Model Female Brooklyn, New York, US
Mayhem # 1509895

About Me

Currently in : NYC

NYC: Jan 14
TEXAS :Feb 28th - March 10th
FLORIDA : 11th-14th March
HAWAII: 15th-18th March


NONE, EVER. You can try (if it isn't lingerie/nude unless you're a Zivity badass) but don't get upset if I say no becauseI do not pay my bills with exposure.


Please contact me with infos about your shoot : What, How long, When, Where, What for and if I need to provide wardrobe, hair or makeup. I have rates for everything but I'm always happy to work around a budget.

[b]If you come to cancel a shoot and want to reschedule, I need a 50% non refundable deposit, this is non negotiable.[/b] This is my only source of incomes and I take my job very seriously. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice... ;)


Currently have a shoulder length black hair. Also own a variety of wigs.

[b]Make Up [/b]

I can do not overly fancy looks, if no MUA is credited in my gallery, it means I did my own.

[url=] Nattestid at Night[/url]
[url=]Shooting for Sprinkle Emporium[/url]
[url=] HST Promo Video[/url]
[url=] Queen of the Jungle[/url]
[url=]Portrait Video[/url]

[b]Body Art [/b]

Ribs (butterfly)
Wrist (3 bullets)
Back (Grenade)

5 ears
4 belly button
2 tongue
1 Smiley

[b]About me[/b]

[b]French[/b] model with a strong involvement in animal protection ([b]Sea Sheppherd[/b],[b]WWF[/b]...) as well as the music scene. Being a musician myself I also [b]act[/b],[b]pole dance[/b] and do [b]burlesque[/b].

____________I do not accept random add.

*If I comment your pictures, it's because I like your work, not because I want you to comment mine back.

*Please don't annoy me with your facebook page "like" begging.

*If I'm on travels I obviously don't have access to internet as much. If you're not able to wait more than a day for me to answer, just don't bother.

*Feel free to PM me with any questions or inquiries.
In the mean time if you do not answer my emails; don't expect me to answer yours.



People you should not work with :

Photos by Jesse (Texas)
[i]Cancelled on me many times, is going to ask inappropriate questions, will not pay your cancellation fee.[/i]

(...To be continued)


MarkYoung #1130308 **
Reynandi #1201529**
Alex Gardner #1261170*
David Diep #645401*
HoaK Photography #640780 *
Ken Robertson #266765**
Melbourne Girls #1130961*
Kaye Wright No MM*
ShotbyMark #1747413*
Andrew Makowiecki #1507589*
JonP #823402*
Kapture Photography No MM*
Joseph Darmenia #836593*
Yuan Wang #1652636**
EyecatcherLab #1773708*
Glynn L #1630647*
Photography By Shelton #1228776*
[i]Laura Nerina Andrau[/i] No MM**
Greg Blakey #1818183*
Berle Mu #1061769*
Theadz #569683*
Terrence C Photography #860844***
Nerd Photography #1994236***
Alexa Star Photography #1104882*
Dekuji Photography #1214445*
Photos That Tell #1289278*
Dan Fisher Photography #2127873*
SimoneSheridynPhotos #1255808*
Checo Photography #1932251**
Andrew X Photography #878838*
Aimie Jane Photography #1977475*
Von Star #2187314 ***
jacquii10 #1876848*
[i]OjO Magico[/i] #390758********
zingglPhotography #715652*
[i]Adrian Carmody[/i] #1883710**
Simone No MM*
Sarah Bates No MM*
Craig Sillitoe No MM*
Cathy Graham #1873158***
Dreamscope Photography #1140790**
David Gilliver #164022*
Bangfoto #2190177*
Brie Lehrke No MM**
21 Dreams #2298221*
Studio 236 #702020*
[i]S L Dixon [/i] #1441262*
Stephanie Barlow #1071302*
[i]Raw Pictures[/i] #1946920**
Jvk Photography #2098499*
[i]Andrew Wuttke[/i]*
Michael Danischewski #726044*
Melissa Findley #2560998*
Aikema Photography #17166***
Nicholas Laird #2443936*
calvinbrockington #1515748*
Brandi Thompson #97263*
D-STUDIO #1917334*
Tim Corey #9695*
Christopher Luciano #296497*
Nick Strong*
[i]BGHK Photography[/i]**
Snaps Man #2406654*
Charlie LUCCINI #1915573*
Photography by Carmine #1256715*
Mike Spears****
Phil Gold #83535*
Cryonic23 #1456912*
[i]Imagination Fuel Prod[/i] #851031**
Michael Joseph Edmonds #2336124*
[i]Bob Coulter[/i] #55039**
[i]NJames[/i] #465697*
[i]Eric Walton[/i] #1639775*
[i]Janea Wiedmann [/i]no MM*
StreetAccessPhotography #2234232*
David Mann*
Louis Varricchio*
Otis Casey*
Stowe #600*
Theik Smith Photography #584513**
Chris Reed #2351097**
Gil Rivera #692434*
Zman-Photog #2755439*
Philip Holland No MM**
[i]Evelyn Murphy[/i] #1875823***
Eclairer Photography #2741449****
Marque DeWinter #2127968*
Blu Mar No MM***
J Beccarelli Photography No MM*
Peter R/Luccied #372607/#12654*
Mark Wiggin #1815593*
Blisstudio #2320191*
XMACHINA #2171773*
Rex Arrow Film *
Photo Fusion USA No MM***
[i]Jason Tamvakis[/i] #21053**
Lina Jang No MM*
M.A.S Production 2202475*
Babe 360 **
Juan Carlos Granados #2333619*
THE WOLF #313124*
carlos raul peralta #2439331*
LPeralta #2121403*
Omorphy Photos #2754244*
Eat the cake NYC #826121*
PVDA Studio #2180613*
E Minor #2661325*
Scene And Shot#115848*
RawMaterial Photography #2749225*
King garcia #22725*


