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Today is your lucky day, the day after yesterday, and the day before tomorrow.  I'm not a professional photographer yet, and I've never profited financially from Model Mayhem to my knowledge up to this date:  12/18/2014.  Photography, for now, is just a hobby for this amateur... 
COPYRIGHT LAW: No image in this portfolio may be used or reproduced without my written permission. Any violation may be the subject of criminal prosecution in accordance with copyright law.  This includes models copying and pasting photos I've taken of them from my portfolio, dicking around with photo shop on the images, and then posting the result in their portfolios.  That it is against the law doesn't really matter as much to me as it being rude as shit.  Sort of like bringing one's ugly sister along on a shoot without informing a photographer in advance of such a scenario.     

I know that the vast majority of comments are completely irrelevant, but they are fun to read, so leave some why don't cha?


Stephanie Walsh #1271391
Caroline Nauth #1262517
Chelsea Marie Rogers #863363
Morgan Sheets
Calico High #1000153
Heather Summitt
Victoria Hall
Bethany Odell
Shan B. #1738862
Desiree Haines
Shelby Casper #1994865
Kaylah Martin
Sarah Battista
Alicia Harrison
Cotter Graham
Jennifer K Sutton #1826962
Bruna Cravens
Erica N T #1385666
Patryce Price
Raggedy Anne #1581516
Leticia Andaverde
Bobbi Monroe
Danielle Gould
Emma Lynne #2585413
Ami Marie #2197897
Elisheva #2225636
Adele Moraga
Rhianna Wallen #2470576
Jessica Willoughby #2586927
Mary Anne Gabinet
Kim McQueen
Karen Guerrero
Therra Wilbrandt
Anastasha Storch
Emily Brooke Johnson #2502064
Sierra Prickett #2587070
Justina Radzevicinte
Mary Catherine Sommers
Michelle Colwell #1764668
Annichka #2717591
Cynthia Cai
Amber Harrison
Anna Dong
Libby East #2203746
Brittany #3057919
Ashley Ogburn #2886085
Taylor Speer
Maria Juarez
Vanessa Organna
Trisha Tomae
Anne Marie Elliott
Melissa Fenton
Victoria Sulouff
Kayce Kerns #1427225
Jordan Tarr
Kelly Languell
Carissa Morgan
Alyssa Smrt
Hannah Klenotic
Courtney Childers
Tonya Emmerke #1420712
Kristin Renee #2259669

*I would post a list of "models who flaked" on a scheduled photo shoot, but that would make it look like I am naïve enough to think that it would actually make a difference.  And I know it wouldn't.  It used to irritate me, but I don't care anymore.  Oh well.  I focus instead on how grateful I am to all of those who didn't flake, and on how very lucky I am to have had so many incredibly beautiful young women in front of my camera.  So if you fall into that category:  THANKS! Let's emphasize that! ~~~ ~~~ ~


Age appropriate ports that do not deny underage models ownership of their sexuality   12 pics
Bakini!   2 pics
Gasmasks!   7 pics
Hats!   10 pics
IoN's Adjacent States Photo List   51 pics
IoN's Aguanile! Photo List   16 pics
IoN's Assertive Girls Photo List   38 pics
IoN's Beautiful Abandon 2014 Photo List   225 pics
IoN's Beautiful Bokeh 2013-14 Photo List   451 pics
IoN's Beautiful Indoor Bokeh Photo List   1 pics
IoN's Best Animal Model 2014 Photo List   67 pics
IoN's Best Costumed Shots Photo List   6 pics
IoN's Bra-less Beauties Photo List   72 pics
IoN's Cute Panties 2014 Photo List   230 pics
IoN's Cute Swimwear 2014 Photo List   255 pics
IoN's Dance Photos I Dig 2014 Photo List   57 pics
IoN's Emotion in Motion Photo List   127 pics
IoN's Erotic Eyeglasses Photo List   203 pics
IoN's Erotic Implied Nude 2014 Photo List   241 pics
IoN's Erotic Sheer Images List   93 pics
IoN's Fantastic Photos with Mirrors List   92 pics
IoN's Favorite Photo Collage/Image Series List   28 pics
IoN's Female Literacy is HOT Photo List   80 pics
IoN's Festival Sexy Photo List   215 pics
IoN's Grade A 2013-14 Photo List   547 pics
IoN's Great Curves Photo List   78 pics
IoN's Great Hair Photo List   159 pics
IoN's Great Photos with Musical Instruments List   80 pics
IoN's Happiness and Laughter 2014 Photo List   239 pics
IoN's Haters Beware 2015 Photo List   2 pics
IoN's Inspiring Erotic Concepts Photo List   10 pics
IoN's Jewelry Photo List   7 pics
IoN's Lingerie of Yes Photo List   169 pics
IoN's Lips/Tongues, Urges/Desires Photo List   1 pics
IoN's List of Killer Photos   56 pics
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IoN's Model's with Fruit Photo List   74 pics
IoN's Model's with Strange Watches or Clocks Photo List   12 pics
IoN's Most Intense Facial/Head Shots Photo List   30 pics
IoN's Music These Days photo list   4 pics
IoN's My Style Photo List   73 pics
IoN's Outstanding Fashion Photo List   44 pics
IoN's Outstanding Head Wear Photo List   58 pics
IoN's Outstanding Swimwear 2014 Photo List   61 pics
IoN's Phenomenal Leg Shots List   334 pics
IoN's Primping Photo List   6 pics
IoN's Roof Down! Photo List   122 pics
IoN's Schoolgirls! Photo List   47 pics
IoN's Sensuality with Plants Photo List   249 pics
IoN's Sexiest Couples Photo List   73 pics
IoN's Sexiest Non-nude Photo List   61 pics
IoN's Sexiest Nudes Photo List   30 pics
IoN's Sexy Bare Mid-rifts Photo List   21 pics
IoN's Sexy Group Photo List   34 pics
IoN's Sexy Shoulders Photo List   312 pics
IoN's Sexy Socks Photo List   44 pics
IoN's Superior Pose Photo List   114 pics
IoN's Sweet Pose Photo List   208 pics
IoN's Teddy Bears Photo List   8 pics
IoN's The Perks 2014 Photo List   618 pics
IoN's Tickling Madness Photo List   6 pics
IoN's Twins! Photo List   19 pics
IoN's Unbuttoned! Photo List   271 pics
IoN's Unusual or Inspiring Plays of Light Photo List   55 pics
IoN's Unzipped! Photo List   148 pics
IoN's Witchiest Photos List   102 pics
IoN thinks MM needs more photos like this LIST   77 pics
Model's IoN would love to photograph once they turn 18 Photo List   36 pics
Photography Concepts IoN would like to experiment with   33 pics
Ports IoN might like to browse more later   23 pics
Sightlines that make IoN wonder what a model is thinking about 2014   584 pics
Super-hot models from Canada who interact with IoN in the shoutbox   15 pics
Swimcaps?   0 pics



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