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Las Vegas, Nevada, US
My Youtube Channel REVOLUTION TV Photo Shoots And My Music And Band Interviews And Celeb Interviews

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MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/theedge

About me

April 17thI saw The LORDE SHOW SHE IS GREAT... SHE IS ROCK & ROLL... She Don't Care What Other People Think & She Isn't P.C....NOT SINCE PRINCE OR JACK WHITE or AMY WINEHOUSE has Anyone Inspired ME...Watch Her Show when you get a chance...Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie of The Banshees & Ann Wilson of Heart & Gretchen Wilson  Patsy Cline, Ani Defranco, Billie Holiday, Diamanda Galas POWER ALL INTO ONE.... MILEY CYRUS, KATY PERRY, LADY GAGA, K$ISHA, BEYONCE, FERGIE, GWEN STAFANI,RIHANNA SELLOUTS & BELONG to The establishment SELLOUT MUSIC POWERS THAT BE...I do like Taylor Swift she is real talent and hasn't sold out to the establishment...LORDE hasn't sold out either[b]By The Way I Make Pics:)
I've been around the world & traveled throughout U.S.......LAS VEGAS is the place...Not New York or Los Angeles or San Francisco or Boston...Zappos is in Vegas...High Tech Companies, Movies & Most of the New Bands & ALL THE BEST DJ's & Photographers come from or reside in LAS VEGAS!  Other Cities Play Games...VEGAS GETS THE JOB DONE..CAN DO CITY.... In Other cities they stall your artistic freedom...VEGAS says F-THAT.... LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN.....

April 15th:  Las Vegas Is The Land Of Opportunity...Most Cities have haters & naysayers...in Vegas...The Individual is important the PRIME MOVER who makes things happen... Las Vegas....The Land of The Possible

My Weekly Music Rant:  LORDE back In The Day Use To SING RONNIE JAMES DIO RAINBOW & IAN ASTBURY--CULT SONGS...LORDE HAS MORE GUTS & SOUL & ROCK & ROLL THAN Bono, Eddie Vedder, Jay-Z & Rest Of Those PHONIES to The System Of Tyranny LOL! BTW I Make Pics..

Lesson #999 WHAT is HIP HOP : MC's & RAPPERS--What's The Difference?
in HIP HOP there is Rapper's & MC's....MC's: Chuck D, Immortal Technique, Big Boi, Paris(Not The Model), Prodigy, Ice-T, Xzibit, Lupe Fiasco, KRS-ONE, ICE CUBE..Rappers: Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, Kwayne West NOT MC's--MC's Drop Knowledge & make people think for a change. Rapper's: Don't educate they do the opposite of MC's....MC's are like Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan or Billy Joel--They tell stories of people & the system.... Rapper's Avoid the truth...MC's don't...THEY ARE ROCK STARS like Mick Jagger A MC, NOT BONO who is P.C and a RAPPER....

April 13th:  I'm A Artist .. I don't waste my time with 9 to 5 People who are Stuck & Enslaved By The System & Play Mid Management Head Games & Cubicle Gossip & FAKE Talking Points By The Media to Divide Liberty & Usher In TYRANNY in the Name Of Security... .... & Can't see The Tyranny Around Them And Are TRENDY & have no sense of self & Believe Fake Causes To Distract...  YOU MAKE THINGS HAPPEN not THE STATE... By The Way I Make Images

April 7th: I'm taking UCONN tonight to win....Since day one...I Said UCONN will win March Madness....Enjoy the game... Oh by the way I MAKE PICS:)

April 5th Early in the day during my announcements I picked UCONN to Win & SINCE Day One when March Madness Started... I SAID UCONN will win LOL!!!! DON'T TEXT & DRIVE BY THE WAY I MAKE PICS:)

APRIL 3RD: Music I Play During My Photo Shoots:  LORDE--Love that song.."Glory & Gore"....Black Sabbath--Vol. 4.......PRINCE--Lovesexy......Depeche Mode--Violator........Motorhead---Ace of Spades....Black Label Society...Immortal Technique--3rd World...Many more.....Love College Basketball--I Like SMU tonight...

APRIL 2ND Are You Really Free?  Do You Really Have Original Thoughts.  If you find yourself repeating what you heard or been brainwashed to believed, you might be ENSLAVED without knowing it ..Being on the internet or texting or hearing the word HASHTAG or making a SELFIE Is not FREEDOM..I HATE THAT WORD: SELFIE sounds SO ENSLAVED by THE MATRIX & BIG BROTHER........ OH BY THE WAY...I MAKE PICS....

March 26th: March Model Mayhem Madness!  I Like San Diego State & UCONN, FLORIDA, have more picks later:)  & PICS...

MARCH 24TH: 1984 Came True & Is here a ORWELLIAN WORLD...  READ THE BOOK 1984 by George Orwell.  Orwell Predicted or Prepared or a gave a WARNING:) LOL what would happen in USA in the FUTURE......... BY THE WAY I MAKE PICS. MARCH MODEL MAYHEM MADNESS....

