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MY GOAL IS TO MAKE SURE YOU LOOK LIKE A MODEL IN YOUR SHOT, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Working On New Photo Shoots & Blessed...  All The Possibilities Are There.  Just Open The Door Of The Possible....


Worked In Radio, TV, Music Promotion, Internet Companies Starting Entertainment Sections, Red Carpet Interviewer, Celeb Interviewer....& I Produce Music, & I Make Photos,  Film Editor, Design Promotional Plans & Materials for Bands, TV Shows, Actors & Actresses, Back in the day College Radio Promotion & Music Director At Radio Station & DJ & Board Opt.. Etc...Also Directed TV Shows & Wrote Teleplays, Produce  Video Content for Youtube, Facebook,  Myspace Etc...........


1915-1936 The Original "It Girls Ala Clara Bow" A-List   10 pics
2nd Amendments And The Bill Of Rights Beautiful Models A List   5 pics
3456 Greatest Legs Photos In Model Mayhem History Bar None!   2020 pics
7 BILLION people on EARTH you are 1 Of The Most Beautiful Woman On This Planet BARNONE!   5 pics
Adorable & Stunning Eyes A List!   7 pics
A List Eye Of Detail Retoucher List   1 pics
A-List Sexy Hot Elegant Pillow Bed Sheet Shots!   29 pics
A Picture Is Worth A 1001 Words   30 pics
Around The World Exotic Elegance A-List:)   14 pics
Baseball Caps & The Hot Babes That Wear Them List:)   5 pics
Beautiful Animals & Dogs & Beautiful People A-List Shots   3 pics
Beautiful Hot Elegance & Sexy 2 Female Photo Shoot A-List!   8 pics
Beautiful, Perfect & Sexy & Hottest A-List Beach Shots:   2 pics
Beautiful World Class Elegance!   1 pics
Best Hottest Shots On A Couch A-List:)   40 pics
Black & White Instant Classics & Greats List...   10 pics
Brit The Exotic Babes 300 A-List!   8 pics
COMICS Rule Like Comic Con A-List...   4 pics
Cool Rims That Jam & The Hottest Model's That Pose A-List   1 pics
Cowgirls All Jacked Up Save A Cowboy Club 21 Techno Bass & Drum In The Mix List:   24 pics
Cute, Sexy Or Hot Back Seat Shots A-List!   2 pics
Depth Of Field A-List: Definition: Its the front to back distance of the area in focus.   6 pics
Exotic Hot To The 10,000,000 Power List   97 pics
Fashion Show & Runway Beauties List Under 5'8..Props To You:)   20 pics
Global Warming Is A Farce But If It Did Exist This Photo Caused It A List!   10 pics
Goddes Hall Of Beauty Limo & Helicopter, Private Jet To The Photo Shoot List:)   14 pics
Great Epic A-List Shot List:)   9 pics
Hair It Is List:) The Greatest Hairstyles & Beauty's A-List:)   11 pics
Hats Of Elegance & Class A-List:)   49 pics
Hindsignt Is 20 20 I See A List   23 pics
Hitchhiker Shots How Can Anyone Not Stop For You A-List   2 pics
Hollywood Elegance & Eyes In Black & White!   41 pics
Hollywood Elegance In Color A-List!   15 pics
HotBeautiful Bikini Models A-List!   7 pics
Hot Girls With Teddy Bears & Stuff Toys A-List!   10 pics
Hot Sexy Weapons Of Hot Mass Beauty Eye Destruction:)   3 pics
Hotter Than The Sun A-List   2 pics
Hottest By The Door Photos!   7 pics
Hottest Chopper A-List Shots The Edge Loves!   61 pics
Hottest Handbra's & Backside Shot List:)   14 pics
Hottest In The Restroom Sitting On The Toilet Seat Shot's A-List!   9 pics
Hottest Models & Shots On Pool Tables A-List..   8 pics
Hottest Models Who Make Better Uses Of A Men's Buisness Shirt A-List!   3 pics
Hottest Models Who Wear Eastern Europe Type Hats A-List!   3 pics
Hottest Multiplicity Of A Model In A Photo A-List:)   2 pics
Hottest Nerdy Good Girl Bookroom Hidden Sexiness A-List List:)   5 pics
I Don't Believe In Global Warming, If It Did Exist, This Shot Caused It! Hot!   5 pics
I'd Rather Watch This Avatar Than James Cameron's Avatar A-LIST   32 pics
I Have To Turn On The Air Con,This Photo Is Too Hot A-List!   1 pics
I'm Seeing Double My Eyes Are On Overload Of Beauty A-List!   2 pics
