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Mayhem # 1509895

About Me

Currently in : NYC

NYC: Jan 14
TEXAS :Feb 28th - March 10th
FLORIDA : 11th-14th March
HAWAII: 15th-18th March


NONE, EVER. You can try (if it isn't lingerie/nude unless you're a Zivity badass) but don't get upset if I say no becauseI do not pay my bills with exposure.


Please contact me with infos about your shoot : What, How long, When, Where, What for and if I need to provide wardrobe, hair or makeup. I have rates for everything but I'm always happy to work around a budget.

[b]If you come to cancel a shoot and want to reschedule, I need a 50% non refundable deposit, this is non negotiable.[/b] This is my only source of incomes and I take my job very seriously. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice... ;)


Currently have a shoulder length black hair. Also own a variety of wigs.

[b]Make Up [/b]

I can do not overly fancy looks, if no MUA is credited in my gallery, it means I did my own.

[url=] Nattestid at Night[/url]
[url=]Shooting for Sprinkle Emporium[/url]
[url=] HST Promo Video[/url]
[url=] Queen of the Jungle[/url]
[url=]Portrait Video[/url]

[b]Body Art [/b]

Ribs (butterfly)
Wrist (3 bullets)
Back (Grenade)

5 ears
4 belly button
2 tongue
1 Smiley

[b]About me[/b]

[b]French[/b] model with a strong involvement in animal protection ([b]Sea Sheppherd[/b],[b]WWF[/b]...) as well as the music scene. Being a musician myself I also [b]act[/b],[b]pole dance[/b] and do [b]burlesque[/b].

____________I do not accept random add.

*If I comment your pictures, it's because I like your work, not because I want you to comment mine back.

*Please don't annoy me with your facebook page "like" begging.

*If I'm on travels I obviously don't have access to internet as much. If you're not able to wait more than a day for me to answer, just don't bother.

*Feel free to PM me with any questions or inquiries.
In the mean time if you do not answer my emails; don't expect me to answer yours.



People you should not work with :

Photos by Jesse (Texas)
[i]Cancelled on me many times, is going to ask inappropriate questions, will not pay your cancellation fee.[/i]

(...To be continued)


MarkYoung #1130308 **
Reynandi #1201529**
Alex Gardner #1261170*
David Diep #645401*
HoaK Photography #640780 *
Ken Robertson #266765**
Melbourne Girls #1130961*
Kaye Wright No MM*
ShotbyMark #1747413*
Andrew Makowiecki #1507589*
JonP #823402*
Kapture Photography No MM*
Joseph Darmenia #836593*
Yuan Wang #1652636**
EyecatcherLab #1773708*
Glynn L #1630647*
Photography By Shelton #1228776*
[i]Laura Nerina Andrau[/i] No MM**
Greg Blakey #1818183*
Berle Mu #1061769*
Theadz #569683*
Terrence C Photography #860844***
Nerd Photography #1994236***
Alexa Star Photography #1104882*
Dekuji Photography #1214445*
Photos That Tell #1289278*
Dan Fisher Photography #2127873*
SimoneSheridynPhotos #1255808*
Checo Photography #1932251**
Andrew X Photography #878838*
Aimie Jane Photography #1977475*
Von Star #2187314 ***
jacquii10 #1876848*
[i]OjO Magico[/i] #390758********
zingglPhotography #715652*
[i]Adrian Carmody[/i] #1883710**
Simone No MM*
Sarah Bates No MM*
Craig Sillitoe No MM*
Cathy Graham #1873158***
Dreamscope Photography #1140790**
David Gilliver #164022*
Bangfoto #2190177*
Brie Lehrke No MM**
21 Dreams #2298221*
Studio 236 #702020*
[i]S L Dixon [/i] #1441262*
Stephanie Barlow #1071302*
[i]Raw Pictures[/i] #1946920**
Jvk Photography #2098499*
[i]Andrew Wuttke[/i]*
Michael Danischewski #726044*
Melissa Findley #2560998*
Aikema Photography #17166***
Nicholas Laird #2443936*
calvinbrockington #1515748*
Brandi Thompson #97263*
D-STUDIO #1917334*
Tim Corey #9695*
Christopher Luciano #296497*
Nick Strong*
[i]BGHK Photography[/i]**
Snaps Man #2406654*
Charlie LUCCINI #1915573*
Photography by Carmine #1256715*
Mike Spears****
Phil Gold #83535*
Cryonic23 #1456912*
[i]Imagination Fuel Prod[/i] #851031**
Michael Joseph Edmonds #2336124*
[i]Bob Coulter[/i] #55039**
[i]NJames[/i] #465697*
[i]Eric Walton[/i] #1639775*
[i]Janea Wiedmann [/i]no MM*
StreetAccessPhotography #2234232*
David Mann*
Louis Varricchio*
Otis Casey*
Stowe #600*
Theik Smith Photography #584513**
Chris Reed #2351097**
Gil Rivera #692434*
Zman-Photog #2755439*
Philip Holland No MM**
[i]Evelyn Murphy[/i] #1875823***
Eclairer Photography #2741449****
Marque DeWinter #2127968*
Blu Mar No MM***
J Beccarelli Photography No MM*
Peter R/Luccied #372607/#12654*
Mark Wiggin #1815593*
Blisstudio #2320191*
XMACHINA #2171773*
Rex Arrow Film *
Photo Fusion USA No MM***
[i]Jason Tamvakis[/i] #21053**
Lina Jang No MM*
M.A.S Production 2202475*
Babe 360 **
Juan Carlos Granados #2333619*
THE WOLF #313124*
carlos raul peralta #2439331*
LPeralta #2121403*
Omorphy Photos #2754244*
Eat the cake NYC #826121*
PVDA Studio #2180613*
E Minor #2661325*
Scene And Shot#115848*
RawMaterial Photography #2749225*
King garcia #22725*


