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Monterey, California, US
San Francisco, California, US
My MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/jennjones
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About Me

ATTN Photographers!
Check out this incredible opportunity for day and night photography on the beautiful island of Ibiza! August 10th-12th
Hurry... there's only 10 spaces!


For more info:
http://www.mondogaleria.com/index.php/e … soler-roig


Los Angeles - August 16th-21st
O'ahu, Hawaii! - Mid-September, dates TBD

**Currently booking TFP with:
-Alt clothing or high fashion/couture designers
-Digital artists and Photoshop wizards who create their own images (not those who edit others' images; for examples of what I'm looking for Google Jeff Wack or Frizzycube)


   I have a place to stay in these locations... book me so I can fly out there! smile
   Miami, Florida
   Dallas, Texas
   Des Moines, Iowa
   Minneapolis, Minnesota
   Mexico City, Mexico
   Paris, France
   Madrid, Spain
   Limerick, Ireland
   Gelderland, Netherlands
   Stockholm, Sweden

>>>>My current hair...
(Dark balckish brown and it curls up as it dries)

>>>>And a good view of my only tattoo:)

"Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous."

I wish to convey infatuation, loneliness, guilt, fear, disgust, anguish, envy, love, serenity, contempt, loss, weakness, shame, awe, desire... I'm inspired by surrealism, abstract fashion, eye-catching color, bold makeup, unique poses, bizarre shapes, intense emotion, eccentric people, life and my surroundings.

Booking Me
It's super easy... just read below. After that, please send me a personal message. Picture comments, lists, and tags are greatly appreciated but I rarely find the time to respond to them. Work related messages always get a prompt response. Please be specific in your message and state as many of the following as possible:
*Planned duration of the shoot
*Whether or not hair, makeup, or wardrobe will be provided

No plans?? It's ok, I quite enjoy the spontaneity of the wander and shoot approach as well.

I am happily available for paid assignments to all levels of photographers.  Please don't be intimidated. Some of my favorite people to create with are amateurs. I'm a wildfire... all I need is a little creative spark:) 

Working With Me
I'm always really easygoing, fun, and goofy but simultaneously hardworking and always professional. I like to experiment with new poses and looks. Direction is well received but I know how to move my body, too. I'm very capable when it comes to doing my own hair and makeup. I can create a vast array of looks. I'm very open to most concepts but I'm particularly infatuated with gothic inspired or more outlandish fashion/editorial style images.

*I model for financial compensation. End of story.
*My rates are always negotiable and I'm always willing to work with your budget but I rarely find time in my schedule for TFP.
*Just because I require payment for my services doesn't mean that I don't love what I do. I started modeling because of my love for art and that love has not changed since smile
*I get to all my shoots via public transit, or you're welcome to pick me up/drop me off. If it takes me awhile to reach you on the bus or train, coverage for the fair plus a little thrown in for the extra time and food is awesome and greatly appreciated!

Only with phenomenal photographers of my choosing or for guaranteed published editorials



