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Springfield, Massachusetts, US
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Hey, thanks for checking out my stuff!  You rock wink

PW for Nude - Art album = 18+

Want to see me in your area?  Inbox me and lets chat about making that happen smile


**ask me about the monthly themed group shoots I host based in Springfield, Massachusetts (2 models to 1 photographer ratio)**

I know this may seem overwhelming, but if you don't ask the right questions, things don't always go as planned and sometimes people don't come out of it with the results they had initially expected.  I want this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Some (a lot) of my photos do not have the photographers linked, but if need be I can find the information to contact almost all of them.  I have worked with over 500 different photographers from all over the world. I have many references available by request.

I have been modeling for nearly 20 years independently and with agencies.  I've been published internationally.  I take what I am doing seriously, but I also like to have fun.  I've worked with a ton of amazing people, and some not so amazing people.  I've gained a ton of friendships and gotten to go to a ton of amazing places with some of the coolest people in the industry. 

I really enjoy shooting fashion and editorial style. 
I like urban everything if the wardrobe/styling is right. 
Being naked is one of my favorites things on earth. 
I have a TON of wardrobe. 
Designers loan me things frequently. 
I love to travel. 
The runway still makes me sooo incredibly nervous every.single.time. it's crazy. 
I have a ton of ink.  Mostly on my upper body.  My ears are stretched to 5/8ths.
I have been a dancer my whole life and you can see it in my legs.  I am decent on a pole. 

The only type of nude work I am interested in doing is "My body is beautiful/art" type shots. 
I do not do nude work on a TFP/TFCD basis very often, if I do it is because you probably rock.
However my rates are VERY reasonable otherwise at $100 per hour, and negotiable.


Requirements for a booking a shoot are:

01. Rate of pay and amount of hours
02. Where the shoot will take place (Studio, on location, etc) and if travel expenses are covered?
03. Will you provide a HMUA? (I can do my own h&m with no problem)
04. Is this for a publication (or a submission for publication) and if not where will the images mainly be used?
05. Phone number and e-mail address you can best be reached at.
06. Wardrobe examples/ideas?

And finally - if a nude shoot..
07. An extensive sample of your nude work and at least 5 prior nude model references.

Maria Elena Fotografa -
MPerry Photography -


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Mattthew Pearl

  • Photographer
  • Male
  • New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States

See Sample Worked together more than 20 times; Most recent: October 2015

Lens Wild

  • Photographer
  • Male
  • Manchester, New Hampshire, United States

See Sample Worked together 2-10 times; Most recent: October 2015
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Credit Notes

-Miss Vermont & top 25 in Miss Jetset Mag 2016 competition
-Featured in Sanctuary Magazine Issue 16 11/2015
-Featured in Gray Mode the Magazine Alternative Lyfe Style Issue 9/2015
-Featured in Twisted Fashions Issue 3 6/2015
-Featured in Gilded Magazine Issue 4.1 "Antiquity" 5/2015
-Featured in Freque Magazine Issue 19 "Blue" 4/2015
-Featured in Twisted Edge Issue 23 3/2015
-Featured in Beau Nu Magazine Fashion Issue 2/2015
-Cover of Twisted Bodies Issue 4 1/2015
-Featured in Bittersweet Beauties Issue 4 "Anything Outside" 2014
-Featured in Surreal Beauty Magazine "Just Another Victim" Issue 71 2014
-Model for Laughing Cherries catalog of designs
-Featured in IModelZone Magazine May 2014
-Featured in Pure Epic Magazine April 2014
-Featured Model in Surreal Beauty Magazine "Only Prettier" Issue 42 2014
-Featured in Surreal Beauty Magazine "Black Magic Woman" Issue 37 2014
-Featured in Twisted Edge Magazine April 2014
-Featured in Surreal Beauty Magazine "Bring Me To Life" Issue 21 2014
-EverEve Featured model March 2014
-Cover of G4 Digital March 2014
-Cover of iModelZone Magazine March 2014
-Runway show at TempleCon 2014 for designer Ichigo Black Feb 9th 2014
-Runway show Fashion in the Ballroom hosted by Hygienic Arts for designer Iryna Kavalenka Jan 31st 2014
-Arsenic Magazine feature with Kayt Silvers ( … yt-silvers)
-Freque Magazine Vol 6 Part 2 pg 62-65
-Model in book "The New Erotic Photography"
-Advertisement for Unity House (2 Images Used) in Troy, NY
-Featured model on
-Featured in book Bad Girls Hotel by Bob Coulter (
-Featured on
-Featured on
-Featured on
-Twice Upon A Time brocure/advertisement & fashion show (
-Top 30 finalist for the Shut Up And Model! Glamour Nude Competition on

