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LAS VEGAS is FUN:)  Everyday is a Holiday:)


MY WORKOUT MUSIC:  1.  BLACK SABBATH with OZZY & DIO as Lead Singer 2.  FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH  3. IRON MAIDEN:  Just 2 Songs:  Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son & Rime Of The Ancient Mariner 4. EDM AKA ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC...All The Famous DJ's & MY EDM Music.... 5. Depeche Mode 6. Jack White...

A CLEAN SLATE OF WAYS, A CLEAN SLATE OF IDEAS...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................2014 Goodbye         2015 ON IT'S WAY in THE BEST CITY OF EVERYTHING!      LAS FHING VEGAS!


Worked In Radio, TV, Music Promotion, Internet Companies Starting Entertainment Sections, Red Carpet Interviewer, Celeb Interviewer....& I Produce Music, & I Make Photos,  Film Editor, Design Promotional Plans & Materials for Bands, TV Shows, Actors & Actresses, Back in the day College Radio Promotion & Music Director At Radio Station & DJ & Board Opt.. Etc...Also Directed TV Shows & Wrote Teleplays, Produce  Video Content for Youtube, Facebook,  Myspace Etc...........


1915-1936 The Original "It Girls Ala Clara Bow" A-List   10 pics
2nd Amendments And The Bill Of Rights Beautiful Models A List   5 pics
3456 Greatest Legs Photos In Model Mayhem History Bar None!   2081 pics
7 BILLION people on EARTH you are 1 Of The Most Beautiful Woman On This Planet BARNONE!   5 pics
Adorable & Stunning Eyes A List!   7 pics
A List Eye Of Detail Retoucher List   1 pics
A-List Sexy Hot Elegant Pillow Bed Sheet Shots!   29 pics
A Picture Is Worth A 1001 Words   31 pics
Around The World Exotic Elegance A-List:)   14 pics
Baseball Caps & The Hot Babes That Wear Them List:)   5 pics
Beautiful Animals & Dogs & Beautiful People A-List Shots   3 pics
Beautiful Hot Elegance & Sexy 2 Female Photo Shoot A-List!   8 pics
Beautiful, Perfect & Sexy & Hottest A-List Beach Shots:   2 pics
Beautiful World Class Elegance!   1 pics
Best Hottest Shots On A Couch A-List:)   39 pics
Black & White Instant Classics & Greats List...   10 pics
Brit The Exotic Babes 300 A-List!   8 pics
COMICS Rule Like Comic Con A-List...   4 pics
Cool Rims That Jam & The Hottest Model's That Pose A-List   1 pics
Cowgirls All Jacked Up Save A Cowboy Club 21 Techno Bass & Drum In The Mix List:   24 pics
Cute, Sexy Or Hot Back Seat Shots A-List!   2 pics
Depth Of Field A-List: Definition: Its the front to back distance of the area in focus.   6 pics
Exotic Hot To The 10,000,000 Power List   94 pics
Fashion Show & Runway Beauties List Under 5'8..Props To You:)   20 pics
Global Warming Is A Farce But If It Did Exist This Photo Caused It A List!   10 pics
Goddes Hall Of Beauty Limo & Helicopter, Private Jet To The Photo Shoot List:)   14 pics
Great Epic A-List Shot List:)   8 pics
Hair It Is List:) The Greatest Hairstyles & Beauty's A-List:)   11 pics
Hats Of Elegance & Class A-List:)   49 pics
Hindsignt Is 20 20 I See A List   23 pics
Hitchhiker Shots How Can Anyone Not Stop For You A-List   2 pics
Hollywood Elegance & Eyes In Black & White!   39 pics
Hollywood Elegance In Color A-List!   14 pics
HotBeautiful Bikini Models A-List!   7 pics
Hot Girls With Teddy Bears & Stuff Toys A-List!   10 pics
Hot Sexy Weapons Of Hot Mass Beauty Eye Destruction:)   3 pics
Hotter Than The Sun A-List   2 pics
Hottest By The Door Photos!   7 pics
Hottest Chopper A-List Shots John Revolution Loves!   60 pics
Hottest Handbra's & Backside Shot List:)   14 pics
Hottest In The Restroom Sitting On The Toilet Seat Shot's A-List!   9 pics
Hottest Models & Shots On Pool Tables A-List..   8 pics
Hottest Models Who Make Better Uses Of A Men's Buisness Shirt A-List!   3 pics
Hottest Models Who Wear Eastern Europe Type Hats A-List!   3 pics
Hottest Multiplicity Of A Model In A Photo A-List:)   2 pics
Hottest Nerdy Good Girl Bookroom Hidden Sexiness A-List List:)   5 pics
I Don't Believe In Global Warming, If It Did Exist, This Shot Caused It! Hot!   5 pics