Fraught With Peril*  MM #740012
Primitive Studio*  MM #363932
Isaac Klotz*  MM #16026
Blue Pacific*  MM #1078066
John Warner  MM #365854
J E F F E R S O N  MM #180431
FinchEye  MM #666501
galen oakes photography  MM #695849
SF Fashion Photography  MM #825600
J. J. Thomas*  MM #484692
rich cirminello*  MM #661677
Richard Padilla  MM #1163660
Gary Daniels  MM #120358
Markus Weimer  MM #1555949
Blue Turtle Photography*  MM #1022561
BlindMike*  MM #5811
GNJ Photography  MM #834823
The Dark Half by GNj  MM#638139
- HT -*  MM #1777912
3D-Stereo  MM #881420
Studio La Donna*  MM #1040765
Michael White Photo  MM #822086
richeille bj  MM #99806
Ryan Chua Photography  MM #1175783
AndyBae  MM #1080949
Radilina Troeva  MM #1915350
Pat Ramos  MM #468934
Larenzo  MM #95895
Nom de Guerre  MM #1964908
F A S H I O N L I F E  MM #668243
FashionM  MM #2247625
peripheralvision*  MM #1312782
Arthur Tsang  MM #1920400
Barking Wheels  MM #188699
Rob Hollen*  MM #1517214
yusphoto  MM #1292341
GPS Studio Services*  MM #27295
Dream Unfold  MM #2157601
Velvet Cocktail  MM #1887422
SGImages  MM #2229715
Kenneth Tham Images  MM #357245
William Thomas NYC  MM #2031343
LGImages*  MM #625386
Winston Image*  MM #2106662
Key Exposures*  MM #2368572
Jason Mitchell*  MM #843103
Aero Windwalker  MM #1229033
le bebe chiot  MM #2631928
Love Knot Photography*  MM #2736112
Shankhadreams*  MM #1463053
Lei Chen Photography*  MM #1771039
unexpected captures  MM #1100616
RicardoGomezPhotography  MM #2387355
frostinovah  MM #1974934
Prismatic Hawk*  MM #1002895
JimPixLA  MM #2219021
Danielle Rueda  MM #2120257
Skye Von der Osten  MM #282976
W I L L I A M A N U E L*  MM #4451
FP-Photography*  MM #341418
Morven Mei*  MM #2465541
Limestand Photography  (Not on MM)
John Warren  MM #2328042
duvomega  MM #1561634
Series of Clicks Photography  (Not on MM)
RONALD ronskigfx CRUZ  MM #359940
Contraste Images  MM #2331442
Luis Alvarez*  (photographer, hairstylist, and co-founder of Aquage-Not on MM)
LeahW Photography*  MM #1887113
American Photo Model Sh  MM #2294689
EnglePhoto*  MM #221148
Artistic Glamor  MM #2252333
Inhumane Desire  MM #2657979
Del Geronimo  (Not on MM)
Red Number Image  MM #636343
Deep Exposure*  MM #1523787
inkblotch  MM #616583
joesfinephotos  MM #850627
Elyse Photography  MM #1669232
Richard Bui  MM #1183459
MichaelMoore  MM #2766713
g2 proImages  (Not on MM)
Toney Park Photography*  MM #1699000
noel marrero  MM #1304267
Kathryn Darcy  MM #2750579
tehelka*  MM #1241657
Mark Elzey Jr  MM #1468196
Naren Wadhwani  MM #1274047
HeRM PuGaY PhotograpHy  MM #1296104
Kammeron Michelle  MM #1404987
C Nirvana*  MM #1111629
tryred  MM #1879452
Joel Belmont*  MM #7582
John Gorecki*  MM #3565796
Greg-Edwards  MM #2680624
btrenkel  MM #425748
RLJphoto  MM #1947054
oberon232  MM #1925845
Wiard Gorter  (Not on MM)
photographic-arts  MM #39590
Eric Chasanoff*  MM #3012098
Brandon Manning  MM #319946
Hank Shiffman  MM #585905
Harold Davis  MM #1582669
Nelia  MM #15013
J-PhotoArt  MM #2611458
Randall Hobbet*  MM #2780702
Wenzdai Works  MM #376389
Roland Frost  MM #180824
Kim Weston Photography*  MM #834359
Barr Images  MM #13599
George Holz  (Not on MM)
Jana Wallace  MM #3317706
delfphotography  MM #2599191
Photographer-Larry Blau  MM #1212193
Inge Johnsson  MM #3020036
Dan Leffel  MM #24719
ClinePhoto  MM #2720654
Tomcat Photo  MM #1736466
Images by Thale  MM #262791
Brian Sarinova*  MM #3550423
Pierpaolo Morra  MM #3370372
mechaSean Photography*  MM #3126572
Rising Phoenix Photo  MM #3509009
Richard Rossi Photography  MM #1455961
Grant Palmer Photo  MM #1893396
Foto Kammer*  MM #893335
DOPhoto  MM #1796161
LEPhoto  MM #1488109
FrankLeonardPhotography  MM #100424
mjdare  MM #552514

Makeup by CTK*  MM #819348
Thucelle  MM #1367222
Sabrina Tannehill  MM #1333872
Hannah Nguyen  MM #1237348
Sandra Martin MUA  MM #1583282
Kekepania  MM #769165
Shawna Parvin  (not on MM)
NOGODAR*  MM #808118
Carly Campbell  (not on MM)
Heaven Padgett  (Not on MM)
Thang Dao  MM #1648426
Cristiano Cora  (not on MM)
Christina Dominelli  (not on MM)
Evet DeCota  (not on MM)
JAYMZ MAREZ*  MM #1208185
Lisa Teller - MUA*  MM #2098666
Anh-Thu Tran  MM #2233223
Margaret Caragan  MM #664309
onegerl  MM #1198228
Yavil  MM #1963389
Erin Lopez  MM #2349899
Flawless Forever  MM #2013159
MakeupByArleneColeman  MM #2232404
Tanera Lashaye  MM #1347509
Kimberly A Carlson  MM #1215246
Jai Carrillo  (Not on MM)
CL Thompson*  MM #2227630
Emma Loyola*  MM #625431
M Y A H*  MM #2474684
Fashionz0mbie*  MM #2571907
MUA-Christina C*  MM #2300370
Tausha Ostrander  (Not on MM)
Eric Fisher  (Not on MM)
Katwalk Kouture*  MM #2673371
Chariss Ilarina  (Not on MM)
Wanda Alvarez  (makeup artist, wife of Luis Alvarez/co-founder of Aquage-Not on MM)
Miguel Serda  (Not on MM)
Renne Alejandro  (Not on MM)
Marsha Litvinova  MM #2439501
JT Artistry  MM #2097161
MKB the MUA  MM #643535
Nicole Perez Mendizabal  MM #2214178
Alexie Rae MUA  MM #1455855
Gabi HairStylist  MM #1432155
Maria Vallejo  (Not on MM)
Kaitrin Sears  (Not on MM)
Jaridann Hutcheson  (Not on MM)
Tyler Bui  (Not on MM)
Carla Tersini  MM #1875280
lovethyhair  MM #2793739