Sophie Avra #1315469*
Suzi No MM**
Aisha Diandra Makeup #1380724*
[i]AliveCreations[/i] #1750341******
[i]Danielle Murrihy[/i] #1833754****
[i]Sheridan Dixon [/i]#1907697***
Felicia Make up Art #1954123****************
Aster Beauty #1989754*
Yasmin Cadby #1949643*
Julie Fage #1998012****
[i]Rebecca Romanin[/i] #1737236*
Aimie Jane Hair Stylist #2095154*
[i]Lizzie Sharp[/i]*
Tania Johanna #1598399*
Melissa Djaja #1274178**
[i]Mystique Make Up[/i] #2207439*****
Anannya makeup #2175514**
Danielle Vaughn #685084**
Styling by Amy Lynn #2657198**
Gil Aldrin #1739206*
Stephanie Delacruz*
Crystal Cake Face*
[i]Gloria Espinoza[/i]*
Mlook # 2970100*
[i]Tiinia Auler[/i] No MM**
Laura Braunstein / Megan Reilly #705463*/No MM
[i]Kodo Nishimura[/i] No MM*
[i]SHAY de OLIVEIRA[i]#1257702*
Make up by Annabelle Laguardia No MM*


Devil Doll No MM*
[i]XSIV Leather [/i]No MM*
Z-Entity #715601**
[i]Jodie Louise Millinery[/i] #1950719****
Yasmin Cadby #1949643*
[i]Clockwork Butterfly[/i] #1718974***
Aimie Janes Wardrobe #2138741*
Edna Mavis Bridal Jewellery No MM*
[i]Michael V Couture[/i] #1404356*
[i]Parody Petals[/i] #2291379*
Wild Orchid*
[i]Sprinkle Emporium [/i]#1567613*
[i]Salon Boutique Academy[/i]****
[i]Duff's Brooklyn[/i]*
[i]Sibyl Vain Clothing[/i]**
[i]IQ Test[/i]*
[i]Britta Uschkamp[/i]*
Laura Braunstein #705463*
Lethal Ware #1586091**
Brooklyn Wildlife*
Souldier Clothing*


Rude Agency

[b]Video Shoot[/b]

Dance videos for online websites****
[url=]Venus Fire video clip-Extra[/url]
Ticklish Videos***
Human Centipede 2 promo video
Salon Boutique Academy Commercial
Horror Sleaze Trash Dvd & interview**
Art Movie by Juan Carlos Granados - Actress
Jose Nova music video - Lead
[url=]Theater of the Absurd "Rising Tides in Still Water" - Lead[/url]
[url=]Buckwheat Groats "Tom Hanks" music video - Model[/url]
Scienceless Fiction - Imogen

[b]Publication [/b]

People Mag
Pictures Mag
100% Home Girls
The Age Australia
Horror Sleeze
Various online artists portfolio
Hair & Make Up Australia (issue7)
Flyer Model for SBA Open House Event
HST Dvd/book/website
[url=]Fixe mag[/url]
Shoulda known better Magazine
[url=]Art Magazin[/url]
Tenebrous Magazine Issue 1
Tenebrous Magazine Issue 4


Charity events (too many to name them all)-Catwalk/Host
Eucalypse - Photography Workshop model***
Oaks Day Myer Millinery Competition 2011-Catwalk for Jodie Louise Millinery
Melbourne Body art competition Aug 2011-Body Paint model/Performer
12th Annual PostGrad Ball 2011 "Champagne Jungle"-Body Paint model
Parody Petals Fashion Show in Albury-Catwalk model
Ibiza Vs Brazil- Promo model for Redhotpie
Utopia Festival (charity event)- catwalk for ZOSANDO
Taste of Addison-Body Paint model for Salon Boutique Academy
SBA Open House-Body Paint Model/Host
Face Off Make Up Contest [event, not tv] -Model/catwalk
Hudson Valley Nude Workshop-Model
[url=]Queen of the Jungle @ La Zarza NYC- Catwalk/Model[/url]
Britta Uschkamp Private Event at Norton - Model
Williamsburg Fashion Weekend - Catwalk for IQTest
Moka Lounge - Bodypaint Model
Super Tuner Bike and Car Show - Promo Model
Wet Paint - Bodypainter/Host
Lucky 13 Saloon - Pole Dancer/Gogo
Band Booze & Burlesque - Burlesque Performer

Many other photographers workshop nude and portraits modeling mainly.

_________________________________(and many others I should be blame to have forgot !)

* indicates number of time we worked together

[b]I had the chance to work with some fantastic artists but all of the above aren't in any specific order. The [i]names in italic[/i] are valuable friends to me and/or incredible artists.[/b]


Awesome Hair & Make Up   71 pics
Poses I want in my Port.   24 pics

Casting Calls

Travel Notice
Mar 19, 2015 NYC MODEL
Mar 11, 2015 NYC MODEL
Feb 28, 2015 NYC MODEL
Casting Call
May 18, 2011 Hat Designer & Beauty shot



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