JULY 4th 1776 USA CONSTITUTION A-List of Great Photos!   48 pics
Living Art: The Sexiest Tattoo & The Models That Have Them List:   6 pics
Master Of Horrors & Dark Sexy & Gloomy & Also Wicked & Disturbing & B-Movie Great List!!!   45 pics
Models On Cover's A-List   11 pics
Music Artist That I Dig & The Hot Models Who Wear Them List!   5 pics
MVP'S & VIP'S Of MUA'S LIST!   6 pics
Mystery Woman In Film Noir Photos..   6 pics
Nightlife & Elegance In The City A-List!   5 pics
OhhhhhhMyyyyyMyyyy A List   1 pics
Retro, Cheese Cake, Pin-Up The Bettie Page Way A-List:)   23 pics
Rockstar Models On Vocals, Bass, Drums, Guitars, Etc...   108 pics
Salvador Dali/David Lynch & Tim Burton/Michael Gondry Making Images Of Genius! A-List..   3 pics
Second Amendment And Hot Ladies Of Mayhem   1 pics
Sensual Hot A-List!   74 pics
Sexy Eyewear Shots That Are Hot List!   102 pics
Sexy Eyewear Shots That Are Hot List! Part Two:)   16 pics
Sexy Fit & Trim & Hot List:)   11 pics
Sexy Hot Garters & Legs A-Listers!   19 pics
Sexy Innocent Cute Hot A-List!   2 pics
Sexy Sultry & Hot Elegance A-List!   10 pics
Shadows Sexy Silhouettes   8 pics
She Got Legs, She Knows How To Use Them A-List   28 pics
Shots That Are Fun & Say It All A List!   1 pics
Shots That Look Like Movie Stills A-List!   1 pics
South Pacific Hula Girls That Hot A-List:)   1 pics
Stairway To Heaven A-List...The Best & Sexiest Shots On The Stairs:)!   18 pics
Texas Holdem The River Card's Hottest Models In A Royal Flush A List   5 pics
The Beautiful Cutest Models Defying Gravitation List:   30 pics
The Beautiful Ones Arriving From The Sun A-List!   7 pics
The Best Amazing Umbrella Photos A-List!   1 pics
The Best Art Deco In The Future & Hot Model A-List!   0 pics
The Best Getting Out Of Car Or Posing in Limo, Plane, Boat A-List:)   6 pics
The Best & Hottest Xmas & Holidays A-List!!   5 pics
The Best Of The Best & The Greatest List:   4 pics
The Best Series Of Photos A-List!   32 pics
The Best & Sexiest Handbag & Purse Shots List:)   36 pics
The Best Sexy Casual Shots On The Planet A-List!   0 pics
The Candy Shop A-List!   26 pics
The Edge VIP Velvet Rope A-List Red Carpet Backstage After Party Penthouse High Roller List:)   15 pics
The Greatout Doors & Nature A-List Shots:   6 pics
The GREEN EYES A-List!   14 pics
The High Fashion Hoods In The Neighborhood A-List:)   93 pics
The Hottest In The City Downtown & In Decay A-List Shots Shots..   1 pics
The Hottest Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who Is The Hottest Model A-List:)   1 pics
The Hottest Models With Camera's I Could Model For   7 pics
The Hottest Webcam Pick A-List:)   0 pics
The Jack Black, John Cusack "High Fidelity" LP's & Models A-List....   9 pics
The Kellie Lou Unreal Beauty Beauties A-List!   2 pics
The Legs That Kill A-Listers"   153 pics
The Model Mayhem Top 1000 Best Models Ports A-List   25 pics
The Most Beautiful Red Heads A-List!   10 pics
The Official Edge "EYES HAVE IT LIST":   291 pics
The Perfect Great Shot A-List   9 pics
There's Just Something Hot About This Shot A-List   172 pics
The Sexiest Hottest Models With Mopeds, Scooters & Bike Shots:)   1 pics
The What Dreams May Come Trippy Color A-List   2 pics
Train Track Shots That I Like   5 pics
Vanguard A-List Use Of Lights By Photographer & Production Assistants List   1 pics
WOO WOW HOT LIST!   269 pics
Work From "The Masters Of Photo & Leader's Of The Power Of Image A-List:   213 pics
World Class Best Of The Best Angel Wing Photos A-List!   3 pics
World Elegance & Class A-List Edge List:   41 pics
You Don't Know How Beautiful You Are A-List!   445 pics
You Don't Know How Beautiful You Are A-List! Part 2!!   150 pics
You Make HOT SEXY Look Easy!   24 pics



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