Trunk Show Coverage http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/537836
+Cloud Orchid Mini-Mag - STRUT Madison Fashion Show Coverage http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/526048
+Deadly Dessert - August 2013 [FJR Editorial, Pages 48-51]
+Propulsion - Issue 2 [ad on page 3; images on page 7]
+Cloud Orchid - Issue 04 July 2013 [3 separate featurettes]
+Fashion Faces - August 2013 Issue ["Trigger Finger" editorial pages 81-87]
+FashionableMags.com - Fall 2013 Issue ["The Guest" Editorial] http://issuu.com/fashionablemags/docs/final_fmfall2013_mannerisms
+Giuseppina Magazine - Issue 15 [John Ng & Ophelia Darkly Editorial]
+The Dark Parlour - Issue 11, Fall 2013 [Darin Dubinsky Editorial]
+Freque Magazine - Issue 3, Fall 2013 [Reginae Obscurae Editorial]
+Ladies of Steampunk - Issue 7, November 2013 [Editorial & Interview Page 11]
+Gothesque - Issue 6, November 2013 ["Nevermore" Editorial]
+SHOT! - Issue 3 [Captured Dreams, Page 63]
+Imperial Magazine - November 2013 ["Sehnsucht" Page 84]
+L'art D'Obscurite' - Art Book Series - Issue 01 [Miss Spooky Editorial]
+Imperial Magazine - December 2013/January 2014 - Issue 02 "Cold As Ice" [Editorial and Interview Page 22]
+Cloud Orchid Winter Issue 06 - January 2014 ["Sanctuary" Editorial] http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/693638
+BeautyLook Fall 2013 issue - [Model Himani Lilith on P. 27 wearing a Silversark dress] http://issuu.com/beautylook/docs/bl6_final?e=6069606%2F5238932
+FashionableMags Spring 2014 Issue http://issuu.com/fashionablemags/docs/final_fm_studios_fashionablemags_sp
+Gothesque June 2014 Issue ["Plastic Queen" Editorial]

Photographer Wish List   24 pics


Miss Spooky

Little Alice

Seth Nayes

Ophelia Darkly

Ashley McGowan



Brett Stoddart

Mrs Foxy


Makeup Artist
Amber IB

Graffiti Photographic

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