Sophie Avra #1315469*
Suzi No MM**
Aisha Diandra Makeup #1380724*
[i]AliveCreations[/i] #1750341******
[i]Danielle Murrihy[/i] #1833754****
[i]Sheridan Dixon [/i]#1907697***
Felicia Make up Art #1954123****************
Aster Beauty #1989754*
Yasmin Cadby #1949643*
Julie Fage #1998012****
[i]Rebecca Romanin[/i] #1737236*
Aimie Jane Hair Stylist #2095154*
[i]Lizzie Sharp[/i]*
Tania Johanna #1598399*
Melissa Djaja #1274178**
[i]Mystique Make Up[/i] #2207439*****
Anannya makeup #2175514**
Danielle Vaughn #685084**
Styling by Amy Lynn #2657198**
Gil Aldrin #1739206*
Stephanie Delacruz*
Crystal Cake Face*
[i]Gloria Espinoza[/i]*
Mlook # 2970100*
[i]Tiinia Auler[/i] No MM**
Laura Braunstein / Megan Reilly #705463*/No MM
[i]Kodo Nishimura[/i] No MM*
[i]SHAY de OLIVEIRA[i]#1257702*
Make up by Annabelle Laguardia No MM*


Devil Doll No MM*
[i]XSIV Leather [/i]No MM*
Z-Entity #715601**
[i]Jodie Louise Millinery[/i] #1950719****
Yasmin Cadby #1949643*
[i]Clockwork Butterfly[/i] #1718974***
Aimie Janes Wardrobe #2138741*
Edna Mavis Bridal Jewellery No MM*
[i]Michael V Couture[/i] #1404356*
[i]Parody Petals[/i] #2291379*
Wild Orchid*
[i]Sprinkle Emporium [/i]#1567613*
[i]Salon Boutique Academy[/i]****
[i]Duff's Brooklyn[/i]*
[i]Sibyl Vain Clothing[/i]**
[i]IQ Test[/i]*
[i]Britta Uschkamp[/i]*
Laura Braunstein #705463*
Lethal Ware #1586091**
Brooklyn Wildlife*
Souldier Clothing*


Rude Agency

[b]Video Shoot[/b]

Dance videos for online websites****
[url=]Venus Fire video clip-Extra[/url]
Ticklish Videos***
Human Centipede 2 promo video
Salon Boutique Academy Commercial
Horror Sleaze Trash Dvd & interview**
Art Movie by Juan Carlos Granados - Actress
Jose Nova music video - Lead
[url=]Theater of the Absurd "Rising Tides in Still Water" - Lead[/url]
[url=]Buckwheat Groats "Tom Hanks" music video - Model[/url]
Scienceless Fiction - Imogen

[b]Publication [/b]

People Mag
Pictures Mag
100% Home Girls
The Age Australia
Horror Sleeze
Various online artists portfolio
Hair & Make Up Australia (issue7)
Flyer Model for SBA Open House Event
HST Dvd/book/website
[url=]Fixe mag[/url]
Shoulda known better Magazine
[url=]Art Magazin[/url]
Tenebrous Magazine Issue 1
Tenebrous Magazine Issue 4


Charity events (too many to name them all)-Catwalk/Host
Eucalypse - Photography Workshop model***
Oaks Day Myer Millinery Competition 2011-Catwalk for Jodie Louise Millinery
Melbourne Body art competition Aug 2011-Body Paint model/Performer
12th Annual PostGrad Ball 2011 "Champagne Jungle"-Body Paint model
Parody Petals Fashion Show in Albury-Catwalk model
Ibiza Vs Brazil- Promo model for Redhotpie
Utopia Festival (charity event)- catwalk for ZOSANDO
Taste of Addison-Body Paint model for Salon Boutique Academy
SBA Open House-Body Paint Model/Host
Face Off Make Up Contest [event, not tv] -Model/catwalk
Hudson Valley Nude Workshop-Model
[url=]Queen of the Jungle @ La Zarza NYC- Catwalk/Model[/url]
Britta Uschkamp Private Event at Norton - Model
Williamsburg Fashion Weekend - Catwalk for IQTest
Moka Lounge - Bodypaint Model
Super Tuner Bike and Car Show - Promo Model
Wet Paint - Bodypainter/Host
Lucky 13 Saloon - Pole Dancer/Gogo
Band Booze & Burlesque - Burlesque Performer

Many other photographers workshop nude and portraits modeling mainly.

_________________________________(and many others I should be blame to have forgot !)

* indicates number of time we worked together

[b]I had the chance to work with some fantastic artists but all of the above aren't in any specific order. The [i]names in italic[/i] are valuable friends to me and/or incredible artists.[/b]


Awesome Hair & Make Up   71 pics
Poses I want in my Port.   24 pics

Casting Calls

Casting Call
May 18, 2011 Hat Designer & Beauty shot



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