-Slowdown Clothing
-Peaceful Fashions by Nellie Theroux
-Cosine Couture
-Lori Westwood Design Latex
-Wild Lolita
-Duchess Lingerie
-Rubenesque Latex
-Iryna Kavalenka
-Ichigo Black
-Laughing Cherries
-J Lenore Designs
-Beautiful Madness
-Redfield Designs
-Fractured Ties
-Dizzy's Customs
-Jack Attackk Clothing
-Ortega Jewelry Design
-After Midnight Lingerie


Photographers I have had the extreme pleasure of working with:
-Ron Apuzzo* (VT) MM#1434
-Gabriel Salas for Independant Models* (NH)
-Expressions LLC of CT* (CT) MM#4091
-Jack Musgrove * (MA)
-Ryan Linehan - Clandestine Images * (NH)
-Mike Williams*  (CT)
-Garry Sansoucie  (NH)
-Mark Alan  (MI)
-Jonathan Hall  (PA)
-David Southwick  (VT)
-Matthew Farenell* (NY) MM#6068
-Douglass Ridgeway for Blind Photography  (NY)
-Scott Yeomans  (MA)
-Peter Scott Cameron * (NY)
-Lesley Arak * (MA) MM#4948
-Jack Silver* (MA) MM#3755
-Nathaniel P  (NH)
-Art aka Travis D Whippie - La Philosophica Films*  (NH)
-Jim Chernesky * (CT) MM#87195
-Tyler Cheung*  (MA)
-Steven Mercure  (VT)
-Cass Godard (VT)
-Jonathan Tyer  (MA) MM#3279
-Dylon Larose 1k Photography* (VT)
-Randy Anagnostis * (CT)
-Richard Crowell Ocean Light Studios  (RI)
-Peter Scott Studio Envy  (RI)
-Kapalua * (CT)
-Troy Stephens Quiver Box Photography* (CT)
-Bob Coulter  (NY)
-Arthur Moore* (RI)
-Ed Freeman*  (CT) MM#3862
-Eric Traux  (NY)
-Ade Ketchum - As I See It  (NY)
-Robert Lipet  (RI)
-RPM Photography  (CT)
-Howard Mills * (CT) MM#623
-Bill Moisuk  (MA)
-Red Reflection  (MA) MM#2845
-Phil Noel  (CT)
-Richard Kline (CT)
-Michael Steinberg - Steinberg Photography* (MA)
-Matt Vasquez*  (MA & TX)
-Carl Peer (MA)
-John Fiore * (NH & MA) MM#1548
-Chad Plant  (MA & NY)
-Wayne Wallace  (MA & CA) MM#3848
-Tiffany of TKExpressions*  (MA)
-Al at CFNAP (MA)
-Zale One*  (MA)
-Todd Holden  (NH)
-Shay Williams (MA)
-Kid Bandido - Gabriel Suarez* (MA)
-Melanie Rae* (MA)
-Paul McStay (MA)
-Tiffany Wayne* (MA & NY)
-Jeff Kroeze (MA)
-Eric Felz (MA)
-Philip Corcoran (MA)
-Jason Dinsmore (MA)
-Robert Marquart (MA)
-Frank Simard (MA)
-JD Marks (NY)
-Charles Morris* (GA)
-Jeremy Lelii (PA)
-Surfinbird (NY)
-Alain Suero (NY)
-Alan of (NY)
-Mauro DiBendetto (MA) MM#851
-Bud Thorpe (NH)
-Timothy Elliott, This And That Photo* (VT) MM#16719
-Filipe Marques (NH)
-Mattthew Pearl* (MA) MM#324162
-Chris Watt (MA)
-Joe Longo (NH)
-Jason Guffy (CA)
-Ed Canas (CA)
-Wil Fernandez (NJ)
-Francis Moran* (VT) MM#149573
-Brent Fennell (MA)
-RJ Carroll (NJ) MM#17378
-Matt Griswold (MA)
-IVG Photo (NH)
-Studio 20 Photography* (MA) MM#444299
-Brian Doherty (MA) MM#10171
-Trak Models (MA)
-VMN Photography* (CT) MM#44868
-David Burgie* (CT) MM#357848
-SRC Imaging (CT) MM#16028
-Brian Novak-Hill (CT)
-maneeacc (MA) MM#152916
-M Thomas Photo (MA) MM#253174
-Jessie Moore (MA) MM#322286
-CJ Kennedy (CT)
-Derrick Benson* (MA) MM#382966
-Todd Zurell (CT) MM#367696
-Ewlises Gonzalez/Still Raw Photo (MA)
-Tom Hazeltine (MA)
-Raven Macabre* (MA) MM#3238
-Nafis Azazd (MA)
-John Ryan (CT)
-Bob Bussey (NH)