I'd Rather Watch This Avatar Than James Cameron's Avatar A-LIST   30 pics
I Have To Turn On The Air Con,This Photo Is Too Hot A-List!   1 pics
I'm Seeing Double My Eyes Are On Overload Of Beauty A-List!   2 pics
JULY 4th 1776 USA CONSTITUTION A-List of Great Photos!   48 pics
Living Art: The Sexiest Tattoo & The Models That Have Them List:   6 pics
Master Of Horrors & Dark Sexy & Gloomy & Also Wicked & Disturbing & B-Movie Great List!!!   45 pics
Models On Cover's A-List   10 pics
Music Artist That I Dig & The Hot Models Who Wear Them List!   6 pics
MVP'S & VIP'S Of MUA'S LIST!   6 pics
Mystery Woman In Film Noir Photos..   6 pics
Nightlife & Elegance In The City A-List!   5 pics
OhhhhhhMyyyyyMyyyy A List   1 pics
Retro, Cheese Cake, Pin-Up The Bettie Page Way A-List:)   23 pics
Rockstar Models On Vocals, Bass, Drums, Guitars, Etc...   108 pics
Salvador Dali/David Lynch & Tim Burton/Michael Gondry Making Images Of Genius! A-List..   3 pics
Second Amendment And Hot Ladies Of Mayhem   1 pics
Sensual Hot A-List!   74 pics
Sexy Eyewear Shots That Are Hot List!   99 pics
Sexy Eyewear Shots That Are Hot List! Part Two:)   16 pics
Sexy Fit & Trim & Hot List:)   11 pics
Sexy Hot Garters & Legs A-Listers!   19 pics
Sexy Innocent Cute Hot A-List!   2 pics
Sexy Sultry & Hot Elegance A-List!   10 pics
Shadows Sexy Silhouettes   8 pics
She Got Legs, She Knows How To Use Them A-List   28 pics
Shots That Are Fun & Say It All A List!   1 pics
Shots That Look Like Movie Stills A-List!   1 pics
South Pacific Hula Girls That Hot A-List:)   1 pics
Stairway To Heaven A-List...The Best & Sexiest Shots On The Stairs:)!   18 pics
Texas Holdem The River Card's Hottest Models In A Royal Flush A List   5 pics
The Beautiful Cutest Models Defying Gravitation List:   30 pics
The Beautiful Ones Arriving From The Sun A-List!   7 pics
The Best Amazing Umbrella Photos A-List!   1 pics
The Best Art Deco In The Future & Hot Model A-List!   0 pics
The Best Getting Out Of Car Or Posing in Limo, Plane, Boat A-List:)   6 pics
The Best & Hottest Xmas & Holidays A-List!!   5 pics
The Best Of The Best & The Greatest List:   3 pics
The Best Series Of Photos A-List!   32 pics
The Best & Sexiest Handbag & Purse Shots List:)   35 pics
The Best Sexy Casual Shots On The Planet A-List!   0 pics
The Candy Shop A-List!   26 pics
The Edge VIP Velvet Rope A-List Red Carpet Backstage After Party Penthouse High Roller List:)   15 pics
The Greatout Doors & Nature A-List Shots:   6 pics
The GREEN EYES A-List!   14 pics
The High Fashion Hoods In The Neighborhood A-List:)   92 pics
The Hottest In The City Downtown & In Decay A-List Shots Shots..   1 pics
The Hottest Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who Is The Hottest Model A-List:)   1 pics
The Hottest Models With Camera's I Could Model For   7 pics
The Hottest Webcam Pick A-List:)   0 pics
The Jack Black, John Cusack "High Fidelity" LP's & Models A-List....   9 pics
The Kellie Lou Unreal Beauty Beauties A-List!   2 pics
The Legs That Kill A-Listers"   151 pics
The Model Mayhem Top 1000 Best Models Ports A-List   23 pics
The Most Beautiful Red Heads A-List!   10 pics
The Official Edge "EYES HAVE IT LIST":   290 pics
The Perfect Great Shot A-List   9 pics
There's Just Something Hot About This Shot A-List   165 pics
The Sexiest Hottest Models With Mopeds, Scooters & Bike Shots:)   1 pics
The What Dreams May Come Trippy Color A-List   2 pics
Train Track Shots That I Like   5 pics
Vanguard A-List Use Of Lights By Photographer & Production Assistants List   1 pics
WOO WOW HOT LIST!   266 pics
Work From "The Masters Of Photo & Leader's Of The Power Of Image A-List:   209 pics
World Class Best Of The Best Angel Wing Photos A-List!   3 pics
World Elegance & Class A-List Edge List:   41 pics
You Don't Know How Beautiful You Are A-List!   441 pics
You Don't Know How Beautiful You Are A-List! Part 2!!   145 pics
You Make HOT SEXY Look Easy!   24 pics



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