Invisible Hero Clothing by Charlie Bee  MM #707786
DA Designs*  MM #878692
Anatomica by Tobin Keller*  (not on MM)
Selebritee Bodystocking*  (Not on MM)
Perfect Details Bridal Accesories  (Not on MM)
W H E R E  Collection by Jennifer Corrales (Not on MM)
Atussa Couture  (Not on MM)
Honey Cooler Handmade  MM #2473422
Vampire Disco  (Not on MM)
inLush  MM #1856110
Fashionz0mbie*  MM #2571907
Bacca da Silva*  MM #103879
Patric Chauvez  (Not on MM)
Dark Garden Corsetry  MM #1317445
Eye Candy Bracelets  (Not on MM)
Jane's Corsets  (Not on MM)
David Michael SF  MM #2553849
SHAE LYNN VIP  MM #1767949

Tina of Latex Mania  (not on MM)
Icarus Zaure  MM #2381597
Trina Merry*  MM #1694588
Jessica Ann Yurash*  MM #2420935

*I have worked with this person multiple times.

>Body Painting Showcase w/ Latex Mania @ Kayenyama Lounge
     Fremont, CA July 23, 2010
>Terraform Fashion Show in Invisible Hero clothing @ Temple Nightclub
     San Francisco August 8, 2010
>64th Annual Spring Style Hair Show for Aquage
     @ The San Jose Convention Center April 10th-11th, 2011
>Cristiano Cora's Velocity Tour @ Cobb's Comedy Club
     San Francisco May 23rd, 2011
>Int. C.H.E. 2011 w/ body paint by Trina Merry @ 14th St. Oakland, CA
     September 3rd, 2011
>Fashion Art Santa Cruz 2011 Runway Show @ the Civic Auditorium
     Santa Cruz, CA September 24th, 2011
>First Friday Art Party, modeling Tobin Keller's Anatomica line
     @ The Tannery, Santa Cruz, CA December 2nd, 2011
>SF RAW Artists Fashion Show in designs by Honey Cooler Handmade
     @ 1015 Folsom, San Francisco March 15th, 2012
>65th Annual Spring Style Hair Show for Aquage
     @ The San Jose Convention Center, April 22nd-23rd, 2012
>5th Annual SubZERO Festival modeling for Trina Merry's Art Alive Gallery
     @ South 1st Street, San Jose June 1st, 2012
>Aquage Master Academy Photography Class with Luis Alvarez
     @ The Westin New Orleans Canal Place June 24th, 2012
>BAYFashion Magazine's Haute Couture Fashion Show sponsored by Ferrari
     of San Francisco, Stella Artois, Crystal Head Vodka, & Voss Water

     @ The Clift Hotel, San Francisco, July 26th, 2012

Circumstance by BJ & Richeille Formento, Pg. 96, 164-165, 307
Vocess Magazine Spring Fashion Issue 2011, Pg. 13-14
Vogue Italia April 22nd, 2011
Norcal Magazine July 2011, Pg. 36
VOLO Magazine May 2012,  Pg. 16-23, 97
BAYFashion Magazine Swimsuit Issue June 2012, Pg. 112-113
BAYFashion Magazine Haute Couture Issue July 2012, Pg. 64, 66-67
BAYFashion Magazine Jetsetter Issue August/September 2012, Pg. 101, 102, 118
Aesthetica Magazine Issue 49 October/November 2012, Pg. 85
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Solis Magazine's website December 3rd, 2014
Surreal Beauty Magazine Issue 177 January 9th 2015, Pg. 68-69
Surreal Beauty Magazine Issue 200 February 12th 2015, Pg. 64-65


Awesome hair   66 pics
Clothes I want!!   54 pics
Cool stuff   45 pics
Dynamic posing and motion   49 pics
Fantastic figure work   21 pics
Fashion Posing   3 pics
Greatest Photographers   30 pics
High fashion favorites   3 pics
I'd love to do something like this O.o   119 pics
Love the concept!   39 pics
Pictures of me elsewhere on MM   114 pics
Rad set/location   21 pics
SoCal   11 pics
Some seriously artistic sh!t   21 pics
This is what artistic nude looks like   13 pics
Top Models of MM   0 pics
Top-notch makeup   91 pics

Casting Calls

Casting Call
Aug 16, 2015 Looking for wardrobe stylists or designers for a high end collaboration
Travel Notice
Aug 16, 2015 Fashion & Fine Art Model Visiting LA! - openings still available!
Sep 6, 2015 Fashion & Fine Art Model Visiting the Island of O'ahu!! - openings still available!



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