-Ed Parent (MA) MM#244654
-SRC Imaging (CT)
-John Cochrain (TN)
-Michael Vincenzo* (MA) MM#529669
-SGHokett Photography (CT) MM#416183
-Sully Photo (CT) MM#767397
-CTKPhoto (MA)
-Joe Miglionico (MA)
-Gary GGP Studios* (MA) MM#706735
-Daniel Robert Photography* (MA) MM#5527764
-Allen R (MA) MM#898463
-Photo A Go-Go (MA)
-G-2 Photography (CT) MM#1647449
-Full Court Photo (CT) MM#1076839*
-Al Govoni Photography (MA) MM#287373
-Tim McQueston (MA) MM#1471298
-Eric smith - Clown Shoes (MA) MM#847249
-Peter Camyre (MA)
-Samantha Rousakis (MA) MM#1502784
-George Hantavis (MA) MM#689679
-Jill Hart (CT)
-David Klien (MA)
-Shantul Nigham (MA)
-Peter Black (CT)
-Jason Barbierie (CT)
-KAK Photography (CT)
-Nymphira Photography (NY)
-Tony Colasurdo (NY)
-Synapse Projections (VT)
-Melissa Black Photography (MA)
-Ilyaxous Photography (VT)
-Matt Francis Photos (MA)
-Ashley Krakowski - Krakowski Photography* (OH)
-Chris Bennett Photo (MA)
-PJ Photography* (MA)
-Patrick Hood Photography* (CT)*  (MA)
-An Unloved Flower Photography (NH)
-Matthew Montgomery Photography (CT)
-Billy Pops* (MA)
-Pic Your Memories Today* (MA/CA)
-KM Photography (NH)
-Bowker House Photography* (Kayt Silvers & TJ Bynes) (MA)
-Bruce Kahn Photography (MA)
-Charles Underhill Photography* (NH)
-Olivia P (MA)
-Joe Gray* (CT)
-DW Photos (RI)
-Herlihy Photography (NH)
-Farryn Augusta (TX)
-Noah Photo (CT)
-Rick's Photos* (MA)
-Photo Punk Photography* (VT)
-Kate Broderick Photography (MA)
-Myke Yeager (RI)
-Jamie Tao (VT)
-MCM Photography Studios* MM#2603498 (CT)
-Ruben Lyteheart* (MA)
-Gregory Hartzell (CT)
-Al Conant* (RI)
-KevCool Photography (MA)
-Nulook Image Studios (MA)
-Luxe Cherie Photography by Lenora (MA)
-Tamsin Marie Photography* (CT)
-Inspired Exposure Photos by Brian (CT)
-Mander Studios (NY)
-SP Photography by Steve Paige (NH)
-Andrew Shanley Photography (MA)
-BK Akron Photography MM#2559842 (OH)
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-bluesparrow photography* (CO)
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-David Westlake* (CT)
-Gate44 Photography (MA)
-Lens Wild Style* (NH)
-JD Liddil Photography* (CT)
-Photography by Wendie Salmi (NH)
-Seven15 Photos* (CT)
-Steve Owen Photography* (MA)
-Antonio Pentimalli Photography (MA)
-Cappuccilli Photography  (MA)
-Day Photography (MA)
-Metro West Magical Photography* (MA)
-Scott Bennet Photography (MA)
-J Mulcahy Photography* (MA)
-Jennifer Campbell - Memories and Light Photography MM#2861434 (MA)
-Dan Tirrel (ME)
-Sean Hayes Photography* (MA)
-Gary Edmerson (NJ)
-Jeremiah Seymore (MA)
-OchoQuatro Photography* (MA)
-Geoff Bosco (CT)
-Peter D'Arrigio (MA)
-Kendra Miller Photography (CT)
-K. Bills Photography* (VT)
-Burning Dodge Studios (NH)
-Eris Wallis* - Wedding and Fashion Photography (MA)
-Michael Rose (MA)
-Jim Brady (MA)
-Brian Catelle -
-Julie Dolan (MA)
-Lauren Farrington Photography (MA)
-Holbrook Garcia (MA)
-Fernando Blanco (MA)
-Constantine Photo
-TCR Photography
-Ray Ashe
-David Josef
-Daggerslade Model Media