My Coffee in the morning is producing images

MARCH 13th  I make photos, music & a film editor and voice over work....that being said...NOW MY RANT! LOL I'll have my latest greatest words of whatever later on... Oh by the way I Make Photos:)

MARCH 6th: Second Life or Virtual Reality Games Are BULL-SH-T & PLASTIC!! Go Out & Make History & Create... REALITY IS BETTER... SELF-ACTION is better than saying, "I Should have done this or that..."   REAL is better!


Feb 27th:KORN's new song is great....Spike in my veins! A Song about being BRAINWASHED by media...Enjoy this video & WAKE UP! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcACvjXuclA

U2's new song's : Invisible is WIMPY & HAS NO MEAT...they sound like U2 copying Imagine Dragon's Stealing From U2 & Coldplay & Coldplay Ripping Off Sting & Radiohead..FAKE B-Side throwaway Music...A Song that sounds like Cast-off, A Throwaway song...  By The Way I Make Pics:)  The Other U2 Song "ORDINARY LOVE Nominated for a OSCAR is B.S Crap for Nelson Mendela boring STING & COLDPALY rip-offLet's all hold hands in concert LOL, no will Talk Smack how WIMPY U2 has become..OLD PEOPLE music & Hold Up Your CELL PHONE & LIGHTERS song in concert for the SHEEP at U2 Show... [LORDE the female singer has more GUTS than U2 and better music. LORDE, The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Motorheads new MUSIC is MORE MEAT & ROCK & ROLL than U2's Political Correct KONY 2012 It's Takes A Village Garbage of music...Anyway I Make Pics:) LOL I use to goto U2 shows, I've seen then 13 times...I can't stand there boring music, a band trying to be young and not U2...Black Sabbath & The Rolling Stones & Depeche Mode & The Cure, Rush ALL ADAVANCE in there music & Don't Care what people think...U2 however sold out and made Wimpy music for the POLITICAL CORRECT CROWD:)

[b]Feb. 24th:
  Jimmy Fallon is TERRIBLE for Tonight Show, A Wannabe LOUNGE ACT to seem he is like Hugh Hefner from The 60's LOL..Watch Hugh Hefner on YOUTUBE from the 60's, Hef was cool back in the day...Jimmy Fallon is FAKE & BORING.... Bring Back  JAY LENO...or FOX OR ABC, CBS, SPIKE TV, AMC, ETC...HIRE HIM...NBC Fired Jay Leno when he was NUMBER 1#!! when you are number #1 in ratings you don't fire anybody...JAY LENO is COOL.. jimmy fallon is old & boring....   By The Way I Produce Images:)


LIBERTY IS EVERYTHING, in USA Learn your Constitution!

ARTIST/CREATORS--The Mover's & Shakers--Make things happen, Non-Artist Complain & Take Other's Rewards With Help of BIG BROTHER & TRENDIES!

WHEN DREAMS & REALITY OF SUCCESS ARE BIG ENOUGH!  THE ODDS DON'T MATTER! Don't be sheep to the system, You won the Lottery...You are here... YOUR GOAL IS TO FAIL YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS.......

Feb 5th: Artist Create, Hater's Complain because they are lazy & have no original ideas or the concept of a idea or what a IDEA is & destroy Or Just Take or Bully... I'm A Artist & I Create & Make things happen& I don't wait for big brother for orders (as describe in the book 1984 "BIG BROTHER" 1984 by George Orwell)...... THE INDIVIDUAL IS THE POWER WITH LIBERTY & CREATIVITY, NOT THE TRENDY POLITICALLY CORRECT COLLECTIVE, WHO JUST TAKE, WAIT, COMPLAIN, TAKE, WAIT, Etc.....

Feb 2nd: New ideas, new ways, better results, LIBERTY is everything.  Photography is Power, Use it.  You pose I press the button.  I'm also a film editor & I produce music & music soundtracks....I Believe in the power of creation & the power of art......

Worked In Radio, TV, Music Promotion, Internet Companies Starting Entertainment Sections, Red Carpet Interviewer, Celeb Interviewer....& I Produce Music, & I Make Photos,  Film Editor, Design Promotional Plans & Materials for Bands, TV Shows, Actors & Actresses, Back in the day College Radio Promotion & Music Director At Radio Station & DJ & Board Opt.. Etc...Also Directed TV Shows & Wrote Teleplays, Produce  Video Content for Youtube, Facebook,  Myspace Etc...........

Played IRON MAIDEN'S" POWERSLAVE & NUMBER OF THE BEAST.... My last photo shoot!

MY TOP 11: MUSIC I PLAY IN PHOTO SHOOTS this week: 1. My Music 2. Five Finger Death Punch 3. Skrillex  4. Prince 5. Motorhead 6. Immortal Technique 7. Smashing Pumpkins 8. ELVIS PRESLEY Gospel Songs. 9. The Deftones 10. Johnny Cash 11: Zakk Wylde......

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