More than one shoot with photographers with stars (*) by their names


"If you ever need a model with a terrific look, great energy and an absolutely wonderful attitude. Isabel is your girl."
-Ed Freeman, Freeman Productions, LLC

"I have had the pleasure of shooting with Isabel on four occasions and each one was a great experience. She is prompt and well prepared and can give you a wide range of looks. She portrays innocense and seduction equally well. She is very good at communicating with the cmaera and ads her own creative flair to whatever she does. I recommend her highly."
-Jim Chernesky

"Isabel is a photographers dream ? her passion for modeling comes through in every image. She is versatile, creative, energetic and a pleasure to work with. Having had the privilege of working with her several times, I can only look forward to more sessions with her in the future."
-Randy Anagnostis

"The best model I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Great posing skills, fun to work with, pretty and a natural in front of the camera. Look forward to working with her again."
-Stephens Photography

"Isabel is a dream to work with. Very experienced and very professional, she brings a lot of ideas and creativity to shoots. She is has a deep passion for modeling and that passion really shines in her work. Isabel is very natural in front of the camera and brings many looks to the shoot. She is very pretty, fun to shoot with, energetic and with her creativity, she improves shoots with many ideas. One of the best, if not the best, model I've worked with and look forward to working with again and again...she's a true photographers dream."
-John Fiore

"Isabel is by far one of my favorite models to work with. She moves effortlessly from one pose to another and needs almost no instruction. She is prompt, cheerful, creative, and always comes with tons of clothes and ideas. A natural, and a total pro."
-Lesley Arak

"Isabel is great to work with. She has a lot of energy, good ideas, and makes shooting her fun."
-Howard Mills

"Isabel is an absolute 'Gem.' She is just an amazing gal to work with. She's very professional, fun, natural, and most of all very creative! I've had the pleasure of working with Isabel once. I am looking forward to many more future shoots! She is definately the best of the best!"
-Tiffany of TkExpressions

"If you are seeking a truly professional model with amazing energy, humor and very on point with finding that expression and creative style, Isabel is "the" model to work with. I've only had the pleasure to shoot with her once, but that experience had me hoping to work together again"
-Todd Holden

"Very experienced model who initiates all the professionalism a photographer could want. She was too good to be true and it shows in her photos. She is beautiful in more ways than I can count."
-SGHokett Photo


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